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Friday, September 22, 2006

Blogiversary!! Update to Correct My Failing Memory

Tomorrow will be one year hanging around here writing about family, stealing jokes, memes, great recipes, and generally making up the rules as I go along.

Here's my first post. (A year ago I couldn't have added that link to save my life).

This post (a day early) will be devoted to gratitude.

Some of you may know how I started blogging. I bought a computer in late 2004 and at some point discovered Blogging Baby (see my sidebar and save me putting in another link), a parenting blog, and fell in love with it. I started leaving comments and more coments and more comments. My first banner read "because Blogging Baby's comment boxes are too damn small". I would have left it but many new visitors didn't understand the reference. All the original BB visitors sure did.

After a month or so one of the writers (Jen C.) sent me an email thanking me for something - no idea now what. I was blown away. Wow.

Then, several people started saying (in the comments) "get a blog, Ann". I was terrified of the thought. Jen offered to set it up once I made up my mind. Then she made my mind up for me by setting it up and emailing me saying "you have a blog - now write something". She also wrote the first post - one word - Welcome!. She may have created a monster.

I'm bound to forget someone. Thanks to Jen, L., Gawdessness, Dutch, Jay, and Roger (and the ones I've forgotten) who nagged until I finally did it. They were among my very first visitors and are still around.

There have been so many others who have helped. Andrea (formerly of Japan - now Canada) took over with my blogroll until I finally tackled it myself. Jen has been available whenever I begged for help. Angela has been my right arm, updated my banner (update - Angela just reminded me that was Andrea, sorry Andrea), and restored my blog when I zapped it by thinking I knew more than I did. They're all listed under contributors which makes this a "team" blog. A good word - team.

And to many others - too many to list who have responded when I've asked questions or become confused. One who stands out in my mind is the almost anonymous woman who unlurked to teach me how to do ° and ¢. She helped on something else too and now I can't remember what (it's back in the archives somewhere). Another showed me how to fix a misteak goof. (hope that works). You all know who you are (sounds like the Academy Awards doesn't it). They'll start playing the "shut up and get off the stage" music any time now.

To Worried American, another great-granny, who invited me to join her on her blog - very different from this one.

To all the friends I've made over the year. I was feeling quite isolated here. I didn't fit in with the senior set too well because of the girls and I didn't fit with the "mommies" too well either. I've found so many friends here. We're all so different and yet we have so many things in common. 99% of you are on the blogroll and I promise to catch up with the other 1% - probably this weekend (I hope) if Blogger cooperates.

I love reading your blogs and having you read mine (and respond). I don't think Angela will mind if I repeat a snippet of one of our conversations. We agreed that the age difference all but disappears here. I'm almost 50 years older than she (not quite) but it doesn't seem to matter when we're chatting about baseball or kids or the many other things we find in common. It's the same with all the visitors. No matter what our differences may be, they seem to vanish when we talk as friends. Even national boundaries don't mean much. We represent the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, India, England, Scotland, Philippines, Netherlands, and, once again, I've probably missed someone or some country. I'm thinking about rearranging the blogroll by country if I can find a spare block of time. It would be interesting, I think, to see who is where. We have many different faiths (or none) and probably disagree sometimes politically as well. It doesn't seem to matter here. We find common ground which I think is vital.

We toss the word "love" around a lot but I love you all.

Thanks to all for everything you've done.

In other news, there really isn't any. School is going well, the driving has eased up a little, and I'm feeling much better. Ray does well most days - it will always be a day at a time with him but then so it is with us all.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend.

Big hugs all around



Alissa said...

What a wonderful post! I'm so glad I found you, although I don't remember how I did. I love coming here and reading each time you update. You've always got something interesting to say.

Happy Blogiversary!

How appropriate--the word verification is xoxo....

Madcap said...

You're my hero! Happy Blog-o-versary!

Gina said...

Happy, happy Blogiversary!

The world is a better place with your blog in it!

Sue said...

I also don't remember how we connected but am glad we did. I have days when I feel exhausted looking after multi generations, but then I remember you and stand in awe. You never get much of a break.
Happy Blogiversary and blessings to you for the life you live..
PS Thanks for your prayers and concern for my husband. They mean so much...

Anvilcloud said...

Happy Blogiversary

Mary P. said...

Happy blogiversary! A year already - and yet not "already". A lot of stuff has happened for/to you in the past year. Is this normal for you? I'm twenty years younger than you and sometimes I get exhausted just thinking about it!


thordora said...

