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Friday, June 02, 2006

Good News - DD Goes Home!!

Since the middle of May, I've been following the story of a courageous little girl and her family. Several of their blogging friends had asked for prayer and I added mine.

Without going into all the details, she became ill suddenly and required immediate extensive surgery far from her home. For a while, it was touch and go.

She came through the surgery and her recovery has been beyond anyone's expectations.

Today, she goes home.

One of the family friends has asked each of us to write a short note of congratulations on our blogs. I'm happy to.

I rejoice for DD, her parents, and her family. May her convalescence be speedy.

With my very best wishes,


For further information, check here


megz_mum said...

That is lovely news - I followed your link to this story previously, so have read how sick this little girl was.

Autumn said...

I had not read anything about this but I am happy that the little girl is doing better. I will say a prayer that she continues to have good health

Missy said...

Oh man. I just read the posts from what you linked to today. Holy crap that's scary!

My sister had a similar health scare (similar in the initial symptoms). Glad to hear she's doing much better now.

PEA said...

There is nothing more terrifying than having your child ill and not knowing what is wrong...what wonderful news indeed that this little girl is finally coming home! Goes to show that God DOES answer prayers!!