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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Triage Somewhat Successful

We started in fairly early on, under, and around the dining room table. I got rid of all the loose papers and recycled them. That took about 50 lbs off on the spot and filled an entire large wastebasket.

Next, I had Rebecca sort books from not-books. Elcie kept wanting to look at individual books and had a small snit when I told her she had to wait. Rebecca did a great job and there were fewer than I anticipated once they were neatly in two piles.

The glitch to my plan came with Elcie. She decided she wanted to keep them all so we found a container to hold them and trucked them into her room. After a few days, when she's not so crabby, we'll discuss them again (along with all the books on the bookshelves).

Rochelle took responsibility for the floor. I can see it once again. We still have a few things like their school notebooks to glance through but, for the most part, it's done.

After that we all went to what I call the "used bread store" and then for lunch. I caved on McDonald's I'm afraid. First time in months we've been there but it's almost next door to the bread store and of course they all know that. Rebecca decided on a fish sandwich like mine and was willing to give up the toy in the kid meal to get it. Elcie had chicken and Rochelle a cheesburger. All with fries. It was a reward they didn't expect although my original lunch plans did not include McDonald's. Once again moderation - an occasional french fry isn't going to hurt my slim, healthy kids.

Then a stop for ice and back home. It's still hot and I haven't had a lot of energy. The dining room was enough for one day. Even with them doing a lot of the work, I was helping and supervising.

And now it's just past two. Ray has fallen asleep with X-Files (they're fighting witches, I think). I'll wake him before he gets a crick in his neck. Not necessary he just woke long enough to fall into bed. The 2nd episode just came on and I'm trying to ignore it so I don't get hooked into watching it. No more witches; this one involves voodoo.

Strange thing about the X-Files. I didn't like it (or thought I wouldn't) when it was new. Now that Ray's watching it in syndication, I've been paying a little more attention. Of course it's all new to me.

Thanks to all for the suggestions about our extra books. Once I pry some of them away from Elcie I'll follow up. Of course there's always Goodwill or the Salvation Army. I'll dump and run. I'd rather make it a little more personal though. I see books at the Sally that have been there so long they're gathering moss. Even at $.25 each or less, no takers.

Mollie, I think I emailed you the baseball score. 14-3 Giants. Barry has 716.

Tomorrow, I'll try for coffee with my friend and then get some business errands run and turn in our absentee ballots right under the wire. There is one race here that even now, I haven't made up my mind. It's become uglier as the campaign winds down which is discouraging. I may go eeny, meeny or I may decide a plague on both their houses. It's just the Primary.

Maybe I'll have a little more energy just from not having to face the dining room tomorrow as soon as I wake up.

Good night all.


megz_mum said...

Well done! I really don't enjoy that end of year sorting of what is for keeping/throwing. Especially when we have separation anxiety over school/exercise books! Usually works out OK if they keep what they want, and we re-sort a little way down the track - together, ofcourse, otherwise I would make all the wrong choices!

Arwen said...

Can I rent your family to clean my office? I get lazy and just drop documentation, paperwork, contract agreements into stacks which build. and build. and build. I get overwhelmed. Eventually Hubby gets me to clean it and says helpful things like 'if you took care of it when it was new it wouldn't build up like that.'

Mary P. said...

Paper clutter is the WORST! For me, at least. The other stuff, it generally has an obvious home, but paper? It piles up - on the end of the dining table, on the end of the kitchen counter, on the mantle, on the end table. ARGH!!

Sadly, I'm with Elcie on the books. Can generally not bear to throw one out, which explains a lot... Once in a while I take a couple of boxes to the used book store at the end of our street, but I have to be pushed by desperation!

Tammy said...

I had a fish sandwich the other day...the first one in a long, long, time. It was pretty good for a change...but I need to be careful...I've been putting back on a few unwanted to stay home and stick with my turkey!
Have a good day!

Alice said...

"Once again moderation - an occasional french fry isn't going to hurt my slim, healthy kids."

That's what so many people find so hard to grasp. That you can do that stuff and still be healthy.

I've never been keen on the X-Files. Saw one once, can't remember what happened in it but it was enough to put me off for life. I'm more an ER fan, and I am VERY upset because they did this tremendous explosive sort of episode, reached a huge cliffhanger and then said "Er will be continuing next year..."

NEXT *YEAR*?? I have to wait until next YEAR to find out what happens? WHY?

I hate TV sometimes.

They've done the same with New Tricks.

But still, at least Sugar Rush is back. I really liked that...

...I watch entirely too much television, don't I?


Sue said...

Hi Ann,
Looks like you had a productive day!
Hope the heat isn't too bad there.
Must be me, but I can barely read the print on your posts. The font color isn't displaying on the purple background!
Take care..

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Glad you and the girls got that all that tidying up done. It feels
good and looks good. Thanks for your visit and comments. Take are, Merle.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Having an occasional junk meal is OK, but McDonalds over here are genuinely improving the quality of their food and making it healthier. Sounds like you have had productive day. Best wishes

Sothis said...

If they only go once in a while for Scottish food, that's OK. It is all about moderation.

Wish I could trade weather with you. We can't seem to crack the 70 F mark in June (the North Sea is not a pleasant place) and I am going nuts without the heat!

ipodmomma said...

lovely day! sometimes it is hard to pry those books and other things away, but as you said, when she's in a better mood, you might get a few of those back...

great score!!! :)))

Kendra Lynn said...

Sounds like you've been busy.
I wish I could say that my kids never have fast food. Sigh.
I will try to make that a goal though.
I want to see them be healthier.

Gina said...

Oh! Was it one of those Wonder Bread stores where they sell the bread and the twinkies and such?

My grandparents used to take me to those all the time when I was little.

Nothing like a little summer cleaning to make you feel good.

wolfbaby said...

One room down and one to go right? McD's wont hurt them once in a while:) Every so often I treat cookie monster there she loves it.... But Im a little anal on what she eats so its not that often. Have a good day!!!

PEA said...

When my boys moved out on their own I made them bring all their books, that really left me a lot more space! lol I used to have tons of books of my own too but a couple of years ago I went through them all and gave most only have a few favourites I kept. It's good that the girls enjoy reading, though, but they really don't need so many books all at once. We used to bring the boys to McDonalds once in a while as a treat but it was never one of my favourite places. I much prefer a nice turkey bacon wrap at Subway:-) Blogger sure has been having issues these last couple of days...I've been having problems seeing other blogs, pictures, etc. Hopefully they'll fix it all soon!! Have a great day Ann!!!

Autumn said...

Books are my downfall. I have way to many and have a hard time giving them away once I have read them. I tend to be a clutter bug, so the idea of sorting things out sounds like a good idea.

JBlue said...

The cool thing about discovering an old show in syndication is that you don't have to wait weeks, stretching into years, to see the next episode, etc. I've discovered some of my favorite TV shows that way.

Ginny said...

My goodness you know how to keep busy.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Your girls get to keep their books? My daughter came home with none of hers, and was glad to leave them there!

I talk my daughter and our YGF out of McyD's for a change when we ran over to Dollar tree, with the promise of a homemade Spaghetti dinner.