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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Six Weird Things (Recycled One More Time)

Since someone asked (hi, blogger formerly known as) back by popular demand is my six seven weird things.

Click on the link.


Val said...

Just stopped by to wish you a happy and serene Christmas. From a lapsed blogger.

Maybe I too will link back to old posts as a quick way back into blogging...

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, I love peeps, too. Except, I really only like the yellow ones. I know, supposedly they all taste the same. But I don't think they do. I think the other color dyes leave an aftertaste. I only like yellow. I love yellow peeps. Better a day or two stale. YUM!

Missy said...

You and my sister on the not-mixing food thing.

I think it's all about "being in control". She's an oldest child. Are you?

lindsaylobe said...

Dropping in to wish you and yours a very merry and joyous Christmas.

Beethoven rocks to a Grannies life - style
Carols in park or around your piano for awhile
Jingle Bells chime in your weary head
Early to bed Christmas parties ahead!!

Church will be a joyous occasion I guess?
Food in the Kitchen your family will bless?
United this Christmas a family all smile?
Christmas wishes to one blogger with style!!

Alice said...

I could've SWORN I commented on that post when you first wrote it...

Anyhoo, wow. I keep reading things like this and thinking 'jeeze. They think THAT'S weird?? What does the fact that I don't and have many more examples to go with their own say about me...?'

Sorry. You're normal.


On a side note; looks like I can comment again.



Anonymous said...

soooo i think what you're saying is you don't want to join hottie bloggers and share makeup tips? LOL

love your list, i missed it the first time around. very interesting indeedeo!!!!

smiley said...

I found your list pretty interesting, would call it weird though, more like unique :) (that's my excuse to do crazy things)

I love cotton candy too. Haven;t had one for ages though.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I've read that before but I read it again anyway.

I still think we would have had a lot in commen when I was seven and had to have my food seperated. Boy talk about picky if it touched I would have a fit! But I've over that now--Let them touch or even mix now, I don't care! It all goes to the same place eventually anyway.


LoisLane said...

Just wanted to stop in before I get lost in the frenzy and wish you all a merry Christmas. :)

Kristen said...

Have Happy Holidays, Ann. It sounds like things are still challenging, and you're dealing with it as gracefully as you always do. Thinking of you.

Lavender Dawn said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lavender Dawn said...

funny! I went to post a comment on margarets blog, and I posted it here! so i deleted it, but I so hope you don't get it in your email. in case you are wondering, it's about this.

And you are wierd, lady! just kidding...