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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Long Hot Day

and tomorrow promises more of the same.


Ray's still home and seems to be doing better.

The braids are still in their hair. I'm amazed.

I actually accomplished a few things before I gave way to the heat.

And the girls are asleep. So am I. You just think you see me sitting here.

Thanks to all for the comments and good wishes. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Oh, right - almost forgot.

Mollie - Giants beat LA but I can't remember the score. Hope you're feeling better by now.


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I hope you can get some rest inspite of the heat! Sorry to say it's suppose to get hotter too, ick!

I'm glad that Ray is home and is doing better. I pray that he continues to do so.

I see that you changed the picture at the top of your blog--great pictures! You can see that the girls are really turning into beautiful young ladies.


Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ Glad Ray is doing well, and you get a few things done before it gets too hot. I am
surptrised the braids are still in
as they do not look comfy.
I hope you get some good rest.
Thanks for commentson my log.
Take care, Merle.

PEA said...

Hopefully Ray continues to feel better as each day goes by! Watch out when the girls DO take out the braids...their scalp is going to hurt from the hair being placed in a way it's not used to! lol I remember that well!!! We've been getting some hot days too but nothing like you've been wonder it saps all your energy!! Take care Ann!!

Alissa said...

Hey, that's a neat trick, the blogging-while-sleeping thing.

You guys need a wading pool.

Tammy said...

The braids look "Painful" to me...I'm amazed they are still there...they would have been gone for!!

Sheri said...

Glad to hear that Ray is home-hope everyone is well! Take care in the heat-hot and humid here too, for probably another couple of months at least!

Angela said...

I would have been done with the braids by now also. Although, that's probably because I really like my hair to be wavy, and since it's normally super straight, braids are the only way to go! But sleeping in the them? In the summertime? Is a no go for me!

And Mollie - the Giants beat LA 11-7!!

Badoozie said...

i like their braids, and i totally understand why they want them, MUCHO cooler. hair can make you so hot and with the heat you've been having down there???

do you have a/c in your house at all?

Jacqui said...

It is quite cold here tonight, I wish I could parcel some of it up and send it to you over there. I haven't bothered lighting to fire, just put on some more warm clothes, that's why I like to cold so much better.
huga jacqui

Sue said...

It was so very hot (100ยบ) during our party. No a/c here! We had the Giants vs Dodgers game on for the Giants fans among us! Hope Ray is doing a bit better each day. I know this heat just drains me...I can only imagine how it is when one feels sick on top of the heat.

wolfbaby said...

ouch sounds hot there hope it cools down soon!!!

Get some rest lady:)

EmmaSometimes said...

Thinking of you Granny and the yo-yo NONESENSE Ray is having to go through thanks to the US Government.

Hope you are finding relief in this heat. :o)

Meow said...

Wow, those braids are lasting well. You must've done a fantastic job, and the girls would be much cooler without the hair on their faces !!
Glad Ray is doing OK ... hope he continues to improve in leaps and bounds.
Take care, Meow

Sarah Elaine said...

Glad to hear that Ray is feeling better.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wow, those braids are pretty girls would not sit still for that long..

man i need to add you to my blogroll, i keep forgetting, then i forget to come over...i am so lame, and forgetful..

Lindsay Lobe said...

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Andrea said...

big hug to Ray from the strangers up here in Canada. I hope he is home for a really long time now.
I also cant believe those braids are still in. I am impressed. I hope you take a picture when they come out. If the girls thought their hair was curly before they are in for one big surprise!! hehehe
hope you all see some cooling off soon.

Missy said...

Yay! Ray's home!