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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Swamp Coolers - Update

I did it again. Mystery words.

Swamp Cooler

They are a large fan (looks like a window a/c). They hold water. Also called evaporative coolers but who wants to say all that. Sometimes the ones placed in windows drip causing the outside of the house to look like a jungle in that area.

They've been around forever but they're becoming more popular as the price of electricity goes up.

They run on regular house current, no worse than running a regular fan, and are portable.

The link shows a picture. (update - decided to add a picture of ours. The one in the living room looks better - it's not put together with spit, baling wire, and duct tape).

We have 3 now (all gifts and all functioning). One in our back bedroom, one in the living room (on our dining room table - no other place for it), and one on the top of our bookcase in this bedroom.

A friend gave us this one. It had been hanging around her garage and she now has central a/c. The fan blades were exposed so we put screening over that section and duct taped it all around. If I have to choose between form or function, function will win every time. It's an ugly thing but the price was right and it works.

More later. I'm on my way out for coffee and then lunch. Taking Rochelle. I forgot I'd promised her last week I'd take her this week. I don't know why she wants to sit around and listen to a couple of geezers talk about local politics, the mysterious courthouse fire (immediately following the resignation of our District Attorney), and corruption in government. Must be the strawberry frappucino she gets to slurp up.


PEA said...

Hope you're having a great day and enjoying having lunch with your wonder Rochelle wanted to go since she can get a nice cold strawberry frappucino:-) Thanks for explaining what Swamp Coolers are...had never heard of that term before! I'm so glad you finally have something to help you stay a bit cooler in the house!!

Arwen said...

I don't think swamp coolers use freon either, right? I love them but it is too humid here in the temperate forest of the southeast for them. Our humidity stays high through the summer.

Atasha said...

Thanks for explaining. I too had never heard of them before. Hey, it doesn't matter where it is, kitchen table, floor, as long as it's helping cool down these high temperatures.

BarBarA said...

I NEED A SWAMP COOLER! I am the only person in the entire state of California without air conditioning (okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration).

Great blog you have here! I will add you to my links :)

Thanks for the email!

Anvilcloud said...

Whatever works, my dear, whatever works. I'm glad you had a nice time out too (top post).

Missy said...

My dad used to tell me all about these. They had one in the trailer they lived in while he was in the Army (OCS) in Oklahoma.

Always used to say how they worked so well. Their swamp cooler used wet hay. Perhaps it was a little older technology than these?

EmmaSometimes said...

We had swamp coolers when we had dry heat living in the desert. Hubby is from Phoenix and they used both refrigeration (AC) units and evaporative cooling.

Once my cooler went out and hubby took a day to fix it when we lived in CO, I fixed up what I called a poor man's swamp cooler. Position a fan to blow directly down into a large bowl of ice.

It really does work but you have to refill the ice (ice maker??) to keep it cool.

Angela said...

I had someone who asked me the same question one day. What's a swamp cooler?? I just presumed it was part of everyone's vocabulary - it's been our only source of cool for most of my life!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

We've got a swamp cooler too, and I couldn't live in this house with out it!

The window AC we have gobbles up too much electricity and makes our bill higher. I only use it when it's just too hot, or when I have company and they can't take the heat.

I think the weekly trip alone with your and your coffee date makes Rochell feel more grown up.


JBlue said...

I've read that children who grow up listening to such talk among adults develop more political awareness and comprehension (it's good for her, I'm saying). Also, as an English teacher, I can assure you it's GREAT for her vocabulary development. YOu can really tell which kids have had that sort of language enrichment at home and which haven't.

Besides, who wouldn't want to hang with you, Gran?

Anonymous said...

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