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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thanks - Headache Gone For Now

I'm sure it was a combination of the heat and being generally frazzled. We're all a little cranky and since I don't want to yell at kids all day the headache may be the result of biting my tongue. Doesn't do much for the tongue either.

It's better today so I'm grabbing a chance to say say thanks to all who were concerned.

There hasn't been much going on to write about and that's part of it.

Jim called me last night to tell me he'd just passed the baseball stadium in San Diego. Maybe he'll get to a Padres game or two while he's there. He still doesn't know what he's going to be doing but I'm sure as soon as the Army figures it out they'll let him know.

Right now I'm surrounded by two kittens and Elcie. I have a load of wash going and a bunch to put away. Another blogger was talking about a "tryonathon" today. She was talking about her closet (size 4 to 14) and early pregnancy where nothing fits. I feel for her.

That's basically what the girls do. Anyone else have tweens and teens who turn the drawers and closet inside out and then say "I have nothing to wear"? It was much easier when they were younger and I dressed them.

Then of course there's "refrigerator blindness". "There's nothing to eat in here".

So now I have them working on the living room. Elcie did a fair job on her room and I'm doing the clothes a few at a time.

See what I mean? Nothing to write about.

I'll do better once the weather has cooled off a little more and the girls are back in school. I love them all but I'm ready for vacation and the squabbling to end.

Talk to you later. I must go stop the bloodshed.


wolfbaby said...

Sorry the HP b-day party was a bust

and much glad your feelin better!!!

know what you mean about the nothing to blog about ....

the heat wave broke here for two days but it's comming back in like two or three more ahhh well it was nice while it lasted!!1

Anvilcloud said...

It's cooler here today, but that's very relative, and it's still very humid.

PEA said...

Hi Ann...I'm glad you didn't disappear:-) Glad the headache is gone now but I can understand how you're looking forward to the girls being back in school and having time to yourself again! It's not easy having tweens and teens constantly under your feet!! We had some much needed rain all day yesterday and today, although, it's hot, the humidity seems to have gone away...thank God!!!

Ava said...

That's funny. I look at my closet every day and say "I have nothing to wear!"

Anonymous said...

Well, to be perfectly honest, I do it too. I have more clothes than I truly need, but still feel like I don't want to wear most of them most days. In all fairness, I've been losing weight so not everything fits well, but still...

"I must go stop the bloodshed". hehehe Sounds like this evening at my house. I swear, as much as those boys profess to love each other and be each other's best buddies, they sure do squabble alot.

Glad you're feeling better.

JunieRose said...


I couldn't do the job you're doing- in raising 3 girls...Lol- not at my age now! It wasn't easy when I was young!

Hang in there. This hot summer will have to end sometimes!


HORIZON said...

Sorry to hear that you've not been feeling great lately. Hope the headaches stay away.
Yes, l can relate to the teenage stage, Daniel is 18 and Melissa 17 in Nov. The 'stance' at the fridge for two minutes..just staring, 'what's for lunch?'. Me covered in dust and tired, ' Make it your bl... self!!' lol
Non stop washings- how can they have so many clothes and why do they have to leave their drawers open with the clothes hanging out- l give up!!! Mum on strike here before l lose the plot. :)

JBlue said...

We've been doing mini "tryonathons" to see what's going to fit this school year and what won't. Boys are not so agreeable when it comes to tryonathons, so I'm hearing some grumbling.

mreddie said...

When we were younger, most of us siblings suffered from 'refrigerator blindness' and it took several open door sessions to determine what we would settle for. Hopefully the bloodshed was not too great. ec

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm looking forward to school starting, too. I need the break as well, and I can focus on helping Scott with his business, etc.
Looking forward to cooler weather as well! :)


Crazedmomof4 said...

If I was sane I would look forward to school, but I'm not. My oldest is 12 & the most difficult! I just threaten to take him back to the zoo where I got him.

I have 4 kids & this will be the youngest's year in school. We skipped preschool & now she is going to Kindergarten. It's all day too! I will be lost. It will be the 1st I've been alone since I 1st became a mom.

Glad your feeling better!:D


Ohhhhh,,,,I know how you feel. I don't know how to help you. Maybe you can go visit my TT13 and my ease you up or if only I can fan you manually to ease the heat.

Jo said...

I remember one very long car drive where I clenched my teeth so hard my jaw ached for days. We are finally having some rain in Utah so the heat is bearable. Very nice, hopefully you will be getting some relief soon.

mo-wo said...

oh Granny don't talk about washing. you know me and the kids are doing ok BUT I am so sick of laundry. yuck!

he's just a little guy how does he make for so much washing??

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I know about the "I don't have anything to wear, and we don't have anything to eat!"

And I only have the one!

I'm glad the head ache is gone. I feel for you as I get head aches too, and mine can be either sinus pressure from allergies--I live in allergie central, or too much reading or blogging/internet/seach for stuff etc, or my neck is out of place again.

I take tylonal extra strength--it helps, and some days not enough.