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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Hope This Posts

I emailed this to myself earlier this morning when Blogger wouldn't let me edit or post.

On my way out now but I'm going to try to post it "as is" while I can.

Rochelle stayed out yesterday and slept until 11:00. She felt much
better and by afternoon was well enough to go with her sisters to the
first day of the church weekly after school program. This is Rochelle
and Rebecca's first year with the older kid's program. I think they
enjoyed it and they always like the dinner afterward.

I think now it was something she ate rather than a "bug". She never
really had a fever; just the upset. I probably could have sent her on
to school on Tuesday but I wanted to be sure.

I stayed with Rebecca until her bus arrived and then picked her up
after school. I don't want either of them walking alone.

It was another driving day with not much else accomplished but at
least I didn't have to cook. Ray and I fnished up some leftovers and
cleaned out the fridge. Today will be lasagne and later this week
I'll make clam chowder. That should catch me up on the requests for

I hung out at Starbucks while Ray was doing his therapy (ultra sound
this time), took him home and then met David for coffee. Took the
girls to church, went back across town to pick up Tim and take him to
Amtrak, picked up the girls.

Elcie has a doctor's appointment this morning. She has something
strange going on with her right ankle, right above the bone. We can
feel something in there that doesn't belong and it's been hurting her.
She waited until the three day weekend to say something so there was
nothing we could do until yesterday and they didn't have any openings.

It's the same leg she had surgery on in 2004. They put an internal
brace in her knee and lengthened the tendons once again. For some
reason they did just the one leg. When she was much younger (before
she was walking) they did both legs (no knee brace that time).
Anyhow, it may end up with a trip to Fresno to see her orthopedic
surgeon and she's not looking forward to that.

Later today, Ray has a breathing test for 1-1/2 hours. I hope he gets
to keep his oxygen. They have been intent in the past of thinking up
ways to eliminate it regardless of how much better he does with it.
We'll see.

Oh and Rebecca and Rochelle were both attacked with a b.b. gun last
night. I've called the kid's mother but she hasn't called me back.
Rebecca was hit right on her backbone and Rochelle in the shoulder.
It happened before and I talked to the kid. Obviously it didn't help.
It's a little boy three days younger than Rebecca and they've been
friends almost since birth so I hate to start a war but I'm not taking
the chance of one of them losing an eye. I'm not allowed to break it
over his head but it's tempting.

I may be switching over to morning posts until this crazy schedule
eases up. All I want to do at night is crawl into bed. You may not
be hearing as much from me but this insanity can't last forever. Ray
has three more weeks of the therapy and then it should settle down
unless they decide on further surgery for Elcie.

Still have to schedule eye and dental checkups for all three. I let
the summer get away from me somehow. The dentist is just up the
street (3 blocks - walking there) but their opthmalogist is in Fresno.
She'll usually schedule all three for the same day and I'm thinking
about seeing a local eye doctor for Rochelle. The other two have had
corrective surgery; Rochelle didn't need it and I think her eyes are

We have competent opthmalogists here but a special program pays for
out of the ordinary costs for the girls so I have to go where I'm
sent. They chose one of the best doctors in the state but I hate that
boring, almost 60 mile drive). There is nothing between here and
there except my friend Jan in Madera and she lives off the beaten path

Other than that, everything's fine.

Ignore the rest of this - it's just part of the email I couldn't delete.

Take care everyone.

I'll be back.




jw said...

Keep ahead of the BB gun kid. BB guns aimed at people are police matters to me.

Hope that your limousine holds up to all of the chauffering.

Alissa said...

That's a fancy comment box you've got there!

Watch that BB gun. Around here that would get that kid a trip to juvenile hall in a heartbeat. Those things can be dangerous...

Kendra Lynn said...

You are one busy lady!
Dr.'s appt.s are never fun...hope all turns out well.
Take care.


jel said...

boy you are really busy,

may be one of this days you can slow down,

glad to hear Rochelle is feeling better,
take care
God bless!

Sue said...

That whole BB gun scene is way too scary! Guns of any type do not belong in the hands of children..
I can feel my life speeding up too now that our daughter is back to work. No more lazy days of summer...

vicki said..., you...GOOD mother, you. For all generations. With no wee ones at home I've sort of missed back-to-school busyness.

Hope this finds everybody well, improving, happy or feeling better. Esp. you, Ann.

The Mama said...

Wow, the BB gun thing is just horrible! If it were my kids I think I would be tempted to call the police, especially since it's the second time. They could be damaged by a BB, not just in the eye. And what's to say that kid won't get a "better" weapon at some point? That's just scary. What is up with some kids? Yesterday I had to talk to this little gang of kids at the park two times and have James talk to them because they were intent on destroying various bird houses that are hung in the trees. It made me so mad. Where do kids get the idea that it's ok to hurt or maim other people or property they don't own?

Good grief, I'm just glad the girls are ok.

EmmaSometimes said...

Im in agreement here but you have a relationship with the mother, sounds like you are taking the best avenue with your 'flexible' schedule. And I thought I drove a lot.

Next Lottery I win, I shall hire you a driver. (so, does that mean I have to purchase a ticket?)

Be well, Granny, family too!

Ava said...

