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Friday, October 27, 2006

A Post A Day?

Maybe although I sure haven't done it lately. It's a national competition (just for fun and small prizes). If you're interested in participating, click on the banner on the sidebar to join up. It starts November 1 and should be fun.

Thanks for the input on the pedophile question. I have an idea now of what I want to do; it just involves sorting out the logistics. I know I don't want to join a crusade but a blogging friend and I may begin an online dialogue about child safety. We're just in the talking stage and we both have busy lives but perhaps we can do something.

The school conferences have come and gone. I was right to worry about Rochelle. Her teacher is concerned as well. She's known Rochelle for a couple of years because of Elcie and wondered what happened to the happy self starter we all knew last year. We'll have Rochelle talk to the school counselor and go on from there. She seems sad much of the time and can't seem to tell us why. She has started paying more attention to her homework and she was rollerskating this afternoon which is something. I'm hoping it's just a phase.

Both of Elcie's teachers are very pleased. We spent quite a while talking about preparing her for high school. They are working on replacing her lap top with a more up-to-date model which led us into voice recognition software (along with a typing program). It would save her so much time on her written assignments. We've done many of the longer assignments with me acting as voice recognition - she talks, I type. Her teacher is fine with it but I wouldn't mind having the computer doing it for me. If she has it when she starts high school, there will be no question of whether she needs it - it will already be there. She had one teacher who wouldn't let her use the computer. We fixed that but I don't want to go to war if I don't have to. It's easier to present the next school with an accomplished fact and there will be much more writing in high school.

And then there's Rebecca. We may have a problem. She has two teachers; one for math intervention and another for the balance of her classes. You'd think they were talking about 2 different kids. The math teacher spent the whole conference complaining about Rebecca not doing her work and wasting time. She's writing everything out instead of just putting the answers down and the teacher is convinced she's doing that to get out of actually doing the work. I'd already talked to her about it and she swore (practically in tears) that she was doing what the teacher told her to do. Breakdown in communication?

The other teacher couldn't believe it. Rebecca's doing all her work (including more difficult math), is focused, well behaved, etc. She's going to talk to the math teacher. (L., if you're reading this, the math intervention teacher was formerly at Our Lady of Mercy. You may recognize the symptoms.) If that doesn't work, we'll have another conference. I'm not going to have Rebecca bullied now that she finally has her act together.

On Monday afternoon she decided to clean the living room without telling anyone. She called us in to see the finished product. Beautiful (at least compared to what it was). Yesterday she finished her homework and then practiced multiplication and division for another hour. No one told her to do it. Somehow she's turned herself around. She still has a very short fuse but she's so much better.

By yesterday, I was so tired I did nothing I didn't absolutely have to. Today was much better. We (my friend Dawn and I) cleaned all the kids' work and play areas (or most of it) and put everything in order one more time. I caught up laundry and actually cooked dinner (not the same thing as defrosting dinner).

And now it's past midnight.

Thanks to all for the comments. I'm still playing catch up on reading your blogs and Blogger is still being stubborn. I'll get there eventually.

Take care everyone.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Ann

I do hope Rebecca isn't being bullied by her teacher. Sounds like the teacher could do with some counselling. It's so difficult, isn't it?

Anyway, from the sound of it, she is a good kid - they all seem to be. You've done a wonderful job.

Take care


Atasha said...

I hope everything gets cleared up with that teacher. It's awfully strange that they would such different things to say about her.

You're lucky to get things done. The mess in this place has been staring me in the face whole day and it will be doing the same thing tomorrow because I'm not doing a thing.

Glad the girls are doing well.

Take Care Ann

Peter said...

Hi Ann, I couldn't let the chance go by to warn you about Voice Recognition programs, if you scroll to the bottom of my sidebar, under "Classic Holtieshouse" there is an entry called "Voice Recognition" please read it before doing anything more.
Admittedly things may have improved in the last 5 years or so, but believe me there was room for a LOT of improvement.

Anonymous said...

Blogger is giving me troubles, too...

Hopefully you can get everything cleared up with that teacher--a miscommunication would explain alot, except as the adult you'd think she'd have picked up on the fact that she'd been misunderstood.

