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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Today - Updated

Carol had a bit of minor surgery to make her more comfortable and has been transported to the care facility. According the hospital it's temporary; Merced had no beds. When one becomes available, she'll be moved back here.

She seemed in good spirits about it. I went over with the girls' mom and Rochelle shortly before she left. She was glad to see Rochelle. I hadn't taken any of the girls before this but Carol has had some longer periods of alertness lately so it made sense. I'll go to to Turlock tomorrow and complete all the admission procedures. It was almost dark when she left and the facility said tomorrow was soon enough. Carol was fine with that. If it had been local I would have met her there and stayed until she was settled.

My friend that meets me for coffee each Tuesday will be driving. Not that I can't but I'd especially like the company on this trip.

Let's see, what else? Ray went back to the hospital this afternoon shortly after I returned from visiting Carol. I'd been expecting it and was actually a little relieved. I knew he wasn't feeling well but had dug in his heels about leaving me. His doctor convinced him.

I have friends here and we will manage. People are already helping.

Elcie is in bed. She brought the computer home again and is having a great time with her "homework". She has it down pat. She quite often makes an earlier night of it than Rochelle and Rebecca but she's usually up long before the rooster crows. She enjoys the early morning quiet as much as I but once she's awake it's no longer early morning quiet for me. The other two are listening to music in the living room; just a little too loud.

There have been some bright spots in the week. I went to a meeting/Christmas party earlier this week and reconnected with a friend I hadn't seen in around 20 years. I knew he'd be there and wondered if he'd remember me. After a brief hesitation (we both look a little older) he did and we had a wonderful time reminiscing about life in San Francisco and our associations there. His wife was along as well and she and I hit if off.

And Rebecca just brought me half of a homemade cheesburger on wheat bread. What more could I ask? If I were a less trusting person, I'd wonder what she wants. Probably just had more cheeseburger than tummy.

Thanks for hanging in with me everyone and take care.


mreddie said...

I've been reading, but not commenting as I knew you were very busy. Hopefully the thing with Ray in the hospital will work out shortly. My hope for you is a peaceful rest - that may be hard to do though. ec

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I'm sorry you have this another one in the hospital, it been a tough week hasn't it?
Hang in there and I'm so glad you're getting help.

Your and yours are still in my prayers,

Anonymous said...

You take the good, you take the bad...

Just keep on truckin'. All will be well.

JBlue said...

Thinking of you.

JBlue said...

Thinking of you.

Jo said...

Turlock, how funny the world is so small. Checking in on you every day and you are often in my thoughts and prayers.

Gina said...

You take all the time you need to do whatever. If that's blogging, then good for us, if not, we're always here.

Lavender Dawn said...

Wow, you are going through so much! Hang in there, Christmas is such a terrible time to go through this stuff!

Missy said...