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Friday, June 02, 2006

Last Day of School

Rochelle camd home with awards for math and reading as well as a Silver Honor Roll Certificate and a great report card. Rebecca squeaked through but we've known that - no big surprise. One unusual thing though, Rebecca, who almost never cries, cried all the way home from school according to Rochelle and was still crying when she came in.

She finally said she missed her school and her teacher. Poor baby. I would have expected that from Rochelle; it's happened before, but Rebecca? Totally forlorn. She's okay now but it took a while. Change is hard and elementary to middle school is a big one.

Elcie already had her grades so no surprises. She wore a white t-shirt today and had it signed by everyone she could find. It's covered.

They're spending the night with friends across town. Nice people so far as I can tell and the girls have been there before, with someone else driving. Never allow two 5th graders to give directions. First they told me it was Binish Street. I searched and searched. Finally called the family. After they said the name about three timss, I said "Phoenix?" That was it. We have a whole section of streets named after state capitals. Very hard to figure out, even with a map. The girls insisted it was on the corner of Phoenix and Loughborough. After driving the length of Loughborough, I decided there was no such thing and looked at the map one more time. Okay. It's not on the corner of anything and the girls had totally forgotten the street it intersects (twice). Phoenix is a "U" doubling back to the same street it started on. I hate those. Finally we arrived and I'll know better next time.

Elcie's asleep with the smallest cat whose name seems to be Dipstick.

We had cake and ice cream for my daughter's 50th birthday not long after the gang came in from school. My son Jim's is in two more days. He'll be 38. We used to combine the celebration but it's harder now with so many people involved.

Welcome to Pea from Ontario, Canada. She's the mom of two grown sons and we've been running into each other on other blogs for a while. She says it's hot there too.

Once again I had something funny enough happen for Ray to say "you should put it on your log". Log? Oh well, he was close. Now I can't remember what it was. Had to be something about the girls. Maybe I should start carrying a recorder? I can't write and drive at the same time.

We ran a few errands this morning and then went for breakfast. Suddenly remembered it may be our last chance without the girls for a while. Came home just ahead of the girls.

Giants rained out in New York.

Thanks to everyone for comments if I haven't replied directly.

Baby Jonathan still doing fine. I'll nag Jim about getting back to his blog. I'm his mommy, I can do that.

I have another short post right below this one full of good news about a mom and her family I've never met. Take a look if you have a chance.

Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend (or half weeekend for you on the other side of the world).


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Yay! The last day of school! And it's usually an exciting time for the kids, but for Rebecca it wasn't poor baby. Maybe it's the middle school jitters?

My daughter was excited, and is really looking forward to high school in the fall.


ipodmomma said...

how funny about Rebecca... kids never fail to surprise us!

glad you and Ray go to get out before the girls were back. that is always a nice treat.

log... that is funny....

well done for Rochelle! nearly forgot to mention that! sounds like a good send off for the next stage....

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ The news is so great about DD
I do hope she continues to get well.
Glad you and Ray had a meal out. Poor
Rebecca missing her school, but she will be OK at the next stage. Rochelle did
very well, and Elcie will treasure that
tee shirt. I hope your daughter had a
nice birthday. Thanks for your comments and I hope you all have a great weekend.
Take care, Merle.

PEA said...

Good morning Ann...thank you so much for the welcome in your post, that really touched me:-) I was reading some of your older posts yesterday and now I understand why you have the have a big heart as not everyone would undertake such a life changing role! The girls seem to be flourishing with you and probably the best thing that could have happened to them. Congrats to them on finishing the school year...hopefully they'll enjoy a great summer:-) School here doesn't end until the end of June.

Jenorama said...

Maybe you can arrange for even more slumber parties for the girls, now that you know where their friend lives. That will get them out of your hair!

One of Sam's friends called yesterday for a slumber party, but the boys are with their dad this weekend, and all bets are off, now, til the middle of July.

So glad we didn't sign anybody up for baseball this year.

tAnYeTTa said...

last day of school is always a fun time but, not for rebecca huh? Awww......I'm sure by today she's forgotten all about it :)

If you remember the 'funny' hope you'll post it on your 'log' at least he even cares. my hunny says to me: why is my face all over this 'thing' yup...that's what my blog is considered in his eyes. *sigh*

p.s. oh he especially 'liked' NOT...the remarks that some woman put on my comments that he was a hottie now, he's walking around saying, hey, I'm a hottie did you know that? oh please, when you've been with someone for 20+ years the words hottie know where i'm going with this one :)

Autumn said...

I hope the girls had a good time at the sleep over. It is always fun to celebrate the end of school. Is it me or does summer seem shorter now that we are the grow ups and not the kids?

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the "Aussie Guide".

Walter actually hates my blog, and gives me used to give me grief about it, so much so that I was ready to give it up, not so bad now.

It's so good to have a meal out, no cooking or dishes. We are gpoing out this evening for the Birthday's.

Hugs jacqui
hugs jacqui

Anvilcloud said...

How remarkable. Most cry on the first day of school.

Angel said...

Bless her heart, I remember crying before starting middle school.

My daughter is looking forward to it--so you and I will also share the highs and lows of middleschoolers ;)

Anonymous said...

We have a Loughborough street. Peops call it "Loff-borough" around here. How do you pronounce yours?

Congrats to Rochelle on the good grades.

My son said he missed his teacher, too, after moaning for the last month about summer never coming....

Granny said...


Loughborough - the same way you do. I'm in Merced, CA. Wouldn't it be funny if you were too?

Thanks for the comment.