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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Short Update

Sorry everyone. I've been busy and falling asleep early. And waiting until I had something to say.

It looks now like Carol will be transferred to a care facility today. We were supposed to hear something last Monday and word finally came through yesterday. It's 25 miles from here. Today I'll try to find out why since Merced has several facilities and the town next to us has one (the largest in this area).

There is no way I can make that round trip every day and I don't know what they were thinking. She still doesn't know about it or I don't think she does. She hasn't said anything and she's been quite confused. Sometimes she thinks she's coming back here and sometimes she remembers.

I may know more later today.

Other than that, not much out of the ordinary around here. The two younger girls cut school for the first time ever last week. Too complicated to explain but they didn't get away with it. They now know the school calls the parents. They spent the day at a friend's house goofing off.

Elcie brought her Dell laptop home from school yesterday with the new voice recognition installed. The teacher wanted her to practice. I've heard some people have problems with voice recognition but she's doing just fine.

The computer is hers; purchased by the school district, but her typing skills could stand some improvement - a lot of improvement. I still want her to learn to type but this should help with anything that requires more than a paragraph or two of writing.

And we're slowly preparing for Christmas as we would any other year. My body is going through the motions while my mind and heart aren't quite here yet. I have the girls' stocking fillers hidden at my friend's house (did that yesterday).

The girls are doing okay I think. I haven't taken them to see her yet but they talk on the phone to her or at least Elcie and Rebecca do. Rochelle doesn't want to and I'm not pushing her just yet.

It's almost 6:30 and I have to have Elcie on the bus at 6:55 immediately after which I drive the other two to the bus stop.

Thanks to everyone who comments. I'll try to update when I can or Tim will.


LoisLane said...

Keeping you all in my thoughts. Lots of hugs!

Anonymous said...

Who knows why they put her there? The whims of the health care system are their own, and they do aslthey please. Hopefully you can get it straightened out soon enough--you've got plenty on your plate without that to worry about, too...

Thinking of you and your family every day.


Sue said...

Hi Ann,
Sorry that Carol will be transferred so far away. That is too much to try and visit every day with all the other stuff you have to do...
You're all in my thoughts and prayers.
Take good care of yourself..

Alice said...

Still rooting for you this end, sweets.

Contact me any time you want/need.
And I'll try and keep in touch via the phone as much as possible, as well.



clairesgarden said...

I hope things work out tere with your visiting times, this isi ahrd timeof year to have to deal with all this.
wishing you all the best.

Gina said...

Oh, the transition is already hard enough, but to be that far away! Maybe they can do something to rectify the error.

Thinking of you and sending prayers for strength, Ann.

Judy said...

I've been reading you and thinking about you for awhile, but never know what to say. Just wanted to let you know someone in South Texas is thinking of you, too, and really admires you.

Ginny said...

Ann, I hope you can convince Hospice to move her closer to you. Good luck. Stay strong.

Autumn said...

I hope things work out so Carol can be closer to home. I know your so very tired already. You don't need the extra stress of traveling to be with her. As far as the girls go, skipping school, try not to be hard on them about it. I'm sure that it was probably there own way of acting out with everything going on. Kids can't express the way we can. Maybe spending a day with a friend was the best medicine for them. Sorry if I'm out of line giving that advice, but I know its hard on your whole family right now. Stay strong and know that all your friends in blogville are thinking of you.

Queen Bee said...

Granny, Lois Lane passed this along to me (I'm a regular on her blog, just like you) and I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your family!

MamaChristy said...

Thinking of you...

Anvilcloud said...

Your place looks very festive. It's good of you to do that for the girls when I'm sure it's a chore. Hugs from Canada.

mo-wo said...

I'm glad to hear about the equip for E. And, it is very good of you to try and get her typing improved. I say good typing is a dying art and really worth learning. It is sort of ironic that computers were supposed to make things faster yet typing speed has been cut in half by most people current practices. Just makes the dear things even more of a time suck.

and for all the rest, hang in there baby. More hugs from Canada.

Tammy said...

I feel safe to say we all understand dear Granny!!
on the voice recognition, my Hubby and son had to go through a class of it for their temp jobs...they speak to a computer and "make pics"...which is to say they pick out stock to ship...they said you have to be quiet otherwise or it picks it up...son said a bad word the other day and the computer thought he said cigarettes??
take care friend!!

Jenny said...

Ann, I haven't had a chance to comment but wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. I only know you through the internet, but I admire your comments a great deal. I don't have the right words for your daughter's situation, but if the thoughts of others can help, please know you have mine.

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there. Still praying here.
I hope that you can get the care facility thing worked out.
Remember that you have good friends who are here if you need us.

Love you.

Lavender Dawn said...

Funny girls, testing their limits! Find the humor in it, if you can. I try to. Sorry Carol may be so far away, I hope you can find something closer to home.