Margaret said...

It is amazing how there can be such a difference in teachers, hope it all works out for you. You must feel very proud and happy to see your girls responding so well to all the love and nurturing you are giving them. I think you're a true champion. Hugs Margaret

The Cluck Wagon said...

sounds like the kids are doing well for the most part. Hope things turn around with Rochelle.
Wish my oldest would turn himself around when it comes to school. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Morning Granny.

I'm glad to hear about the computer and software. I hope she feels good about being able to do the work by herself!

Rowan said...

From my own experiences in math, EVERY teacher I have ever had has wanted the student (I almost wrote "stupid" there by accident, haha) to WRITE OUT THE PROBLEM! Shoot, in Geometry that's almost or MORE important than the actual answer! My guard would be raised, too, if I had two teachers with two totally different opinions about my child.

*hugs* I hope it all gets settled soon. Sorry I've been MIA and a bit of a lurker! It's in my "To Do" list to read my friends' blogs MUCH more often!

Gina said...

Have fun in the contest!

Isn't it amazing how different people see things? That one teacher had such problems and the other thinks she is wonderful speaks volumes about the teachers, if you ask me.

Susie said...

It's hard when two different teachers have such a difference of opinion on the same child. I wonder if Rebecca's is somehow reacting negatively to the negative teacher's attitude...

Tina said...

Good to 'hear' from you, Ann; I miss your daily posts!

The Mama said...

Well, it sounds like the conferences were profitable! I sure hope that Rebecca's math teacher can settle down. Sounds like an attitude problem on the part of the teacher. Was Rebecca even aware he was not happy with her work? Strange.

I hope you can figure out what Rochelle is preoccupied with. The teen years are just so hard, hopefully it's just a funk she will come out of soon.

Glad things with Elcie sound so positive. I hope they get that computer for her, that sounds just wonderful!

Have a great weekend!

clairesgarden said...

good job with the tidying!! I hope the teachers sort themselves out.

Carole Burant said...

Hi Ann...when two teachers see a different child then you know the problem is with one of the teachers. Most times if the teacher doesn't treat the students well, the student won't listen. I do hope they get themselves all sorted out! Seems like the girls are really going through some phases...all part of growing up! You take care!! xox

dragonfly183 said...

oh if i had a dollar for everytime Coyote has been bullied by a teacher. haha. or everytime i have been told "we need to set up a confrence and have a talk about his behavior in class."

Telling coyote to change his ways is like telling the sun not to rise. It sounds like a teacher issue to me too.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ann ~ A nice newsy post tonight.
It seems the girle are doing well most of the time. I hope the Maths teacher can be sorted out, as Rebecca is such a good kid. Do you think Rochelle is
fretting over her parents and the coming and going thing? Teenage years are so
hard. I still remember being told one day "I was too young" and the next day "I was too old", can't remember what about now. Elcie seems to be going well getting ready for High School. What a huge task you have Ann. Take
care, Love, Merle.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Ann
As usual I notice your offering your utmost support to your special grandchildren, it a difficult world we live in and young girls like Rochelle can become sad from time to time. At least your close to them and can readily ascertain their moods and challenges on a day to day basis, sadly not all parents are as caring or supportive. Its very positive news that both of Elcie's teachers are pleased and your able to prepare her for higher school. I am sure you will be able to sort out the maths question with Rebecca, some children and teachers do communicate differently in their interactions.
best wishes

Pat said...

Another good thing about getting old - i don't have to listen to teachers being depressing about my boys - who turned out fine and are good fathers to their own children. Mind you they were quite naughty but I was the one who was scolded!

Jo said...

Hi, Ann, I'm catching up with everyone today. Some teachers just are not able to establish a good rapport with their students, and as a result the students don't learn very well. I think that is what is happening with Rebecca's math teacher. I think the fault lies with the teacher, not with Rebecca. I have been there (as a student) and I know the feeling. It's frustrating.

It sounds as if all of the children are doing really well, in any case. Kids to go through sadness from time to time (as adults do as well).


Anonymous said...

