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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blogger Again

If you see more than one post on "mnenomics", please comment on the latest one only. It was Blogger acting up and posting it three times. I think I got rid of one of them but I'm not having much luck with the other.


I think it's fixed but I'm not touching "edit" again. I don't want to accidentally delete all of them.


Granny said...

Blogger is being a pain on comments If yours doesn't go through, try it as an email if you like.

Ava said...

I've been having problems with comments on blogger as well. Grrr ....

Hope all is well at your house!

Sue said...

I decided to try again and guess what?
Third times the charm! It wouldn't be blogger if it wasn't somewhat contrary now would it???

Carmen San Diego said...

Don't you hate that when that happens. I've posted long thought out entries pressed a wrong button and wam it's all gone. I get so mad I end up just not posting at all. I get to upset and then I can't focus on what I was venting about orginally. Anyways, I'm glad you figured out the problem. Hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Kristen said...

Yeah, blogger has been driving me freaking insane. ARGH.

madcapmum said...

I got that the other day too!

Anonymous said...

okeeeeeely dokely

Turtle Guy said...

Blogger is just like everything else... it has its days! I couldn't post photos for the longest time and that frustrated me! Now, all seems to be fine!

Alice said...

Blogger can be a pain in the proverbial, if you get my drift, but so far the past few weeks have brought zero problems this side of the pond.

*pauses to rap on her desk.*

*smiles reassuringly at her bemused and a little freaked out colleagues who are now wondering why she rapped on her desk*

*continues typing demurely*

A possible idea to reinforce the parallel (is it shameful that I had to cut n' paste that from your post because I can never remember the spelling??) might be to show her a ruler (I think you guys call it a rule?) and point out the two edges which are perfectly straight and never meet to enable you to draw perfectly straight lines at any angle...?

Anyhow, just a (probably bad) suggestion. No idea about the other one. I take it you're using posh words for horozontal and parallel (ha! remembered!). If you're not I have no idea what you're talking about.

I love Shrek. The 1st one was best IMHO though many disagree with me.

By the way: you're showing as off line ATM on Yahoo! IM, and as you're usually on line but idle when you're not available I was wondering whether it was deliberate on your part or just a glitch in my (or yours. But most likely mine) machine??

Just wondering.

TTYL hopefully, anyhow.

...I've probably spelt horozontal wrong too, right?

Carissa said...

Catching up on everyone's blogs today. We've been so busy I haven't been able to keep up! Looks like you and the girls have been busy as well. Nice picture below of the new grandbaby. I'm sure he is growing up very fast.

dongurigal said...

Long time no comment--I'm sorry Granny. Thanks for popping by the other day...I have been a horrid blogger too (although sounds like blogger is being a pain, so maybe that's ok).

Re parallel vs perpendicular--maybe someone else suggested this already...notice that there are 2 parallel lines in the word parallel (the 2 Ls). As for remembering perpendicular--well, no ideas there.

Take care!

tAnYeTTa said...

Yeahhhhh I can comment! What is going on with Blogger? I guess we're getting our money's worth (wink)

Seriously speaking, I really wish we could POST date our posts. Is that the correct way of writing that?

Anyway, it's LATE and I've missed 3 posts on your blog. Where have I been?????

Sorry, I'm here now :)

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I hope blogger isn't causing you anymore problems?

I've had some problems with blogger myself but (knock on wood) not for a while. It can be very frustrating.