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Sunday, November 26, 2006

modem problems again

Hello everyone Granny's favorite son here to let ya know her internet is offline again. She will be online as soon as possible.
peace love and buttercups, tatootim

8:30 p.m.

And now I'm back. The gremlins have crept away. I finally turned everything off, waited a while and then turned it all back on. It worked. We're having some rain but I'd think if the net went down, the t.v. would too and it didn't. Weird.

I had a houseful of kids this afternoon. They were all singing along with Christmas music on one of the music on demand channels. Must have been eight of them in there. I got into the spirit of the thing for a while and played along on the piano. I know all the Christmas stuff so it's just finding the same key. Actually wouldn't have mattered; each of the kids had their own which were entirely different from the t.v. I tuned to the television version at least somewhat. My old, battered piano is slightly out of tune and the B flat below middle C is horrible. We managed though and we'll probably be doing more singing between now and Christmas. I don't play much these days but the sing-a-longs are fun. The neighbor kids were so surprised when I started playing along with the t.v. "How Do You Do That?" they said.

After the second run through of Twelve Days of Christmas I'd had enough fun for awhile. It was worse than the time they got hooked on "American Pie"

Now it's quiet, the girls are almost ready for bed, and school starts back tomorrow. I'm hoping the rain stops by then but they're predicting more plus a temperature drop.

Hi to Old White Lady who writes Morning Somewhere.

I'm keeping this short in case the gremlins attack again.

Thanks to all for the comments. Jim never did show up over here. Means he missed out on the pie. Serves him right. Seriously, he had a very short time, wanted to visit his other kids, and spend time at home. I can understand that and he'll have much longer over Christmas.

Take care everyone.


PEA said...

Thank you Ann's favourite mean she hasn't thrown the modem out the window yet?? lol Hurry back Ann!!!!

Sue said...

Glad you were able to get back on line!
We've had rain all day, pretty heavy at times and they say there is snow in the Sierras. Should make traveling home after the holiday fun!
Today I learned something new about you: (that you can play the piano by ear)
That's a gift!!

clairesgarden said...

oh no! christmas songs already? its not even december!!!
I've just upgraded to wireless broadband after all those years of slow dial up, what a difference! it took me two whole evenings to get both pc's to work on it, the instructions say 'this will only take you 20 minutes'. . . . ha!!

Alissa said...

Gremlins don't like water. Or is it sun? Either way, I don't guess pouring water on your modem would help any, huh?

Yondalla said...

And the gremlin report from my computer is:

My gremlin battled for control of my computer upon start-up this morning. The White Knight initially appeared to have weakened; Windows reported that the White Knight was unable to establish its protective shield. There was a great sadness and nashing of teeth. The White Knight however made a belated appearance upon the field and declared all things to be safe.

Still, things moved too slowly, as though all electronic community members were being stalked by the gremlin who had tormented them for so long, even though the White Knight stood their proudly proclaiming them all to be safe. There was sadness throughout the mother board.

I, the controller of all, master pusher of ctrl-alt-delete/restart, made them re-engage. On the second morning battle White Knight emerged the clear victor and all the good programs let out a mighty cheer and went busily to work.

Wystful1 said...

Singing Christmas carols sounds like fun....but to be honest, I'd not wanna hear or sing more than one round of 12 days of Christmas! LOL

So........YOU'RE the one that's getting the rain. Boy, I wish it would here. For a few days at least. It's so warm here, humid, but no rain.

Glad to know you got the computer fixed...maybe it was something you were viewing and it made the computer crash? Hmmmmmm, it IS odd that if it was electricity or something, it didn't effect the TV.

Anvilcloud said...

You have a family that actually likes to sing together? That's remarkable in this day and age. And wonderful.

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Ann,

You playing the piano made me think of my mom! She always loved to play the piano (by ear). In her last years only had a little keyboard to play with !

The sing alongs sound like fun! I sure miss having kids in my house!


Gina said...

Awww, I want to hang out at your house!

Jo said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun. I do love Christmas carols, and some of my kids can even carry a tune! Hopefully your modem gremlins will leave forever.

Tammy said...

Hey Granny, I'm glad all is now well with your computer...the sing along sounds like great fun!!

granny p said...

Oh dear - American Pie - did my lot all get hooked too. Wish I could play the piano; I'm glad you can.