Happy Day!

Yondalla said...


clairesgarden said...

Happy Blogiversary!
hug gratefully recived and one for you too

JunieRose said...

Happy Blogiversary,Ann!

I don't remember just how we ( you and I) connected -DO YOU? I think you found my blog through someone...or maybe it was the other way around and I found yours! :) Doesn't matter- I soo enjoy keeping up with you and those sweet girls !


L. said...

Happy, happy, happy!

Wow -- my own blog must be approaching its milestone, too, since after I nagged YOU to start a blog, you turned around and nagged ME!

Angela said...

Happy blogiversary!!

And I definitely don't want to take credit for updating the banner, because I don't have a clue how to do so. Hmm, you told me who did it when it happened, but I can't remember if it was Jen or Andrea??

Atasha said...

Happy Blogiversary! It's been a pleasure eading your blog and e-mailing when our time permits.


montchan said...

Happy happy!!!

big hugs!!!!!

I have no clue how to use those little brackets to make huggie thingies, so you have to just imagine my arms extending across the pond.

And by the way, how do you make them degree signs?


PEA said...

Happy Blogiversary dear Ann!!! I feel like I've known you forever but I've only been blogging since March and got to "know" you a couple of months ago! Love coming to your blog and reading about your day...I, as well as many others, are VERY glad that you decided to start a blog:-) Here's to many, many, many more years of blogging! Love ya too! Hugs xoxo

Autumn said...

Happy Blog-aversary...I've passed a year, but didn't note it, cause I delted the blog and started over....not sure when I started the one I have now..Im to lazy to check lol

cassie said...

Congrats Granny!
Here's to another year...

Jo said...

Happy 1st Birthday to your blog. It was a happy day the day I found my way here!

tAnYeTTa said...

Happy Blog-Anniversary! You said it best when you wrote:
No matter what our differences may be, they seem to vanish when we talk as friends.

Perfectly put! I ALWAYS enjoy our chats (especially on email) So glad we can be real and exchange some really funny stories too!

We met through Blogging Baby. I saw one of your comments then clicked on your blog and I've been here ever since.

I remember the comment about blogging baby comment section and NEVER knew what it meant but, never thought to ask either. So glad you cleared it up. Or did you? Nevermind. ;)

I've always enjoyed reading your blog! So glad they twisted your arms to start this blog! The girls will have memories to cherish forever! ;)

Take care Granny! See you on email around 1am. :)

wolfbaby said...

I love reading your blog!!! your one cool lady.. what a great way to celebrate..

Puss-in-Boots said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary, Ann. I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing about you, Ray and the girls.

Thank you also for coming and visiting my blog and for your comments on whatever I'v rabbited on about on that particular day.

I hope we'll be reading your doings for a good time yet.

Take care


Kristen said...

Congratulations! You have gone through so much in a year, I'm glad your BB friends pushed you to start documenting it here. I know you've helped just as many people as you've been helped by. And you're so right about the common ground we manage to find with other bloggers. It's really incredible.

Merle said...

Dear Ann, What a wonderful post and we have all enjoyed reading your posts.
Congratulations on your ist Aniversary
and I hope you continue to entertain and educate us for many, many years. It is
impossible to explain to non-bloggers the feelings we have for each other as
bloging friends. And we all seem to feel it and how close we have become to each other. Take care, my dear friend,
Love, Merle.

Josie said...

Happy anniversary, Ann. I am so glad I found your blog. You're a really bright light, and I always look forward to reading your posts.

I had thought of shutting my blog down for a while, and then I realized how much I would miss my blog friends. It's a real community, isn't it? Everyone loves reading your blog.

Big hugs to you too.


jay lassiter said...

happy blogaversary to granny!
happy blogaversary to granny!
happy blogaversary to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on one year a blogger. I had a milestone this week too... my 30,000 days alive milestone.
Another Merced Blogger Chuck

karrie said...

Ann, I love you! Yours is one of the most diverse and welcoming sites out there.

