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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'll Try To Do A Little Better Tonight.

It's difficult to think of much to say when the highlight of one's day is watching youngest son trying to transport two unwilling cats from their old home to their new. Cat number one wasn't too difficult; cat number two made up for it. After 3 tries and claw marks up and down his arms,Tim gave up. We took #1 home in the carrier. He and my dil will try again; this time I hope with body armor (provided they can find the cat). We moved a cat from San Francisco to Merced in a U Haul. He was not happy. He bolted for the furthest closet and stayed there for 3 days. Eventually his natural cat curiousity took over and out he came, a little at a time. By the next couple of days, he'd taken over the house and yard. For a city cat who'd never had his paws on concrete, he acclimated quickly.

I had my usual Tuesday coffee with my friend (and no kids) and the regular PFLAG meeting tonight (also kidless). Tomorrow will be a busy day too. I'm taking Tim to the train for Bakersfield, Ray has a doctor's appointment, and I have a couple of errands including Elcie's shoes (see below). Thursday is the "roundup" at middle school and a meeting in the evening. I might have skipped the meeting (house party) but so far only two of us have rsvp'd and I don't want the woman to have nobody show up. I emailed to tell her my feelings wouldn't be hurt if she cancelled. It's just to watch a film I can see another time. Haven't heard back yet.

Meantime, we're still counting down to school. Elcie will need shoes. I took her out today but we ran out of time before we found anything. Her dress shoes still fit but she'll need something sturdy for school. I'll try again tomorrow.

Oh and I bought a book to go with the other one I still haven't finished. I've been interested in a morbid sort of way with Munchausen's by Proxy for some time. I can't begin to understand it. This autobiographical book, "Sickened", describes the disease from an adult survivor's point of view (looking back).

I've cut way back on my reading. It's not so much a question of time as it is the reading itself. I've adjusted somewhat to bifocals with the computer but half a dozen pages into a book and I'm drowsy. This one has fairly large print and it's short. Maybe I'll do better.

I used to read 4 or 5 books in a week sometimes (before computer, come to think of it). Maybe that's part of the reason I'm not reading words on paper as much as I did. Suppose the act of turning pages has become too low tech?

Carol seems to be okay. Thanks to all of you who asked. Ray's doing well too.

We're supposed to jump from 90° to 101° tomorrow and then start dropping back again.

Almost midnight. Take care everyone.

Merle and Val - My baseball Giants lost again. I may start paying more attention to the Carltons if I can find at least parts of their games here.


The Zero Boss said...

101 degrees? Good Lord. I don't know how you guys survive. Keep cool, eh?


It's amazing to learn that even cats refuse the transfer. They may have been accustomed to their cozy place and might not want the change. Fear of adjustment too.
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clairesgarden said...

you are so busy, and the heat set to rise again, we've cooled right off here.

Kristen said...

Transporting cats is hell. That would pretty much dominate the day for anyone, I think.

Sue said...

Our Vincent howls like his tail is caught in a vice every time we have to put him in a carrier..So NOT fun!!!
It's warming up here too. I hope they're right that it's short lived this time!

Gina said...

Yes, it seems that with a three year old and blogging, my time with words printed on paper has bee pretty scarce!

Anonymous said...

I do still find time to read. Not my previous 3-5 books a week, but one good novel a week and I'm OK. I'll read anything from the trashiest romance novel to lengthy classics, and any genre in between. I can read on my breaks at work, or after the boys go to bed. And now that they're older, even some when they're awake and playing.

Our cats don't like change, either. One look at the pet porter and they're hidden as well as they can be.

Good luck today! Sounds like you're still busy.

L. said...

My book reading has definitely slacked off since I started reading blogs.... there`s only so much free time in the life of a mother to fill with reading, y`know?

PEA said...

Oh dear, I do hope you can all manage to get that cat moved!! Sounds like he doesn't want to go! lol Hopefully you'll have better luck finding shoes for Elcie tomorrow...when I was gone shopping yesterday the stores were jam packed with school supplies/clothes shoppers!! Glad to hear that Carol and Ray are doing well:-) Oh no, not more heat...hopefully won't last too long! I used to read all the time but in the last 4 or 5 years, I haven't picked up one book...only magazines. Seems I prefer to spend my time on the computer!! lol

wolfbaby said...

Coffee with no kids and with a friend????

whats that????

Crazedmomof4 said...

Did he get the kitty moved?

Missy said...

I tried driving cross-country with my cats several times. We all came out okay but boy are they easily upset. It's just meow meow meow!

Hope you guys stay cool.

All is well (and busy) here.

Talk to you soon.

JBlue said...

Did you say when school starts for you guys? We got shoes last week. I got school supplies earlier. I think we're done! And broke!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Boy that cat must hate carriers! Sometimes you can lure them in with a can or cat food or tuna if you've got a string through the cage you can shut it on them real quick. I've done that to catch the strays that show up here from time to time.

Good luck with the shoe shopping, maybe you can find a good sale on shoes this weekend.

Tomorrow is oriantation day at the high school for my daughter, and my daughter is excited but nervous!