I'm with Rowan-I used to catch shit for NOT showing my work, since answers that magically appear from the ether aren't usually good ones.

There is something about math teachers though. I'm crap at math, and I ALWAYS had the math teachers breathing down my neck instead of being helpful.

SOMETHING is going on for there to be such drastic differences between the two

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm nervous about my conf. with Merry's teacher this week. She is such a stubborn little girl, and I know that is going to be brought up! Oh well...I'm sure it will all work out.

I hope so at least. LOL



Blogger hasn't been kind to me the past few days too. At least it allows me to post but sometimes have difficulty in visiting other sites which I hope I won't be misunderstood.
I'm sorry, I think I've missed something here about your Rochelle. Gathering from the comments of others, I think they're right. Sometimes teachers can sometimes over use their powers as teachers over the kids and sometimes damages the kid instead of improving. Hope you can enlighten me more on this. If that's okay.
Happy Halloween and thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

hmm i hope everything works out with the girls!!!

Rowan Dawn said...

glad they are doing well. math is a tough subject! girls can have duality let me tell you!

Good luck with that!

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

There's nothing worse than being bullied by a teacher...That ruined my grandson's attitude about school in 5th grade. This teacher bullied all the boys that went thru her class.

Granny, you sound soooo busy and must have so much energy to keep up with three girls...I just don't know how you do it. I hope your family is telling you how proud they are of you for all your efforts in raising these fine young little ladies. I hear the way you fight for their rights for a good education and make sure that they have the latest computers to work with and attend teacher's conferences. You should get some kind of an award...I mean it.

Andrea said...

You always make me so tired when I read you. It amazes me that you accomplish so much in a day.
I also never ceases to amaze me of what a wonderful grandma/ great grandma you are.
These kids are going to look back on this time and be amased themselves.
You should find a way to put this blog into book form just for these three kids to read at a later date as a memory.
It has been such an amazing journey up to this point.
You inspire me - you always have.
Thank you

Andrea said...

You always make me so tired when I read you. It amazes me that you accomplish so much in a day.
I also never ceases to amaze me of what a wonderful grandma/ great grandma you are.
These kids are going to look back on this time and be amased themselves.
You should find a way to put this blog into book form just for these three kids to read at a later date as a memory.
It has been such an amazing journey up to this point.
You inspire me - you always have.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

yes, funny how one kid can appear to be two different ways.....sometimes i don't like certain teachers very well!

Jo said...

I would gladly strangle that math teacher for you. Pooh on her anyway. Hope things go better with the school stuff. Tell Rebecca when she is done cleaning there, I have a job for her here! Really, good for her, lets you know you are somehow doing a good job, ya know?

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hope things get sorted out with Rebecca and the teachers ... makes life difficult for the poor kid. It's hard as a parent to see such things happen, isn't it.
Take care, and have a great week.

DellaB said...

Hi Ann,
just popped in to have a read and say hello - I hope things work out for the girls, I guess when a young girl gets 'sad' - look around at the peer group, any boys around?

And, sadly, some people who are teachers probably shouldn't be - your girls should be grateful they have somebody who loves them and cares, many don't...

Unknown said...

Hi ann! VL here. I've been lurking here for too long and thought I'd finally say Hi. I am so impressed with how much you do for your family. Your great grandkids are so lucky to have you.

Unknown said...

I responded to you on my blog, but can I add you to mine as well?

TJ said...

Trick or Treat!!
Don't be a spoiled's Halloween somewhere...hehe!

Jo said...

Ann, I just popped in to say that I won't be blogging any longer, and I really enjoyed "meeting" you. My daughter blasted me for posting a picture of Freddie on my blog, and pretty much insisted I delete my blog. I didn't think it was such a big deal. I notice you have pictures of your family on your blog, and other folks do too. It seems harmless to me, but what do I know...? Anyway, it's not worth the hassle of starting another one.

So, adieu.


Granny said...

Josie, if you're reading this and change your mind, let me know. Sorry it didn't work out. I'll miss reading you.

Of course you're always welcome here, with or without your blog.


Ava said...

Sounds like you are as busy as usual. Glad to hear that school is going well and everyone is fine.

Love ya!