Here's to many more years of reading your words.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to throw in my 2 cents....(please teach me how to make the cents symbol, i've always wondered)

I think you are one of the most honorable and wonderful women i've ever had the pleasure to meet. the age thing has no bearing on anything in my book. i hardly even remember. you say because of your age, you don't fit in here, or there, but ann, you FIT IN just fine. you fit, because you fill in the gaps where everyone else fails. you bring things to light, you enlighten, and you are a light. a light of hope to all the people out there, who are struggling with issues much less than yours, who can see from your tenacity, that anyone can do anything, if they set their mind to it. and the depth that you bring to any discussion i've ever saw you participate in always leaves me inspired, that when i grow up, i want to be JUST LIKE YOU.

the end.
love ya

Carmen San Diego said...

happy blogaversary Ann. Keep up the great work.


Tammy said... wonderful to make it a full year!! Not too long ago I read that the life of the average blog is 9 you surpassed that silly statistic...YOU GO GIRL!!!
I am so glad you decided to blog...we all had to start somewhere, and I would not have known how to make a hyperlink either...took me a while to figure out things and most everyone is very helpful in that regard. I am so glad to know you and I mean it when I say I love you and the girls! And care to know what is going on in you life or I would not come by here!!

Diane said...

BTW---I STILL don't know how to get a degree sign, cents sign or how to cross out words. :-)

Congratulations on making it a year! I started in late January of this year so I don't have much longer myself to make it a year.

I'm 43 and I remember very well both tornadoes that hit Jonesboro and Nettleton. Terrifying, and so sad.

We've had some bad storms and several tornado touchdowns last night. If you remember where Hardy is, there are at least 2 people missing from that area due to flash floods, and they just in the last few hours reopened Hwy. 63 at Ravenden because it was impassable due to high water. A friend of mine, a police officer from Trumann, was at Hardy on the Spring River and died of a massive heart attack trying to rescue someone from the flash flooding. Lots of houses, campers and motorhomes were damaged and swept away. They're still assessing the damage and waiting for the water to go down.

The Mama said...

Happy Anniversary! I for one am very glad you are here! I really like reading you here and your comments on Blogging Baby. My online time has been cut a bit as of late due to watching Dominik in addition to my two kids, but I'm here reading, even if I can't comment!
Take care!

JBlue said...

Big hugs to Ann! Happy Blogiversary!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Dear Ann

Thank you for your comment on my Ancestor post. Unfortunately, due to marriage with "pale people" the Maori is very diluted in me, although other Maori people can tell I have Maori heritage. My brothers and I do go very brown in the summer if we let ourselves. However, with the talk of melanoma, I am very careful and don't actually get much of a tan these days.


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Happy Blog-anniversery!And many m-o-r-e!

Mine will be next month.


Margaret said...

Hi Ann, Happy bloiversary. Thank you for all your comments and the hints you gave were much appreciated. I now have blog lines with a lot of help from a friend. I have been on a blog learning curve this weekend very helpful and long overdue I must say. Take care, Cheers Margaret.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Ann, time passes quickly and your blog as I remarked before has become an oasis for bloggers all over the world, you must be feeling very pleased with yourself, your certainly entitled to feel that way!! From a beginning a year ago to the multitude of comments to day, well wishers of different kinds but all expressing the same thoughts and feelings, that is we are proud of your efforts and your life example.

My best wishes

Nerdine said...

Congratulations, Ann!
I'm coming close to my 2.nd year blogging, and I have so much to learn still. I'm so glad I've come across your blog, and am loking forward to reading it for another year at least!

Much More Than A Mom said...

Happy Blogiversary! I just found you via a link from one of your comments at Blogging Baby. I'll be back!

Blogrolling you now...

Ava said...

I hope you had a good weekend and everybody got some rest.

kuri & ping said...

Late wishes but still heartfelt! Happy blogversary! :)

Val said...

It is so wonderful to be part of this community that celebrates the differences and similarities between us all. Happy first blogversary!

Carissa said...

Congrats Ann!
It is great to be part of such a diverse community.
So glad that you took on the challenge a year ago and started writing!

Eden said...

A slightly late congrats but a very heartfelt one. Yay blogiversary!

Lavender Dawn said...

well congrats!

DellaB said...

Dear Ann, congratulations on your first blogiversary - I am sure it is only the first of many.

This was the first blog I ever 'visited' though I don't remember how that happened to be - only that as an introduction to the blogging community nothing could have been better.So many of my blogroll have gotten there from here - you have a magic about and around you that seems to come down the wire.

I am reading backwards, so I'll take this chance to also say that I hope things are working out for Ray, and that you have found a chance to have some rest yourself.

love and hugs to you Ann, you are a one-off!