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Monday, July 10, 2006

New Arrivals (trying to catch up)

I went back a couple of weeks and tried to find the new visitors. I've fallen behind once again. Sometimes the idea of all those links is overwhelming.

Of course it wouldn't be if I didn't procrastinate.

If I missed anyone, I apologize. If you don't see your name here or on the blogroll and would like to be included, please let me know. I'l try to catch the blogroll up tomorrow.

First, welcome to Puss in Boots, a new blogger and granny of seven from Queensland, Australia. I told her in the comments that I had a blogging friend from Australia named Meow but she was the first Puss in Boots I'd seen.

And to The Mama, another new blogger. She has a husband and two little children (one of each). She didn't divulge her location but a couple of hints she dropped made me think of the southern USA.

Also Desert Darlyn from Arizona.

And Wystful1, a granny from Texas. She has a great bread pudding recipe about 3 posts down on her blog.

Erin is a mom of two living in CT. She and I met in the comment boxes at Blogging Baby.

Val is a new friend from Melbourne, Australia, recently retired.

Horizon is a new visitor from Scotland.

Pearls and Dreams from Tulsa, OK.

Carmen (C.R.M.) in San Diego, CA. She's been unwell lately and I'm sure could use your good wishes.

Ann Douglas, a noted author and blogger from Ontario, Canada.

Mommy off the Record from CA, USA.

Melodee, I don't see you on my blogroll so may have failed to welcome you. Word of advice. Never do a blog search using your name. It took me to some strange places.

Finally Yellowdog Granny from TX. She's been writing a retrospect ot the 60's interwoven with the music from each year. Funny lady and the journey back is fascinating.


Concerned Lumberjack said...

What about Tearfree?

Sue said...

I always enjoy meeting your new visitors. Some I also see in the comments, but it's a great way to make new friends, isn't it?
My bloglines is getting longer and longer LOL!

PEA said...

They are all very lucky people to have found you Ann...I'm sure they'll enjoy your blog as much as the rest of us do:-)

The Mama said...

Thanks for the mention!! I'm in Colorado actually! I just linked you to my blog as well. What fun! I'm going to have to be careful or I will neglect my kids and my home completely!!

Uncle Roger said...

Trying to catch up... When I saw the name Ann Douglas, it triggered a memory -- and I didn't click on it (at work). After clicking (at home), I don't think it's the same Ann Douglas I was thinking of ( -- NSFW).