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Friday, September 08, 2006

BB Guns and Other Things

So many of you have written expressing concern about the BB gun incident. I answered several of the comments but it's been a busy few days.

The boy's mom was in the hospital overnight and knew nothing about it. Their non-custodial parent was there. He had bought the guns and was foolish enough to let them out of the house with them. Totally stupid.

The younger boy was "sure" his gun was "unloaded" and pointed it at Rebecca and fired from very closeup - hence the mark on her spine. For some reason, he decided to try it again on Rochelle to make sure. If I have something to grateful for, at least it was BB's - not bullets. My God kids can be so stupid.

The boys compounded it by erasing my voice mail message before their mom came home. Big mistake. Did they think I wouldn't follow up? Now the guns are verboten and the boys are grounded.

If it had been a kid I didn't know, I would have called the police. I wanted to give my friend a chance to handle it herself, at least this time. I don't know if those guns are legal here or not but I'll find out. We're a small city surrounded by farmland and it would be a local ordinance.

It could have been worse. What if they'd found a real "unloaded" gun? We found one in our empty outside trash can a few months ago - loaded. My God, what if a kid had found it before we did? I still shudder thinking about it.

Thanks to all of you for the concern.

My closest (geographically) blogging friend has written an interesting post on her home town of Madera, CA For any of you who'd like to know more about the CA San Joaquin valley, drop over, say hi to Janice, and take a look.

I'm about 30 miles north on Highway 99 and I remember being so surprised when I found her blog somehow and her profile read Madera, CA. I had to let her know I was here.

I've "met" one woman from my home town (Ilion, NY - very small) and another five miles down the road from Jonesboro, AR where I lived for 8 years. I'm used to seeing people from the larger cities I've lived in but seeing Bay, AR or the NY Mohawk Valley pop up makes my day. I'd mentioned Diane (in Bay) before but I was reminded when I started writing about Janice just now.

Whatever Rochelle had the other day, left her and moved over to Rebecca. She missed school yesterday but, just like Rochelle, was fine the next day. I don't know what it was but it's gone now.

Elcie. The nurse practioner (who I trust - she's great) thinks the strange thing in her right ankle may be misplaced cartilage. Could be - all that surgery could have shifted some things. We agreed to watch it for a week and see if there was improvement (or if the pain became worse). She was reluctant to order X-rays that might not be needed. I agree - it's good to see a medical person on the conservative side where radiation is concerned.

While I was there, we talked about Depo for Elcie. Her periods started over two years ago, she's had a bad time almost every month, and she's erratic as well. Sometimes two in less than the "normal" 28 days. She lost a lot of time from school last year. Again, I've said this before. It's hard for her to change her pad in the school restroom (stiff legs - didn't you want to know all this?) and tampons don't work for her - we tried and we'll try again when she's a little older.

We opted for the "patch". The pill is too high maintenance and the shots every three months are painful. They are required to check for pregnancy, clotting factors, and anemia so we had her lab tests done the same day (needle sticks unfortunately that took two tries to get right). It worked in her hand but not her arm. I told her to remember that.

I have the prescription - we'll pick it up as soon as I get the go ahead from her pediatrician.

Then I took her to lunch - no more school for that day and she earned it. She was so brave about the whole thing.

I hope it works and there are no unpleasant side effects. I took the "pill" years ago when it first came out and had no problems at all. If it doesn't, we'll figure something else out.

Ray has a nine o'clock therapy session today; usually it's 8:00 so I had a few minutes before I have to leave. It's almost over - this session and two next week will be it. It doesn't seem like it's been five weeks but it probably has.

After that, I get to come home and deal with laundry. Did a lot of work in the kitchen yesterday - cleaning counter tops, rearranging shelves, etc. Sweeping and mopping (which I hate). Ray helped a lot. He can do some things as long as he paces himself. It's when he decided to be Superhero he gets into trouble.

Thanks again for all the comments. I'm sorry I don't get around to everyone - it's mostly off again - on again Blogger not letting me comment or access other blogs and I can't always get back a second time. I do read them all and I appreciate every one.

Take care everyone. We're supposed to drop to the mid 80's (F) this weekend. Maybe this time I'll try for that picnic.


Jo said...

I understand about wanting to chat with the mother first. So glad it didn't do more damage. The little boy next door to us lost his eye to a bb gun that was fired a pretty fair distance. I hope the girls are not horribly traumatized from the whole thing. Hoping you have a great weekend!

Wystful1 said...

You're probably wise to talk with the mom first, but ohhhhhhhh, something like that would be just downright spooky. Afterall, you see so much of violence these days. You did well handling it. Thanks for the update.

Angel said...

(((((Granny))))) I've missed you! Trying to get back to my favorite bloggers. You all have been on my mind!

I'm glad that Ray is doing better and at home, and that the girls are ok--how scary!

The only thing I know about the patch is that there is an increased risk of clots (over the traditional pill). I hope this helps her!

Thanks for all your support as usual :)

Aliss said...

For what it's worth, I used the patch for awhile. I didn't have any ill side effects, and it made my periods much lighter and more manageable. Oh, and I got pregnant with my second child while I was using it :-) But I don't see that as being much of a concern for Elcie at this point, right?

Sounds like the BB thing was just kids being dumb. That was nice of you to let his mom handle it--I might not have been so calm. Hopefully the punishment he receives will leave a lasting enough impression that it won't happen again.

