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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging - Rebecca with Dipsticks I and II

Adding a sentence to the top of this post. That's Rebecca with the cats, not Elcie. Confusing because I started off by talking about Elcie.

Elcie says the kitten's name is Princess but to me she's another Dipstick. About the same level of intelligence but a little more lively. Dipstick I has become a speed bump lately. Or a doorstop. He and Fidget keep sneaking into the car. I discovered Fidget when I stopped at the bank a couple of weeks ago. He thinks he's a dog.

Today was much better than yesterday. (Still Thursday even though title says Friday). Headache still gone.

Rebecca, Rochelle, and I did a couple of errands and picked up their Uncle Tim for lunch at Long John Silver's. Brought home fish for Ray and Elcie who suddenly decided she didn't like fish. Too bad. Hungry Elcie until she found something she would eat. She was just bent out of shape because it wasn't McDonalds and she'll get over it. And if she had gone with us in the first place she could have chosen her own lunch (at Long Johns - they have chicken as well).

Later on he came over and fixed my printer somewhat. (He unplugged it and plugged it back in to a different port - genius). I may have to replace it - the paper feed isn't working. Anyone have any ideas about a Lexmark? We have to push the paper one sheet at a time until it catches. No problem now but it will be when the girls go back to school. I've been trying to justify buying a combination printer/scanner/fax if I can find one on sale that will do what I want as simply as possible. I've always had some problems with the printer and scanner speaking to each other. Sometimes they do and sometimes they sulk.

Rebecca managed to open the car door too quickly somehow and ran it into her nose and mouth. No damage to her nose but she cut the inside of her upper lip and it'll be sore for a couple of days. We applied ice inside a wet washcloth quickly so maybe it won't be too bad tomorrow. Poor kid. She moves too quickly sometimes with disastrous results.

Right now she's decorating a small cabinet we picked up at a yard sale some time ago. It's just sat around waiting for a proper home. It's now covered with stickers and shiny beads. It helped take her mind off her woes.

We bought some ice cream, the cure for everything including a fat lip. Even Elcie ate that. Denali is a Savemart brand and it's not bad. Has flavors like Caribou something or other and Moose Tracks. They make an good cherry chocolate chip. We bought that, some type of carmel, and mint chocolate chip (for Rebecca - she's the mint person). Ray and I will have some of the cherry and carmel later because I don't expect it to be here tomorrow.

Here's a tip for Blogger folk. It took me months before I knew that I could click on my username in the email copy of a comment and it would take me to the specific post. I'd been searching through post after post until then.

Another friend mentioned in an email today that she was having problems tracking comments back to the posts. I told her about my magic cure and then thought someone else might not know either. Now everyone reading this does - if you didn't already.

I'm catching up on reading posts somewhat and on adding to the blogroll. If you don't see your name, let me know. Unless it becomes totally unmanageable, if you visit and you're not a troll or a spammer, you go on the blogroll. (On the other hand, if you're there and would rather not be, let me know.) We aim to please.

Thanks to all for the comments and good wishes; especially those I haven't replied to personally.

Take care everyone.


Gina said...

Ahhh, a well placed ice cream cone can do wonders!

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Great picture of Elcie!

Gina said...

Ooops, yes, the blue eyes are Rebecca's! Should have known!

3catsmeow4me said...

That picture is too cute.

I bet you Tuna recipe is good, thanks for the visit.

Angela said...

All I know about Lexmark printers is that mine died very quickly and I've not had one since.

The thing about going directly to a post - and the fact that you can respond by email. THose are the two things that most people don't know who I run across in blog life. That and adding a link within a post.

Atasha said...

Ann there is literally a sparkle in her eyes. :-) Sorry about the printer. I had an HP Multi function once that did that and it was in the trash so fast I never found out the problem. I don't like frustration can you tell?

clairesgarden said...

love the picture of the cat cuddle. I used to have a cat who got into other peoples cars if they left a window open, I always worried I would lose her . I had paid for her to have a chip with a tracker number put in her neck but I never got her back.
ice cream, great idea, can't ever go wrong with that one, we were talking about it at work yesterday , when you float ice cream on a fizzy drink and we voted our favourite as American Cream Soda, I dont know if you have that there or if its something made up, very nice anyway!
printers, I like Epson, they are usually fairly cheap and basic but they do the job and last a long time, I currently have an Epson D88.

clairesgarden said...

I meant to say I will ask the chiropractors about this " the headache may be the result of biting my tongue" and see if they have any comments!!

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ Great photo of Rebecca. I
hope her lip is better. Icecream helps.
How much longer do the holidays last? We have nearly 6 weeks Summer holidays.
Even the girls may be glad to get back to the school routine. Take care, Merle.

Tammy said...

I've not regretted for one minute the purchase of my 3 in 1...I got an HP at Walmart for $78...Hope you can find something you like!

Val said...

Love the photo of Elcie and the kitties. Cats are funny when they get it into their heads to go for a ride in the car. Ours tries to get into the boot (trunk) of the car when I'm unloading the groceries. I always take out the meat first!

Can't help you with a printer (we've got one of those multi function things) as I don't know if the Brother is available just in Australia or not. We've been pretty happy with it, but don't you hate how you never get a PRINT manual anymore? All the instructions are on a CDrom. Hmpf!

Anonymous said...