Wow, someone needs to clock that kid with the bb gun. Good grief.

Keep holding on ... therapy will be over soon. You must be meeting yourself coming and going and in between.

Love ya!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

The BB gun incident sounds pretty serious to me too, and maybe you should tell the parent/mom that you will call the police if it happens again.

A friend of mine did loose an eye to a BB 25 or so years ago, and several surgeries later still wears an eye patch to this day.


madcap said...

Oh My Goodness. That bb gun reference certainly has me (and several other people, apparently) pretty freaked out. Holy mackerel! What the hell kind of toy is that?

I hope whatever's up with Elcie's leg isn't a major fix-it-up, and for goodness' sake, I hope they leave Ray his oxygen!

And I hope Granny stays well, and that someone is taking care of her, too, in the midst of all this.

Dawn I. said...

Crazy about the bb gun! I just started going back to church last weekend. I found the pastor who baptised me in 2002 on MySpace! The only other thing that is new is that I deleted my blog and have started a new one. This one is going to be about my personal and spiritual growth. Sounds like you have been busy. I know though that I would much rather be busy than having hardly anything to do. Then again I do like my 'downtime' lol. Take care.

abqchunk said...

Wow! You are a busy lady. I hope all goes well and you can get some rest. You certainly deserve it!
I'll say a little prayer for you and your family.
Have you been keeping up with the Giants?
We only get to watch the game if they play the Rockies, Braves, or Padres. Sometimes the Cubs. I heard Barry hit #730! Take care.

abqchunk said...

and then I read your previous post...

Josie said...

Who on earth would give a kid a BB gun. They can cause serious injury. I don't think they're allowed in Canada.

Mygosh, you sound like one busy lady. Phew.


Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Just called in to say Hi and
not mch else as I am tired tonight.
I hope Elcie gets some relief for her foot pain, and hope Ray gets a good
report from the ultra sound. Take care my friend, Merle.

Tammy said...

Hey Granny,
I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for dropping by my blog this week while I was away!
I've read that several have been having blogger problems this week...I hope things are better for you this week...and YIKES on the beebee thing!!

Turtle Guy said...

I just finished a post reflecting on Mollie and her writing. As I read your post today I see a lot of the same "family" style in your blog. It's something I admire because it reminds me so much of how my Mom used to write the family diary.

HORIZON said...

My mouth is still open here Granny- how are you holding up???
Hope and pray all goes well with you and yours- and give me that gun- l'll smack him one. What is his mother thinking?

Carmen San Diego said...

I guess something is going around. My son was sick all week as well. It must be the back to school germs.

hope she gets better,

Lavender Dawn said...

ooo yum. i had cambells clam chowder for lunch. yours is probably better, tho!

i hope her ankle is ok, that is pretty scary. poor kid!

bruce was on oxygen when he was a baby- i thought he would never come off of it! that is some good stuff, tho isn't it! Have a nice week, and get settled down. sleep well!

Bridgermama said...

My goodness, your life makes mine seem dull. I hope through all of this you take a few moments out for yourself. I hope all is well with that family of yours and will keep you in my thoughts. Oh and I give you permission to break the gun over the little guy's head! ;)

L. said...

"Oh and Rebecca and Rochelle were both attacked with a b.b. gun last

Talk about burying the lead!!!

Gina said...

A weapon pointed at someone is a weapon pointed at someone, no matter if it is a BB gun. It can still cause great injury and the child should be dealt with severely before anyone gets hurt.

I know you don't want to rile up the neighbors, but he is committing a criminal act and it needs to stop.

Crazedmomof4 said...

Sounds like you should break the bb gun over his head. ;) Or the parents for allowing him to have it.

I don't blame you about not allowing yuor girls to walk alone. We live in a sleepy little town but I will not allow my daughter to walk anywhere alone & I have informed her that even though her brother who is older can, she will never be allowed. You just can't trust people.

Puss-in-Boots said...

That kid with the BB gun - his parents need a BB gun where the sun don't shine!! Honestly, fancy letting a kid loose with one of those things, makes you wonder about some people.

What a pity you don't live in Brisbane. I work for some wonderful ophthalmologists, a couple of them pop over to the States fairly regularly. I hope all turns out ok though.

Can you not insist on Ray having his oxygen? Honestly, you are the one that is with him all the time, the medicos aren't. Therefore it stands to reason you would have a better idea of how he is without and without it.

Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now and say a little prayer for you all instead.


Ms. Lori said...

Ann, I'm so ANGRY about the BB gun incident(s). ARGHHH!

You're obviously a much nicer (and more level-headed) person than I, because, Ann, I swear to you I would've gone ballistic. The mother wouldn't have a hair left on her thick head.

Someone above mentioned that this is a police matter -- I agree, especially since the parents obviously haven't got the sense of a pile of rocks.

Wystful1 said...

A B B gun?!!!! Well, Ya-a!! Say something. Who cares if you start a war....if nothing's done at this part in the early stages of life, imagine what the kid could do in his later years?!!!!

Wow, you've had a very BUSY few days since I've been off blogging time. I'm gonna go through the rest of your blog to catch up.

Happy Day!!!

JBlue said...

I HATE BB guns. What is the point of those things???