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Saturday, November 25, 2006

He Finally Surfaced

Do you see the baldheaded person in the picture with the "blue tooth" hanging off his head? Is he sitting at his mother's house where he belongs?

No, he's sitting at Barnes & Noble messing with favorite and handsomest son (see other picture).

He didn't get into town until almost 4 yesterday after working a graveyard shift followed by an 8 hour drive from El Centro. All he wanted to do was sleep.

I tracked him down about 9 this morning and joined him for coffee (which he bought along with a slice of pumpkin cheesecake). I wanted to get a picture of me pretending to smack him for ignoring his poor old mommy while he cavorted around town but Tim was too busy to snap it.

Finally got a shot of Jim and Melissa in the same frame. If I had another one, I couldn't find it.

He'll get over later today; hopefully with Jonathan in tow. Melissa's working and her middle girl (Marcella) is babysitting. Jim's going to pick up the baby in a little while and run errands.

All is well, we're still winding down from the holiday. The girls have managed to make it through 7 full days without a serious meltdown and school starts back Monday.

We still have far too many leftovers but the pie is disappearing fast. It always does. Tomorrow I'll probably make meal size ziplocks of ham and turkey and freeze them. Might even have enough ham for Christmas. Next week or so I'll make turkey soup out of the carcass and white beans and ham out of the hambone (which still has quite a bit of meat on it).

Then I'll think about Christmas.

I skipped "Black Friday" yesterday. I refuse to stand in front of a store from midnight on for the privilege of being run over by maniacs.

This is short because I accidentally hit publish (or Blogger just decided to do it on its' own) and it looks like I left off half the title and stopped in the middle of a sentence.

Thanks to all for the comments and enjoy what's left of the weekend.


peppylady said...

I'm to chicken or to smart to go Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. So I hung around the house all day and did very little.

My Husband Mother was from Brawley I know thats by El Centro.

Beth PFLAGfostermom said...

That black Friday stuff is scary. I barely left the house.

Mary P. said...

Hi, there, Ann! Saw you through Jen's just now, so I checked you through my bloglines, and it's showing nothing new since Nov. 16!

"How bizarre," I thought. "I hope Ann hasn't had a crisis, to not post in nine days." And here you are!

Nice kids you've got there. Despite the bluetooth, which screams 'geek!'. (This from a blogger. Heh. Guess it takes one to know one!)

Lavender Dawn said...

Blue tooth doesn't scream geek here, it screams look at me i am the coolest person ever! I m like every other third person who has one! they are everywhere! they annoy me to no end!!!!!!!!

i don't even have a cell phone.

you are like my aunt merilyn. she cooks the carcas, too. i throw the damn thing out! same with the ham bone. i don't have the time or patience to do other stuff, plus i am not such a good cook.

you rock!

Peter said...

Hi Ann, I've totally lost touch with everyone over the last week or so, don't know if its just with me but Bloglines has missed more new posts than it has picked up lately, so much for technology, I'm back to checking sites manually, looks like a real good time to prune the blog roll.

Kendra Lynn said...

Glad he made it home!


Sue said...

I know how glad you must be to have your son home! Great photos. I'm going to do a pot of beans with hamhock tomorrow since the weather is now really cold and damp!

Gawdessness said...

Glad you had a such a bountiful Thanksgiving.
I couldn't believe that black Friday was a real thing.
It was also buy nothing day!

Gina said...

Bloglines has done the same for you, Anne! I haven't had you sow up on there for ages!

All right, maybe I'm not as pleased with them as I thought.

I am glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I boycotted Black Friday as well.

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~ Glad you finally rounded up Jim
and by now I guess you have met up with Jonathan too and I suppose he has grown
since they moved. You will have a good start on Christmas if you put some things away in the freezer. It is nice to have some food stashed away. Take care, Love, Merle.

Margaret said...

Hi Anne, Just a quick hello to say I am back from Hols. Am trying to catch up with everyone. Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving. Catch you again soon Cheers Margaret

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Ann
Sounds as if you are enjoying your family at the moment and especially having your son home! I thought I remembered you mentioning one of your sons wad a Joan Sutherland fan?

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

You guys seem to have fun wherever you are. I'm glad you're getting to see everyone at some point over the weekend!

I didn't go out on Friday, either. Not my cup of tea. No deal is worth that kind of craziness and crowds.

Anonymous said...

glad you had fun with your sun...heehee
i agree about black friday..not going there

JBlue said...

I was just thinking those couple of weeks after Thanksgiving are going to be crunch time for me, then Christmas....

oldwhitelady said...

Good idea making turkey soup. Do you add the rice, too? I'm planning on doing that, myself, later in the week.

I didn't bother to go shopping on Friday, either. Nice photos. Glad you caught up with your son:)

DellaB said...

I am glad you found him Ann, and no, they are not too big to hit.

Funny story, I had a friend who has 3 sons, and they all grew taller than she was, but as she said, she still had her methods, she always said she could punch them in the stomach, and when they bent over in pain they were down where she could reach them. Sorry, I guess it looks funnier than it sounds!


Carmen San Diego said...

We had so many people over that we didn't have any left over Turkey. Man and I was so looking forward to a turkey sandwich the next day. Oh well, maybe next year. Hope you are doing well.


Dem Soldier said...

Hey Granny...Glad you had great Turkey Day.

For me this has to change, first week of Dec. has always been the shopping period. Darn I missed that CompUSA near me was selling laptops for $200 dollars, now I feel I should have been in line by 4am.

PEA said...

Well I'm glad you finally tracked down that son of yours!! Gosh, no wonder he was so tired!! Our busiest shopping day is Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. I stay home that day, I value my life too much!! lol Hugs xox