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Friday, December 29, 2006

Sad Christmas Season for a Friend's Family.

I have some Christmas posts below this one but I wanted to put this out here immediately.

A blogging friend who wishes to remain anonymous emailed me today.

Her brother-in-law, wife, and five children were on their way home from a Christmas performance in Utah County, Utah when their car was struck by a drunken driver who ran a red light.

The mother and two of the children were killed and a third badly injured but appears to be recovering.

"Pat" sent me a link to a memorial page for the family and asked me to post it. Of course I will. The first thing I did though was leave a comment of my own.

She'd be grateful to anyone who leaves a note of condolence to the family. She asked that you not refer back to her by her blogger name or her url. I'm not including it here of course but we may share some readers.

I read enough to know the family is deeply devout and loved in their community. I pray their faith will sustain them.

Here is the link to the Memorial Page.

Thanks, everyone.


Ginny said...

Wow, Ann, how horrific. I posted my condolences.


Granny said...

Thanks, Ginny

I know the family will appreciate the support.

JunieRose said...


So very sad!

I'll visit the site.


Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ I left a message. What an
awful tragedy at this time of year.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Dear Ann

Thank you, I left a message. What a tragedy.


spadoman said...

Granny.... I understand that we will never understand how it all works. The sadness for some, he jubilation for others. I pour out my heart to these people and send my prayers still to you and your family, to these folks, so they work through their tragedy, and for the health and happiness of the people.

Mitakwe Oyasin

HORIZON said...

This is sad sad news. Will go by to visit the link.

Kentucky Gal said...

Prayers for the family!!

Dem Soldier said...

Ohhhhhh my heart breaks for them. God bless them. Very sad.

Jo said...

The mother and two children were killed on the way home from a cast party. The theater is doing some benefit shows for the family and I am so pleased to say our community has stepped up. The first check was 19,000 and there is more money coming in.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

It's such a bad time of the year to lose those your love.

I left a brief comment.


Peter said...

Ann, what an awful story anytime but especially during the Christmas season.

Margaret said...

Dear Ann, I totally understand their pain but feel so helpless to express my feelings, the contrast of the joy we should be feeling at Christmas somehow appears to excacerbate the feeling of sadness and loss we suffer, yet this is not really logical, the pain of losing our loved ones is the deepest pain we can ever endure.
Please God help them endure. Margaret

Anonymous said...

Dear Ann and Readers
Thank you so much for stopping by the family blog page and leaving a message. Your kind words and loving support mean more than you will ever know

Patricia Ceran-sister in law

stefanierj said...

Oh, Ann, my heart's just broken in half over this. I left an anonymous comment, but honestly, I too feel inadequate to express my sadness and hope for their eventual healing.