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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All I Need Is The Hack License

This is what I emailed to a friend and had decided to use as my post. About that time Blogger went down.

8:30 Kid to VBS
9:00 Walmart for candy for VBS
9:30 Meet David for coffee at B&N (across from WalMart)
11:00 Ray to doctor (Rochelle went along)
12:00 Kid from VBS
1:30 Ray from doctor and drop neighbor off at college to register (with R & R)
1:45 ARCO for gas
2:00 SaveMart for potato salad
3:00 Pick up Tim from B&N - take to Amtrak (with R & R)
3:45 Back home

Now (4:30)

Change clothes, leave for PFLAG BBQ with baked beans, tater salad,
plates, forks, cups, and napkins (and kids), Be there by 5:30.

9:00 Come home and collapse.

This may be my post for the night.


Except I couldn't post it because Blogger was down for maintenance. Now it's 10:30.

The BBQ was a success. Plenty of food. We always worry there won't be enough but there always is. We met in a larger room because of the food so for about 30 minutes I was sitting in one of the church parking lots directing people to the other one. (The person with the signs was running a little late).

Elcie stayed home but I left food here for everyone and brought some of the potato salad and baked beans back home so no one starved while I was partying.

I don't think I accomplished anything today except driving. I missed picking up Ray's prescription but it can wait for morning after the VBS run.

Rochelle is fascinated by cars and I discovered today she's been studying driving on line. I was driving at her age or close to it but those were different times. Anyhow she spotted an old truck and said "that's jacked". I asked her if that meant good or bad. She said "it's horrible. That truck is a clunker. How come he puts those expensive spinners on that yucky looking thing?"

I hadn't even noticed the spinners but I told her maybe he was working on the truck from the bottom up. And now I know who to ask about the latest slang.

I enjoy taking the girls one at a time. We have our best conversations in the car and it's not so apt to happen with 2 or 3 of them. We talk about anything and everything which is harder to do here with everything going on at once and all of them wanting to be the center of attention.

I forgot to take the camera yesterday. If I remember tomorrow I'll have some pictures to post. An online friend is directing the same program we have. She had her decorations on her blog today. Great job.

This year's theme is Fiesta and today they were learning a song in Spanish. Funny considering where we live. The kids are picking up a lot of Spanish just from hanging out with the neighbors.

We're in Merced in the middle of the California San Joaquin valley in case anyone doesn't know. Large Hispanic population so our kids learn Spanish by osmosis. Languages seem to be easy for kids. I know a lot of Spanish words and can read a little but it moves too fast for me to keep up.

This post in Retirement Choices seemed to strike many people funny.

If you have your own list (see Montchan's comment on Sweden for example), let me know either by a comment or in email. We'll put up another post. This one seemed to be limited to the USA.

I don't know if I've ever said anything about the blogroll policy (only applies to mine). I add anyone who leaves a civil comment; especially if they're here more than once. And I introduce them on the blog (unless I get so far behind I accidentally miss them).

None of us are going to agree on everything but we seem to find much common ground over here and plenty to chat about. I like my visitors to know a little about each other and, at least for now, that policy won't change.

That being said, one blogger has been commenting here for some time now and I haven't introduced her or included her on the blog roll. We'd gotten off to a shaky start and I was quite surprised to hear from her. She was friendly and I responded in kind. Yesterday one of her commenters wondered in my comment box why I hadn't included her. Good question so I asked her how she felt about it. Okay she says. Okay by me too.

Hi Tearfree and belated welcome. She is quite anonymous. I do know she's a mom from Quebec but not much more than that except that she's a champion of Canadian soft lumber and male soccer players.

And now I'm going to check out a few blogs, catch up on the news of the day (all bad probably) and try for an early night.

Take care everyone.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Ann, oh boy, you certainly had a busy day. still, it sounds as if you enjoyed your socialising and that makes it all worthwhile.

I would live to learn another language (other than bad language lol) and one day, I'm going to learn to speak Italian. Then it will give me an incentive to actually go to Italy...

Look after yourself :-)

Atasha said...

What a busy day for you! Mine was busy also but what's new :-) I was laughing when I read about Rochelle's comment. Funny I've been in the US how long? and don't know what most of these words mean. I am sure I will need a
translator by the time my kids are in school.

dongurigal said...

Glad to see your blog is up and running again. I haven't been online much and last time checked I couldn't get your blog.

I think I'm back onto my online schedule and can start popping in again.

I like the retirement post. It's cute. I should, if I get organized, do one for Paris.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. I thought I stayed busy.

Do you ever get a day to yourself?

What did the Dr. say about Ray? Is he doing better now?

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
Teddy bears are quite universal really, and it seems we are never too old to be interested, most of my bears are collectors ones, so they are usually bought by older people.
take care, hugs jacqui

Lee-ann said...

Wow! busy day and I am sure you enjoyed every part of it. A barbecue sounds great but it is trying to snow here in Australia so I am inside with the open fire going now.

I just dropped in from another lovely ladies blog and wanted to say hi! yes another Aussie! I am.

best wishes

Anonymous said...

hi grannster
your the best granny in the whole world. if i could have had a granny like you my whole life would have been better, i'm sure of it.


J said...

Ugh, all that driving in the heat. Even with A/C, I hate it. Then again, if the A/C is out in the house, or you don't have it, the car might just be the place to be. ;)

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ Just dropped in to say Hi\
It sounds as though you are very busy,
so try not to overdo it. I know what you mean about being with each girl on
her own. Get more one on one talks.
Hope Ray got a good report.
Take care, Merle.

Sue said...

Lots of driving with the price of gas these days. I read in the paper that we are among the two lowest prices of gas in Northern CA (the other being Pleasanton) We are $3.13. (slightly cheaper at Costco)
Maybe today will be a bit more relaxing?

thordora said...

I used to have the best conversations on the drives my Dad and I would take now and again on Sundays. Just the sense that he couldn't walk away, that we were safe in our own little world....

I miss that.

thordora said...

I used to have the best conversations on the drives my Dad and I would take now and again on Sundays. Just the sense that he couldn't walk away, that we were safe in our own little world....

I miss that.

clairesgarden said...

thanks for the introdutions! your busy busy over there!

Gina said...

I know, doesn't the news always seem full of bad stuff?

Busy woman, you are. On Rochelle's comment I thought she meant bad, and woo hoo, I was right. There's hope for me yet.

Take care.

MsSisyphus said...

Wow. Tearfree. Alice is going to have to end her campaign I guess.

Ack, that's a helluva long day, but at least you have the van. Me, I'm walking all the way. Morning to the pool. Afternoon to the library. Evening to the grocery store.....Walking walking walking. While pulling the 2 yo in a wagon and herding the 6&7 yos along streets with no sidewalks. It's why I haven't been around much. But I'm trying to do better.

Tammy said...

Hey Granny Ann,
I bet the gas station loves you!!
Some of the best conversations I ever had with my kids was while they were riding with me.

Kendra Lynn said...

Sounds like you've been awfully busy!
Take it easy!!!


PEA said...

Having one on one conversations with the girls is a great least that way there's no one else around to distract you. You lead such a busy life Ann, mine is quite boring by comparison! lol Hope you can take time for yourself soon...also hope Ray is continuing to do well!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Um, wasn't Tearfree the one who slammed you in a post of her's? You've got a very forgiving heart Ann.

I hope Ray is still doing well, my prayers are still with you, him, and your family.


Granny said...

Yes, but in fairness, I fired the first salvo. It's history and we're both more than ready to move on.