Turtle Guy said...

What was I saying about Mollie having looooonnnngggg posts??? You're just as bad, some days!!

So... I skimmed!

About bee bee guns... well, not my bag... in fact any kind of weapon doesn't thrill me at all, really. I see no need. I don't hunt, I live in a relatively safe neighbourhood and I generally don't hang out with people who will cause me enough grief I'd ever need a weapon!

Sue said...

Glad the bb gun issue seems resolved for now. I don't know a thing about the depo other than it caused weight gain in a younger friend jof mine who used it.
Sounds like you're busy just like me!!

Andrea said...

wow!! you handeled the BB gun insident well. I admit I dont know how I would have handled it. So lucky. I shudder thinking about it.
And as for the pill, good call grandma. I hope it helps her. I used to be doubled over with extreme back flow pains. The pill was a godsent for me.
Good luck with that.

Josie said...

You handled the BB gun issue very wisely. Always a good idea to give children the benefit of the doubt.

My goodness, I can't get over what a busy life you have....!

Lavender Dawn said...

let me know how the patch works... i am tied, but am irregular! what a brave girl. ill admit i hardly felt the depo needles, but i have plenty of padding.

watch out for weight loss or gain with any b.c.


wolfbaby said...

hey Im glad the girls are ok!!! that is scary, boys and BB guns...

watch out for unpleasant side effects from the patch...

have a good one!!

Autumn said...

My daughter tried the patch, but it was to srong and made her weak dizzy and she kept almost passing out from it. She also had breakthrough bleeding...Not fun..I hope it works better at your house

Kendra Lynn said...

Any kind of gun is scary to me! BB guns can be awfully dangerous, too.
I'm glad the situation is working out alright.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

If it isn't one thing it's another. I read your last post about the boys and their BB guns. I just don't understand why parents even buy those useless guns for the boys and then let them out unsupervised. Everyone knows what's going to happen...they're either going to shoot at birds, dogs, cats or people. Everytime I see a kid with one of those, I cringe and wonder where the parents are.

I'm glad that the girls weren't hurt any worse, but I know that it must have hurt like hell.

I just don't know how you do it? You must have nerves of steel and energy running over.

tAnYeTTa said...


This isn't the first what? The kid shot your girls or the kid has been caught with a bb gun? I'm very upset right now reading all this. I can't even imagine if it was a REAL gun. I admire you and as always, you've shown us all wisdom and patience. Leaving messages, waiting for the mom to handle it, etc..OH MY Goodness! I am very upset right now because what if something more serious would have happened? I cannot think about it right now. Our children are so precious and we would love to keep them in our back pocket at all times. Especially to protect them from kids like that.

Please tell me this kid is RESTRICTED from every stepping foot on your property. There is no forgiving this at all. I will write more later. I have to go and relax. I've missed 4 posts and to come on here and read this has made me very upset. I wish to be there to hug your girls and kick that boys behind for real. Love ya Granny! (((hugs)))

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Oh good, I'm glad the bb gun issue is finally taken care of. That was scary! Then a regular gun found out back too (shudder).

The worst thing we have had here (besides things blowing-up) is it has been Dove season, and our poor pet piegeon (Piegie) has had to stay in here cage so she wont be mistaken for a dove. And hearing all those shots first thing in the morning--k-bow, k-bow, is nerve racking.

Thank you for linking to my blog, and the nice things you said, that was real sweet.

I hope the patch works for Elcie, the poor thing needs a brake with all she been through, and then a rotten o'l period too.


Mary P. said...

Kids can be sooo stupid. My son plays paintball. I can see the appeal of the game - it's essentially tag with bells and whistles - but I hate the military-style gear that goes with it. Adam has opted for the futuristic space look instead, which I prefer, but still. Eesh.

So the other day I come into his room and find he and his buddy peering down the barrel of this thing, eyeballs pressed to the hole.

What were they doing? Well, they thought one of the paintballs might be jammed in there. SO THEY STUCK THEIR EYEBALL ON THE BARREL OF THE GUN. And then looked at me like I was the lunatic when I made them stop.

They're both 17. His buddy is a nice boy, but not so bright, but Adam is supposed to be smart. EEEESH.

The patch! What a sensible solution to the problem. Doses have come waaay down over the years, too, so she's far less likely to have trouble than she might have a while back. At first they thought we needed far more than we do.

Erin said...

Wow... what a scary experience. I'm BEHIND AS ALWAYS! But... i'm glad no one was seriusly hurt. Hope the depo helps for Elcie.

JBlue said...

Let me know how the Depo works for Elcie. I'm hoping she can get some improvement. Bless her dear little heart, Gran.

Ann said...

Boy, it sounds like you've got a lot on your plate right now. I hope that in the midst of all this organized chaos you are able to take a bit of time for yourself. You're an amazing woman and I'm in awe that you manage to handle all this and still keep your sense of humor.

Trope said...

Hey Granny, just my unauthorized $.02 about hormonal treatment... I'm really glad she did not go on Depo for menstrual symptoms, since the irregularity we get during the first 3-6 months can be irritating at best, and the newest reports say that Depo can thin her bones, anyway. I'm sure the doc mentioned that the patch has more estrogen than most pills? That might be good or bad, depending on the situation. (I can go on about this stuff all day, but I've used up my pennies.)
As for the BB guns--so frightening. Gosh, I hope I have girls and not boys. (smile)