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Monday, September 25, 2006

Waiting and Waiting

I had all sorts of mental notes to catch everyone up on the weekend. For now, I'll just say it was full of craziness and one temporarily missing kid (Rochelle). It all worked out fine; she just misunderstood the instructions and Rebecca was the one with the phone.

Thanks to all for the wonderful good wishes in response to the blogiversary post. I was bowled over.

Glad you liked the long fish story. I didn't realize it had been around for a while.

If any of you know Tina from "The Other Tina", she asked me to let you know she's deleted her blog for the time being. She will be back. Message conveyed, Tina. I'll keep a light on in the blog roll for you.

Max, the pretty orange kitty who came to visit a couple of weeks ago, is back. Rochelle discovered him at our front door early this morning waiting patiently for someone to let him in. I still don't know if he has a home. He's been napping most of the day when he wasn't getting reacquainted. He may or may not hang around. He's a good little guy and his buddies here seemed to be glad to see him.

When I wrote Friday's post I said Ray was doing well - one day at a time. I didn't know how close to the truth that was. Right now we're waiting for the hospital to call and tell us they have a bed for him. He's had some arm and shoulder pain and weakness which became more severe this afternoon. (He's had problems with his entire left side from time to time.) I took him to the doctor who wants to admit him.

That was around 4:00 p.m. It's now almost 8. He shaved, bathed, changed clothes, ate dinner, and is feeling better. I'm beginning to think it may be tomorrow before we hear but who knows?

I hope it's nothing but it doesn't pay to take chances. He's had so many different things going on it's hard to know what's happening. They keep ruling out his heart so that's a good sign. I'm ot exactly worried; just a little fretful and tired.

Updated 8:56. Looking more and more like it may be morning.

Meantime, I watched the beginning of the New Orleans Saints first game back in the Superbowl since Katrina. I hope it's the begining of a comeback for that beautiful city. Now I'm watching my tailspinning Giants just to take my mind off everything.

Elcie's algebra is completed but not her 20 sentences using all the parts of speech. I wrote her teacher a note. She was falling on her face and so was I. We'll do them tomorrow. I'd do well tonight to remember what the parts of speech are except to know that using all of them could make for a very long sentence. Noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, article.

Did I miss anything? I use them all the time without thinking of course.

I added a new visitor, Much More Than a Mom, to the blogroll. Welcome. Her latest post reminds me that it's National Banned Book week, brought to us by none other than the American Library Association. They must like censorship about as well as I. I wrote about it on the other blog and was going to give it it's very own post here but this will work. I noted that on the list of books banned or challenged over the years, Fahrenheit 451 was probably up around the top ten. For any of you who aren't Heinlen fans, it's a book about book burning. It's the job of the fire department to gather up printed material and burn it. I've seen the lists before. It's fascinating and not a little scary to see which literature has been challenged over the years. To Kill a Mockingbird is on there I remember.

Anyhow, I may try to lie down for a few minutes while we wait. It's been a long day.

Take care everyone.


PEA said...

Oh gosh, I do hope Ray has been admitted in the hospital by now and that they can find out what's causing his pain this you say, better safe than sorry!! I found it interesting to learn about the National Banned Book always come up with such interesting facts and I love doing research on it afterwards:-) Take care dear Ann...praying for Ray! Hugs!

Sue said...

So sorry to hear about Ray. The hospital is the best place for him. Sending prayers to you..

Turtle Guy said...

Ah, the weekend! Yours, too was full and rich!

Gina said...

I hope Ray continues to feel better.

Atasha said...

I'm sorry to hear about Ray and I hope he continues to do better. I'm stealing a second here. Christopher is running wild and it's way past his bedtime.
I hope you get some restful sleep tonight

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~ I do hope that Ray finally got in to hospital, and that he is OK
The list of banned books was interesting
and quite surprising in this day and age. Even Gone with te Wind. Take care my friend, sending love and prayers your way. Merle.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Ooh, that dosen't sound good. My grandpa had a stroke and I'm quite aware of the symtoms of it, and Ray has most of them. If his hand and arm start to draw up, call an ambulance quick!

I hope Ray feels better soon, and thanks for the info on Tina. I had checked on her blog and found an gambling advertisement insteed--I thought what the heck is this? I guess I'll have to delite her from my bookmarks them.


Alissa said...

I'll be thinking of you and Ray, hoping the Dr.s get everything all straightened out.

And here we thought things would settle down once the girls were back in school... :-)

Meow said...

Hope Ray is doing better, and you are looking after yourself.
Take care, friend, and hugs to you and yours .... Meow

LoisLane said...

Hope things with Ray are ok. Hugs!

Madcap said...

Take care, folks. Ann, I think you need a clone or two - you do the work of three women!

Yondalla said...

morning! I do hope that Ray gets in quickly. And back out quickly.

Take care of yourself, dear.

Kendra Lynn said...

HOw's Ray?
Hopefully feeling better this morning.
Sorry I haven't been by's been crazy.
Take care.


sare said...

Thanks for stopping by Granny!

Tammy said...

I'm so sorry to be late getting over prayers are for you and Ray and your family!!!

tina said...

Thanks for relaying the message, Ann! The blog will be back sooner rather than later. Please give my very best to Ray.