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Friday, August 11, 2006

Resolution - Begin Typing Earlier in the Day

Nothing's wrong and many thanks to all who inquired. It's just been a busy few days and by the time I get around to writing, I'm falling asleep. Now I have to back up and read what I said last.

I'll be back shortly.

Okay, I'm back and ready to catch up a little. Nobody needs to hear everything for the last three days but I'll hit the high spots for now. (As I watch the Giants who are already behind in the 2nd inning). Update - still behind in the top of the 9th. It's taken me a while to put this together. (Still editing - we lost and it's almost midnight. So much for starting earlier).

First to "anonymous" and any other anonymous reader who comments here: I said in the comment box:

Thanks for the comment. Some blogs won't allow anonymous comments (I do so far) so you might think about setting up a blogger account even if you don't have a blog.
I didn't realize I was allowing anonymous comments again but I'll continue unless I get "flamed". It's happened once in almost a year.

Many blogs don't allow them. It's simple to open a Blogger account and it's free. You don't need a blog or even a profile. You can use any name you wish. It will enable you to comment on any Blogger post that allows comments.

That's Spunky, our alpha female, stuffing her pretty face. She's been around for a while but Ray and I can never remember how many years. Seven or eight maybe? She's another one who wandered in as a kitten and never left. She wasn't a stray; she just preferred our place and her owner, who was in the middle of moving, said we might as well keep her. I think it's called voting with your feet.

The girls spent much of the last couple of days with their mom. With school starting Monday, their lives will be much busier. I cooked dinner tonight (honey barbecue chicken, corn on cob, and Rice-a-roni (yes I know but it works well with chicken). They're not home yet so I'm sure they'll come home fed and I'll get out of cooking tomorrow. (Update - they walked in right after I wrote this). Yes, they were fed, but they may be hungry again soon. (Update #2 - Rochelle just walked past with a full plate of dinner and told me I was a good cooker (her highest praise). Maybe I won't get out of cooking tomorrow after all. I already have a request for tuna glop (Elcie).

I found Elcie a pair of shoes. Sturdy enough for her but still attractive and comfortable as well as washable which is the first thing I look for. The second thing is a sale (which I found). She's up to a size seven. I can't believe it. Her "feet" are turning into "yards" (for my sensible friends who use metrics, 1 yard is equal to 0.91 meter and 3 feet = 1 yard). I washed the rest of the school shoes and they're drying.

I have the closet somewhat organized again except for the underwear and sock drawers. I may finish them up tonight. It's time to dump everything on the bed and find out what's beyond salvaging and how many socks I can match. They have tons of both; I've just procrastinating on the big sorting job. (Update - almost 11 p.m. now and will probably procrastinate again).

I think we have all their school supplies and they're okay on clothes until cooler weather. I'm not going to buy winter clothing just yet; they're growing entirely too much too fast. I made that mistake last year with Elcie who jumped 3 sizes in a year. Now Rochelle is doing the same thing. I don't want to buy jeans in August they won't be able to zip in October.

I picked up their school schedules yesterday and I'm pleased so far. Elcie, even with mainstreaming, will have one teacher (and one classroom) for most of her classes as will the other two. I'd expected Elcie (now 8th grade) to move from classroom to classroom which would mean talking to all the teachers about the extra time she'd need. No worries there at least. I still have misgivings about mainstreaming but she'll have all the resource help she needs and we can always take a step back if need be. We'll never know until we try.

Rochelle will have Elcie's 6th grade Special Day teacher who already knows her and is looking forward to having Elcie's sister in her class. Rochelle is still a little shy so knowing her teacher will help. She was honor roll all last year; I hope middle school goes as well.

Best news of all, Rebecca (also 6th grade) will have an extra math class (intervention). It may mean less time sitting with her at home night after night as she struggles through 60 problems; each one just like the one before. She seems to be focusing better and I'm hoping it will be a good year for her. She needs a thorough grounding in basics so they'll become automatic for her instead of being so time consuming. That way what time I spend here with her can be spent working on the current lessons instead of plodding through multiplication and division over and over. Somehow she has to catch up before 7th and 8th when it becomes more difficult.

I still haven't heard about transportation for the two younger girls and Elcie is scheduled for two different pickup times depending on whether I believe the District (6:55 a.m. like last year) or transportation services (7:25 a.m). I couldn't reach anyone at the District so I'll have her ready at 6:55 and drive the other two as soon as the bus arrives. More confusing; it's always been the county school people who have arranged transportation for Elcie; not the city District. Oh well.

I may end up driving R & R to school or to the closest regular bus stop. Rochelle is supposed to have transportation because she's in Special Ed. She can't ride with Elcie because she's not orthopedically challenged. Neither can Rebecca. Rebecca doesn't fit either category but the District was going to try to make an exception so she could ride the bus with Rochelle. If she can't, I'll drive them both. (trust that was all perfectly clear - lol). I'd take Elcie but loading and unloading the wheelchair every day (twice) is a little too much when there are other options available. I'll talk to the school and see what we can work out. It's just a couple of miles and if I don't have to fight the last block of wall to wall traffic jam at the school, shouldn't be too bad. I'm giving some thought to a limited cell phone for the two of them to share. I think they're legal in middle school but I'll check the rules for this year before I decide. I'd feel more secure if they can reach me in an emergency. School offices don't always cooperate with kids wanting to call home.

Let's see. Anything else? My Thursday night "house party/meeting" involved watching a film produced by the Union of Concerned Scientists on global warming and its implications for California.

Fascinating and more than a little scary.

