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Monday, July 10, 2006

We Have the Blahs

Nothing serious and Ray is improving daily. It's just the heat I think.

Rebecca woke up with a sore throat and missed reading the scripture at church today. She'll have another chance. We all stayed home.

Ray is still awake watching Stargate and I'm up much too late as well. Rebecca is asleep on my side of the bed and I dread moving her. May just shove her over and crawl in. It's getting harder to do that. The child is finally growing.

The braids are still in place. Most of the comments said ouch!! I agree but neither of them are complaining yet.

I actually cooked for the first time in several days. I've had porkchops stashed since Ray's first of the two hospital stays and today he seemed well enough to eat one. I trim them so I'm not worried about the fat and I don't add salt anymore. Used a little rosemary and a couple of other things for seasoning.

Instant mashed potatoes and peas. It was just to hot to stand and peel potatoes to say nothing of heating up the house cooking them. I do more "real" cooking in cold weather.

Vacation Bible School (ours) starts on Tuesday for Rochelle and Rebecca. Elcie can attend as a helper if she wants. She's still something of a hermit so I don't know if she will. I must remember to pick up Skittles and M&M's before Tuesday morning.

PFLAG is having a barbecue in lieu of its regular meeting Tuesday night. Should be fun. Later in the month, we'll go watch the Giants play. The girls don't know it yet but they probably will go along. Elcie's the only one who has seen a major league game.

They went to the lake again Saturday but other than that we haven't done much except laze around. Seems like all I do is talk about the weather but it's very uncomfortable around here. We do the necessary but that's it.

It's a ridiculous hour of the morning and I should get some sleep.

Hope all of you had a good weekend. Take care.


DellaB said...

Hi Ann, sorry to hear you are feeling a bit blah!
love the braids ... dreadlocks next?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully your blah's will leave soon.

What kind of cold weather do you get there? Does it get very cold?

Wystful1 said...

Oh I know what you mean about not adding salt to foods when cooking.

Tho, it's difficult to not have that wonderful seasoning, there are things that will still give us flavor.

Happy day to you Granny

Ginny said...

You folks really are a bunch of night-owls! Hubby in I are in bed by 10-10:30 every night...

DA said...

Sleep tight Ann!

The Mama said...

We had pork chops for dinner too. Annies makes this awesome spicy ginger marinade. It is soooo delicious on pork. You should try it next time!!

Hope you have a blahless day today!

Alice said...

"I do more "real" cooking in cold weather."

I've found my old Slimming World recipe books I brought before things started going down hill (3 years ago) weight wise. There are some great things in there, from basic to a bit posh to OH-MY-BLOODY-GOD-HOW-EXPENSIVE/HARD/BOTH-MUST-THAT-BE?? So, should have some fun over the next year learning how to do "real" cooking myself.


Glad Ray is improving. Here's fingers crossed that it continues.
I'm sure it will.

Well, sounds like the girls have something nice to be surprised with. Hope Rebecca's throat eases and doesn't turn out to be an infection...? Last thing you need, I'm figuring.

Bleh. Hate Stargate. Tell him to watch CSI Las Vegus. Much better.


TTYL xxx

Gina said...

Oh wow, three a.m. is pretty late!

How fun the game will be, are you giong to drive up to SF? I have been to that ballpark once and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Jo said...

That central valley heat is enough to wilt the strongest of souls and you don't have central! So happy to hear Ray is doing better, I was worried. Hugs to you dear Granny.

Sue said...

I think this heat is giving everyone the blahs! Thankfully it's much cooler today (here)
I rely on grilling on salads for hot days. I barely feel like eating, much less like cooking...

PEA said...

I hate it when it gets too hot because it just saps your energy right out of you. We've actually had a cold front come in today and it's the first time in weeks I've had to wear long pants and a warm sweater!! It's supposed to start warming up again in a couple of days but right now we're enjoying the respite from the heat.

Dawn said...

I have been feeling kinda blah myself. It comes and goes. I think the heat has something to do with it. I know what you mean about a ridiculous time of the morning lol. I received two kids cookbooks this morning by mail from my adoptive parents. Excited to start using them.

Uncle Roger said...

I'm glad to hear Ray is doing better. Sorry I haven't been around -- been gone on holiday plus the new gig and all. Yay Stargate! (Though I'm pretty sure last Friday was re-runs -- at least I hope it was!) Will you have time to get together when you come down for the ballgame?

wolfbaby said...

the heat does it evey time!!!

mreddie said...

Glad Ray is better. What you need is a tilting bed, to just pull a lever and roll Rebecca over to her side. :) We tend to eat more salads at our house when it's hot - especially since the tomatoes and cucumbers have been coming in - yummy! ec

Ingrid said...

Yea Ray getting better! And how nice to be recuperating watching Stargate! (this friday new season starts, also Stargate Atlantis!!)
I like Mreddie's idea..a tilting bed..sweet! haha.
I find I'm just blah when it comes to cooking. Never mind the heat and humidity right now..I'm just tired of it. If only I could prod my husband into action and writing to Oprah for help or something..would love to have a cook for a month..well, wouldn't we all!!
Keep relaxing Ray, it's what the body needs!
hugs to you Ann..and it'll be nice for the girls to have something to do with the VBS...

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I'm glad Ray is still doing alright.

You got the blahs because of the heat? I can relate, we're a couple of degrees hotter here.

Try to get your rest.


Missy said...

Good grief, woman! 2:49am?!

I can't stay up much past 10 anymore. Ugh, so tired!