You know, my parents used to have a cat that would sneak in the open windows and sleep in the backseat of the truck. One day they didn't notice him when they left, and he didn't wake up until they were on the interstate. He panicked and jumped out the window before they could even try to catch him. Mom says she saw him land safely and make it to the median, but by the time they could get turned around he was gone. Hopfully he found a good home...

Ice cream cures all!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Love the pic..

i have been meaning to add to my blogroll, only i am way too lazy..

but i did add you last week:)

Anvilcloud said...

I haven't eard great things about Lexmark inkjets, but I haven't been keeping up, so things may have changed.

LoisLane said...

Glad the headache is gone.
Now go get some ice cream before it vanishes! ;)

Brenda said...

You might try uninstalling then reinstalling your printer or maybe there's an updated driver for it that you may need to download. Printers can be tricky dudes for sure.

Hope you have a great weekend!

madcapmum said...

Oh, my Poppy's always finding catastrophes for herself.

Caribou ice cream? Moose Tracks? Somehow those don't sound entirely appealing, Ann!

Ms. Lori said...

HAHAHA! I love that you call the cats "Dipstick." I refer to my Sapphire as "Stoopie." She's actually pretty smart, but, as cats are wont to do, she does some incredibly stupid things. And she hates my laugh, will run around crazy-like, ears back and tail poofed, then hide under my bed whenever I laugh too long or too hard.


Sue said...

Cat and kids make for very cute blog photos, and yours are among the cutest!
I had terrible luck with my lexmark, and my Epson printer is even worse. I have an HP for photos. Wish I could find a good one that did all...
I miss our SaveMart, they left town about 7 yrs ago!

Sarah Elaine said...

Great photo! Your posts are truly snapshots of a full and rich life.

Beth said...

I can get Moose Tracks here too, though I think it is under a different name! I love it, although as I recall it is almost more chocolate ribbon than icecream.

But I love chocolate.

The Mama said...

We have a printer, copier, scanner that I just love!! I highly recommend getting them to everyone, it's so nice to have.

Thanks for the blogger tip too, I didn't know that.

The cats and the kids are so cute. I just love cats. I feel really weird only having one right now after finding a better situation for Connor. James thinks I should leave well enough alone, but I am jonesin for a kitten right now!!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

i have a of idea's about lexmark printers, only they are more like opinions than ideas, but a good idea is to throw it in the dump and buy an HP. sorry. but its true.

i know you can't afford a new printer right now. but if you put one of those little donation things on your blog, maybe we could afford it for you?

Baraka said...

Hello dear,

What an absolutely gorgeous photo of three very beautiful beings!


Life of a Banana said...

Cute kitties.

JBlue said...

How many cats are you up to now?

I've got a cat blog up, too.

Poor Rebecca (re: car door). Did I tell you what I did to my son recently? Like her, he's always moving around too quickly, so I managed to whack him in the mouth with the screen door. Chipped one of his front teeth. The dentist was able to build it up nicely with bonding. Looks great. I felt TERRIBLE!

CaerLiveSound said...

That will be one of those stories you guys tell about Rebecca after she's all grown. "Remember the time she hit herself in the face with the car door?" you'll say, and she'll roll her eyes and smile.

Mary P. said...

Aww... Very cute and cooperative cats! It looks like we'll be getting another, too: Haley rescued an abandoned orange tabby kitten yesterday while visiting a friend. The little thing is probably no more than 6 or 7 weeks old; Haley will be bringing it home for her younger sister's belated birthday gift. The younger sister who, wouldn't you know it, had specifically asked for an orange tabby. It's meant to be!

Of course, I have yet to talk it over with my husband, but he's a cat softie. I can't imagine he'll say no. :-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Pretty kitties with a pretty miss!

I've got a 3-in-1 Lexmark, great bargain, it was thrown in when I got my new 'puter. It's been so handy for scanning, copying and printing. Go get yourself one!

Glad you're feeling better. Take care.

Crazedmomof4 said...

Your pic today is beautiful! Your girl has beautiful eyes.

Sorry to hear about the busted lip. It seems someone is always banging or busting something here.

I already added you to my blogroll & I hope that's ok.

You have a very long blogroll so I understand if you can't fit me on there.:D

Janice said...

Is there anything ice cream dosen't cure?


stefanierj said...

Great to catch up with you, Ann. We have an HP printer and usually, humidity plays a part in any paper feed problems, but I checked and yours is right at 40%--not too bad. Don't know what else might help.

Good luck--and I'd donate for your new 3 in 1 if you put a button up! :)

karrie said...

Such a beautiful picture Ann!

I love your blogroll policy, btw.Its nice to stumble on interesting reads that might not find in the typical blog roll.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Lovely photo! An interesting post of your rather fullsome and varied life.

Is there anyone who doesn't like icecream,a treat to take our minds away from discomfit or pains!! best wishes

tAnYeTTa said...

I love her eyes. Did you notice the twinkle? She's an angel. An angel I tell you. I love it.

p.s. this is off topic but, i just learned of fried ice cream. i'm off to try it. i'll tell you all about it.
i'm nervous. i dont' like trying new things especially food. i'm weird like that. but, fried ice cream? this i gotta see :)

kittenpie said...

Ah, I love the cat blogging, and that is also a gorgeous picture of Rebecca.