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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cell Phones - Update

I may have inadvertently published some outdated or conflicting information. Several people have told me the link was outdated and the phone number no longer valid. Update - It's a valid number - I just called it. Others have told me they've received telemarketing calls on their cell phones so the concerns are real but probably a bit exaggerated. Update - true - no plans so far to publish anything but a "voluntary" directory; however, I'd still keep an eye on it.

The latest info I had from the FCC said that telemarketers are not allowed to use auto dial to reach cell phones.

It's all very strange and I'll try to check it out further tomorrow. (Now done - see below).

Meantime, anything published by our FCC is applicable only to the USA. Much as we might like, we don't rule the world just yet.

Sorry if anyone is confused but at this point so am I.

Update: I found what I hope is the latest FCC advisory dated 12-14-06. It still shows the same phone number, 1-888-382-1222 and it contains some interesting information.

Update again: I called that phone number. It's active and I registered my new cell phone even though it has unlimited minutes so I don't have to worry about charges. I wanted to see if the number works. It does. And Mama Christy (hi and welcome) just registered her phone online so that still works as well.

I remember when I registered the phones, I did it online but that's been at least a year ago.


Puss-in-Boots said...

How rude to be charged for a call a snake oil salesman makes to your mobile! Because of the intrusion of telemarketers the Govt has put out a "do not contact" list and if the telemarketers do not abide by that, they are fined.

I have had calls on my mobile, but do not get charged for them, but I do get quite hostile and tell them this is a work number.

I also have a message on my phone to the effect that if they are ringing from a call centre they have my permission to remove my details from their database. It has cut down the calls by 80%. I also have a display screen and if the name comes up as "private" I know it's a telemarketer and don't answer the phone. That way they get to hear my little message. If it's a caller for me, they will leave a message.

I don't know if you can do that in the US, but if you can, it may be worth a try.

Good luck

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ I would like to wish Rochelle a very happy 12th birthday for Friday.
I hope she has a great day. Love to you all, Merle.

Lavender said...

Thanks for the tip!

MamaChristy said...

I registered my home phone yesterday at

The cell phone thing - I think the telemarketers WHAT you to put your cell in there because once your Do Not Call order has expired, they can get your cell number that way. Sneaky stinkers.

MamaChristy said...

WANT rather than "What". Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Today is Rochelle's birthday, right? Happy Birthday To Rochelle!

I've never gotten a telemarketing call on my cell, knock on wood. And the do-not-call list has nearly eliminated all but the charity calls at home. Caller ID takes care of the rest. :-) I rarely answer if I don't recognize the number.