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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

To All the Grannies Out There

The rest of you can read it too.

From my friend Tammy

I''m linking instead of pasting it in because I want to make sure the cartoon that goes with the poem is visible.

Thanks Tammy!!


Lindsay Lobe said...

Thanks for the link ....Very good
....You’re becoming an oasis for Aussie Boggers and Grannies.

Rock Rebel Granny

Temperatures risen its 106 degrees
Swamp coolers bring your a cool breeze?

Swing with the music to stories you’ve told
Rock to the rhythm of a sweet melody of old

“Rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham
So high I can’t get over it
So low I can’t get around it
Oh! Rock my soul”

Best wishes

Angela said...

Granny - I loved it. And I'm about as far from being a Granny as is possible! But, I totally could see my gramma being the one sucked into the computer and lost forever. Her emails already are. She can't figure out how to send anything to us!!

Sue said...

Hi Ann,
This post showed up in bloglines and I'm glad it did because I missed Tammy's post this morning!
Cute poem, isn't it?

mreddie said...

Good poem - hope that doesn't happen to a grandpa. :) ec

Puss-in-Boots said...

The poem is a laugh. It happens to my mum, but I have more luck - probably because I'm not hitting 87! And luck it is, sometimes I feel I've never used a computer in my life!!

Bacchus said...

Hope all is well in the heat, I'd send you some cool but there isn't much coolness even in the city. Although we aren't anywhere near 106 it is still hot and sticky.

Too tired again to blog but maybe tomorrow. Be Well

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ I liked the Granny poem and had read it on Tammy's blog. Also I
had read my brother's one.
Thanks for your comments, the jokes are
popular and even the short poems. I hope
all is well with you and the family.
Take care, Merle.