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Friday, November 24, 2006


Yesterday went very well. We had dinner ready by 1:00. I ate, hung out for a little while, wrote a short post, and took a nap. Picked Tim up at Amtrak around 4 and brought him here for dinner. He brought most of a cake and truffles with him. More dessert.

Good news. Jim has a last minute 3 day pass. Too late for Thanksgiving but he started out early this morning and may be here by now. I haven't heard from him yet but I'm sure he'll turn up for leftovers. More apt to be tomorrow; he's going to be exhausted when he gets into town. I said if I'd known I would have switched our dinner to Friday or Saturday. He didn't know he could do it either until the last minute.

Today I did almost nothing. One of the advantages of older children, in spite of the turmoil, is they know how to open a refrigerator door, use the microwave, and rinse (even wash) a dish. One of the disadvantages if they how how to open a refrigerator, etc. They may have had pie for breakfast. Pie has milk and eggs and I'm sure pumpkin is nutritious. Anybody remember Bill Cosby's monologue about chocolate cake? Same thing.

I took another nap and I'll run over to Greyhound in a few minutes to pick up their mom. She was supposed to stay at her mother's until Sunday but she got homesick.

And then I'll do nothing some more.

It was a great day though and worth the effort. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Thanks for the comments and take care everyone.


Yondalla said...

I'm trying to remember what I did -- it must have been nothing because I can't remember anything.

I hope you enjoy it!

And I do remember the Cosby monologue about cake. "Dad is great...he gives us chocolate cake."

Tammy said...

Howdy from my Kentucky daughter's computer!!
I've just discovered I love chocolate truffles!!!

Jo said...

If it is your favorite holiday, it sounds like it was a complete success. Good for you.

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~ Glad you had a good day and great news that Jim and family are coming after all. Have a lovely time with them and enjoy the rest of the holiday. Glad you are getting a little nap here and there after all that work.
Take care, Love, Merle.

mreddie said...

I do remember the Bill Cosby chocolate cake monologue - very funny. And that is what makes the pie all the better for the kids. :) ec

Anonymous said...

sounds like a lovely time. :)
Glad you were surrounded by family.


PEA said...

How wonderful that Jim is home for a few days...I'm sure he's digging into those leftovers as I type this!! lol Sounds like all went well and I love the day after a big dinner like that when you don't have to cook...just nuke the leftovers:-) Take care dear Ann and relax some more!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

you sound way kicked back and relaxed....good to hear

tAnYeTTa said...

I've been gone much tooo long Granny! It's so good to be back to blogland. :)

mo-wo said...

Almost nothing is good. To top off a lazy Sunday afternoon here we got a freak snowstorm to quiet everything down.