Rochelle went along. She likes meetings because they usually involve food. This time we had ice water with cucumber and lemon, cheese and crackers, baby carrots, and grapes from the host's own back yard arbor. (Organic, I'll bet). The host had a huge, gentle dog who fell in love with Rochelle. It was mutual.

And I met a young man from St. Louis at the "party" who knows someone I knew in Arkansas almost 40 years ago. Very small world. I wonder if AR friend still remembers me.

I picked up Tim at Amtrak today, took him home to change, and then to work. He told me the train was packed and some passengers said Greyhound was as well. Not surprising. At this point the train up and down central CA (San Francisco to Bakersfield passing almost through our living room) is no doubt faster than flying.

Blogger spell-check still doesn't recognize the words blog, blogs, or blogger. It didn't care much for "glop" either. You mean glop isn't a word? I don't know why I bother with it. My typos are usually words which are spelled correctly but are not the word I intended. Occasionally I skip a word and leave it to you to connect the dots. I promise my brain knows the difference between there and their; it's just a missed connection between brain and fingers.

Thanks to all for the comments and I apologize if I didn't get back to everyone. It's been a frantic few days.

Take care everyone.


3catsmeow4me said...

Sounds like you have had a busy few days. Hope you have a great weekend!

Andie D. said...

That's what you get for being the most prolific writer most of us know. ;)

nancy said...

It really bothers me that the girls (if they are attending the same school) can not get a bus together. It seems ridiculous to me, because I know that the district (or county or whatever) can use a lift bus that also has regular seating to include other students in the area. In your area are the other students expected to walk, or to take public transit? If that is the case it would make more sense to me.

Good Luck, to everyone in the new school year!

DA said...

Take some Blogtime off and relax a little bit Ann! Take care, DA

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you were. Those are the hazards of posting every day--skip a day and people start to worry!

I love Rice-a-roni. What's wrong with Rice-a-roni, besides being a hard word to type?

All the transportation issues sound irritating. Here, they just get on the bus. If they can't ride the regular bus, too bad. You just have to take them. It may sound unfair, but it's alot simpler for the school system, and everyone knows the rules and doesn't complain.

Have a nice weekend!

Tammy said...

Hey Miz Granny!!!
I hear you on the spell comments always look worse than my posts cause I'm too lazy to get my handy dandy dictionary out!!

DellaB said...

Hi Ann, just popping in to say hello - you sound just as busy as ever.
Good luck with the transport question, you don't need the extra hassle.

Beth said...

I wondered where you were...but figured you are OBLIGATED to write to us every day, twice a day. many cats do you have?

Josie said...

Hi, and thanks for popping by my funny little blog. I have seen you "out there" in the cyber world, and always enjoyed your posts.


Anonymous said...

did an anonymous person say something mean to you?

Sue said...

Sounds like you've been super busy. I haven't been visiting as much either. Your school starts about 2-3 wks earlier than ours. Private school is starting 8/23 here. Public about a week later, I think...
Loved your kitty photo...

Blue Sky said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and hello to you as well... hope all is good with you and your family

Erin said...

We don't start til the 28th and that seems too soon! Oh well... sounds like you all are well but BUSY! Take care!
- e

Granny said...

Don't worry if you don't see your comment on the main blog. They're showing up here.

Silly blogger.

Leish said...

Mmmmm, your dinner sounded good. Comfort food is always good!

Granny said...

Hi Leish. Thanks for your comment.

Kendra Lynn said...

Sounds like you've been plenty busy!
Hope you find some downtime to relax.
My day's been wild...we had six kids here for most of the we are down to four, my two and two extras that we are sitting.
Lots of work.


Beth said...


I meant to say that you are NOT obligated to write twice a day every day.



JBlue said...

First of all, who in their right mind would flame you at Roc Rebel Granny?

You do sound like a good cooker. ;) Hey, you’ve got me started on avocados. I kept reading about them here and got hooked on them.

I’m doing the same thing with fall/winter school clothes, esp. for my older boy. If I buy him pants now, they’ll be up above his ankles by the time it’s cold enough to wear them. I just got them some new warmer weather stuff to start with.

Some geniuses on our school board came up with the idea to charge families $200 per child to ride the bus this school year and to cut out routes closer to the school. We got rid of that board, and now the bus service is “free” and still running in our area. I’m taking them to school the first day since my little one starts kindergarten (which is what I blogged about today…. Sigh).

A man from St. Louis, eh? Wonder where in St. Louis.

karrie said...

Whaaaat? People flame you???

Anyone who is tempted: I'm 6ft tall, sometimes ill-tempered, and have Ann's back. ;)

Mary P. said...

No wonder you don't get to posting till late. You do more in a couple of days than I do in a couple of weeks! Phew.

I've never had Rice-a-Roni. Not once. Am I missing something wonderful?

Puss-in-Boots said...

What's Rice-a-roni? What's being flamed? Ann, by the time I had finished reading what you had been up to over the last couple of days, I was exhausted! How do you do it??

Your bus transport system sounds as confused as ours! I had my daughter going off about it the other day. Must be bureaucrats in general.

Pretty kitty picture. Take care and keep well. Hugs.

Jo said...

Geez lady, you are never NOT busy. Wow. My life feels quite sedate compared to yours. Thanks for posting and hoping you find some time somewhere soon to catch your breath. Maybe after school starts?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

annymous comments dont bohter me, i could care less..i get hate comments, i acctually kind of enjoy it in a weird way. but everyone is differnt. people who have blogger accounts will go annymous when they want to say something mean but dont have the balls to do it otherwise..just so u know..

i need to get school suppiles, i am much to lazy for that..

well hope u have a great weekend;)