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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blogger Will be Down - Update

Unless you happen to read this blog before 5:00 p.m. PDT, that information won't be much help. I'm scurrying to get this post up and maybe read a few of my visitors from blogspot while I still can. Who knows when it will be back.

A bit of second hand, unverified information. I've heard through the grapevine that a large country in Asia has blocked blogspot. No comment; just letting everyone know in case they don't hear from some of their regular visitors. I haven't had time to locate a second source so I won't even mention the country here. Email me if you want more info.

Update: Blogger back up and the New York Times has provided sufficient verification. It's India and it's apparently a reaction to the recent bombings in Mumbai.

Hi to Barbara, single mother of a 15 year old son.

She has 3 cats, 1 kitten, and two pet rats. I have 2 cats, 3 kittens, and one pet rat. Both of us are suffering without airconditioning. I think we may get along.

Just now realized I've never added Arwen from North Carolina. I know two people named Arwen; one east coast, one west. Just looked at my blogroll and only the west coast Arwen was there. Sorry, Arwen. Better late than never.

My social gadding went well until ten minutes before I was scheduled to leave the Barnes & Noble cafe for Cafe Sol to meet my lunch date. Son Tim (cafe manager) plunked down a huge piece of chocolate cherry cheesecake in front of each of us. What was I to do? We couldn't let it go to waste We did the right thing of course and ate it. (Life is uncertain - eat dessert first). Rochelle thought it was the most wonderful thing she'd ever tasted but she feels that way about almost all food; especially something new. I love her sense of adventure. Rebecca and Elcie aren't as daring. I've said before when Rochelle tastes something she adores, she reminds me of that great restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally.

It worked out. We split one sandwich at the Cafe and drank iced tea. My friend and I spent over an hour catching up and are planning to do it more often. Now that Ray is feeling a little better I can get out a little more and taking one child at a time isn't bad. More than one is work.

It's been a fun day for everything except my waistline and I'll be good for the rest of the week.

In case I don't get back later, have a good day or tomorrow.


Erin said...

This weather is the pits! Hang in there!

Meow said...

Hope it cools down for you soon.
Take care, Meow

Carissa said...

The heat is bad here in the Midwest too. We had a thunderstorm tonight, complete with hailstones. Unfortunately, it was so hot that the hail melted before the kids could go out and collect a bucket of it.

Reject the Koolaid said...

Love to hear more about that large country in Asia blocking blogspot.

Kristen said...

Okay, I am curious about the blogger thing. And also nervous to start a new post.

And the cheesecake sounded SO worth it.

mreddie said...

That sounds like a pretty good motto - Life is uncertain, eat dessert first - especially with a dessert like that. And I chuckled much about the reference to Rochelle and 'When Harry met Sally' - that was funny, I don't care who you are. :) ec

Sue said...

Your dessert sounds wonderful. It's important to indulge sometimes. It was hard to come back to all this heat after the nice cool coast. Hope you start to cool off soon...

DellaB said...

Thanks for the update on the blog outage - I saw the message but have no idea of what time difference there is, kept meaning to look it up while hoping it wasn't about to go down - then read further in your message and saw it was over - hurrah and I didn't even feel it!.

Thanks too for the cheesecake - wonderful thought...

Turtle Guy said...

You scurry too much. Relax.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I love Rochell attatude! At least she's got it right, ya got to enjoy life, and eat your desert with gusto!

Weird about the India blocking blog spot, I guess they had their resons.

Try to stay cool, it may get better next week.


smiley said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the cafe. I too am the kind to have dessert first :0)

I'm used to the heat, cos down here you only have two seasons, hot and very hot!

Sothis said...

What a wicked, wicked son to do that to you ;)

The heat is starting to get us in Europe. Unfortunately, no one has AC (most don't even have fans). Anywhere. All our houses and stone and brick so I feel like I am living in a pizza oven right now. I could use a swamp cooler right now.

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
I would rather eat dessert than main course, and that cheese cake sounded sooo good.
Not blogger, just me, been off the air for a few days, so have just enjoyed catching up on your last posts,
hugs jacqui

Ava said...

I used to have two pet rats and an iguana!!!

Glad to hear you had some fun and some great dessert!!!!

Kendra Lynn said...

That cheesecake sounds heavenly. Sigh...wish I could eat something fatty.
But, at this time, my gallbladder won't let me. :(


Tammy said...

Chocolate Cherry would have to be a Saint to pass that up...waistline be danged!!!

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ I am so glad you have some coolers which should help a bit, When I
had one ot those, I used to put some ice
in as well as water. I am so glad that Ray is feeling better and that you could get out for awhile. The dessert sounded
delicious.Take care, Merle.

JBlue said...

That chocolate cherry cheesecake sounds wonderful. Hey, did you send that heatwave this way?

PEA said...

Yummmmm, I love any kind of cheesecake!! Of course you couldn't say no to eating it, after your son was so nice to surprise you with it:-) Glad you can go out more now that Ray is doing you always have to bring one of the girls or can you go off on your own once in a while? I'm leaving to go out of town tomorrow morning so I'll see you when I get back!! *Hugs*

kittenpie said...

Blogger was totally ticking me off last night too as I was trying to write a post about our current heat wave, both internal and external. Ugh. Should be up tonight.

Meanwhile, glad you are weathering the heat okay and enjoying your time with the girls!