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Monday, September 04, 2006

Merle at Heron's Nest

After several false starts at switching to Beta Blogger, our Australian friend Merle of the jokes and recipes can be found here

I checked it and it works both for her posts and our comments. It's a temporary home as far as I know so I'll wait to change my blogroll until she has a permanent home.

It's been a quiet couple of days until tonight when Rochelle got sick. She's asleep now but I think I'll keep her out tomorrow and let her get over whatever suddenly caused her to start running at both ends. She's sniffling and sneezing a little as well.

Short post tonight. I'm a little tired even though I haven't done much today. Haven't left the house.

Mollie, if you're reading, we pulled it out in top of 10th and Barry is up to 730.

Take care everyone.


Atasha said...

Oh Ann it was so hot outside today! i ran so many errands and just the walk from the car to the inside of the store was a horror. How was it up there?

I am sorry to hear about Rochelle being sick. I hope it gets our her system soon.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I'm sorry Rochelle is sick, with it as hot as it is it could be food poisoning. But my daughter got sick last monday with the something simular, and I think she had a touch of the old stomach flu.

Merle left a comment on my blog, and a address to her curent blog. The address worked, but not the comment box. At least not for me! I did try twice to leave her a comment, and it took my comment and then read "error!"


jel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jel said...

Hi, sorry about the delete
my spelling not that great :(

I'm glad that you posted about Merle, I was worried about her,
when I couldn't go to her blog!

sorry that Rochelle, is sick.
is she a daughter or grand ?

and how are you doing ?

take care

Alissa said...

Poor Rochelle. Hopefully she's feeling better by now. Nick hasn't been feeling well, either...

Blogger switched me to Beta without even asking me. And the only issue I have is that now it won't let me comment on non-beta blogs under my blogger account. From what I understand they're going to make everyone switch within a few months.


I'm sorry to hear about Rochelle. Hope she's feeling okay now. About the beta I don't even know what it is. When I open my blogger, it's there but I haven't dared open it yet. I have read about Steve Irwin. It's sad to go this way but probably for him, he enjoyed what he does. I loved watching him at the Animal Planet when he is with the crocodiles and other reptiles. I thought it took a lot of courage for a man to have such a job.

peppylady said...

When it comes to computer somrtime I feel like a completly stupid. I've been trying to add Mr. Wiget to mine.
Not given up on it.

J said...

Hi Ann,

Here is the site for the ticker, for your friend with the spouse going to Iraq.

She should be able to customize it to count down days...just choose "event", and then she'll get to type in the event, and if she's counting in days or weeks or months...ugh.


Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ Thank you so much for tracking me down and leaving comment and also linking me on your blog. Peter thinks we could still get Heronsnest back, but if not Third Try will be it.
I hope Rochelle is over her sickness and I hope the rest of you do not get it. I
enjoyed reading all the newsy posts that I had missed. Take care Ann, Love, Merle.

clairesgarden said...

I hope Rochelle is better, and you can get some rest and not be so tired. you need to sit donw sometime so the cats have somebody to sleep on, hopefully with clean paws too.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Hope Rochelle is better today and it's just a little 24 hour bug.

I finally found Merle from Peter's site and I went ahead and linked her to bloglines because I think they will probably leave well enough alone. I would.
But you never know.

It rained again Monday afternoon and today it's still raining. No sunshine for us in over a week. I hope tomorrow will be pretty and I hate it that Tammy has had such gloomy weather on her vacation...but maybe it's been sunny where's she at.

PEA said...

Hi Ann...I'm finally catching up with all the posts I missed during the past weekend!! Loved seeing all the pictures, the baby is such a darling!! I was shocked to hear of Steve Irwin's death, he certainly will be missed and my heart goes out to his family, friends and fans. I hope Rochelle is feeling better today, no fun being sick like that:-(

Ava said...

I too was so sad to hear about Steve Irwin. He will be missed.

So sorry to hear that you have a sick one in the house. I hope that she gets well soon without passing it on to anyone else.

Kendra Lynn said...

Oooh..hope Rochelle is feeling better soon!
We've all had the creeping crud around here, as well.
Not fun.
Take care.


mreddie said...

It is hard on the older ones when one of the younger ones is sick, hope she is better soon. Thanks for the info on finding Merle - found her but am having trouble commenting, I'll have to try again. ec

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ Thank you for being my Social Secretary in the USA. I like that
Glad to see your comment. Sorry Mr Eddie
is having trouble. I have to post as Other as they wont accept my name and password. Lots of fun. Hoe Rochelle is better and everyone else is OK.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Ann, I hope Rochelle is feeling better and that what she had is not catching!

Thank you for the lead to Merle's, unfortunately, for some reason or other I can't leave a comment. I am quite disappointed because I love dropping her little comments about her lovely and lively blog.

Anyway, stay well and I hope you are all well, now.


Crazedmomof4 said...

I'm sorry to hear Rochelle is feeling bad. My kids brought home a cold & school just started last week. It never fails, the second week of school we all come down with colds. I don't know if it's just that school = germs or that the kids are allergic to it!LOL!

I hope you all are feeling good today!

Did I tell you before, I have a best friend named Rochelle? It's a pretty name & you don't hear that often.

peppylady said...

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