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Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to Rochelle - Twelve Years Old Today

My beautiful, serene (usually) Rochelle LeAnn is twelve today.

The two younger girls are ten months apart - both born in 1995. Rochelle is today of course and Rebecca is Halloween. Elcie was born in March 1993 so she'll be 14 soon.

I started this post around 8 this morning and then our power went out. It's back but I lost most of what I'd written. I didn't know for how long so we went out and bought decorated cupcakes and ice cream. By the time we came home, the power was back. It's very windy today and it was more of a brownout. Our lights were on but flickering - same with the t.v. Nothing else worked.

Rochelle is such a good kid, at least most of the time. She's always been the most openly affectionate. We call her the cuddle bug. She loves animals and they love her. She has been known to carry a bee in her bare hand, almost giving me heart failure.

She does have her moments. Just look at what used to be thick, lovely eyebrows. Her friend plucked them and I went ballistic. They all got to hear about it. I'm sure they'll grow but it will take a while.

While I was at it, I discussed tattoos and body piercings, just in case they get any other ideas. You don't remove anything that's attached to your body or add to what's already there should cover it. I hope. They can mess around with makeup on the weekends. It washes off.

Her Uncle Tim told her once they grew back, he'd treat her to a professional shaping. I told her they were already perfect as was she. I'll go along with the shaping. Maybe one experience with wax will cure her.

Aside from little things like that and being too much of an eager to please follower, she's a joy and a delight. She has a wonderful sense of humor, she's artistic and musical. She has a learning deficiency that's slowed her down a little in school but she's a hard worker and is overcoming it.

When she was tiny, she spent hours on my lap and was one of the best natured babies I've ever known. She still comes running for hugs and I hope that doesn't stop. Now I can almost sit on hers. She passed me in height a year ago and hasn't stopped growing.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Rochelle. Cake and ice cream tonight and your shopping trip and lunch maybe Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday again, Rochelle! You just can't hear that too many times, I don't think!

I've never plucked my eyebrows. Or pierced my ears. Or even colored my hair. And I don't wear makeup. But I do have a tattoo...a small one in an easily hidden spot, but still a permanent tattoo. Being defiant can get you in trouble sometimes just as easily as being a follower! :-)

JunieRose said...

Happy Birthday to Rochelle.

~~~A very cute girl`with or without plucked eyebrows!


JBlue said...

Happy birthday to your lovely and sweet-faced girl, Gran. Your tribute brought a tear to my eye.

Puss-in-Boots said...

A very happy birthday from Australia, Rochelle!

It's obvious your Granny loves you very much and from what she wrote, it's easy to see why.

Have a great day, Rochelle.


Bacchus said...

Happy Birthday Rochelle!

Andrea said...

WOW!!! Happy Birthday you beautiful girl!!!!!!
HAve a good one!!!

Keri said...

Happy Birthday, Rochelle!

P.S. Instead of waxing her eyebrows, she can try eyebrow threading. My friends swear by it! I have no eyebrows (very, very light) so no plucking, threading or waxing for me. =P

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Rochelle!
I think many of us with thick eyebrows go through that plucking them crazy phase. They do grow back...

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Rochelle!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to rochelle!

i sometimes have "brownouts" when i get the diarrhea

Lavender said...

oh happy birthday to her!!! bruce's birthday is tomorrow! that is so cool! congrats.

oshee said...

Happy Birthday Rochelle

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ Lovely tribute to a lovely girl. Happy Birthday Rochelle, enjoy
your special day. Love, Merle.

Val said...

I have just been catching up on your blog and sorry to hear you have been ill. I hope that's your quota for illness for 2007!

That would be horrible if you had to pay for telemarketing calls. I hope that gets sorted out for you there. I don't think that happens in Australia (yet), but as I have resisted getting a mobile phone, I don't have to worry about that particular problem.

Last but not least: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROCHELLE!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rochelle from Istanbul, Turkey! :)

(My 14 year old dauhter has thick eyebrows. She went to one of th top salons in Istanbul(which is an extremely fashion-conscious place, by the way)and had them shaped, but when she got home she saw they were she looked up information on the Net about how to do eyebrows and now she does her own and they look great. Recently she found out her friends all think she still goes to the professional salon ;)

Ginny said...

Hi Ann! What a nice post. Happy birthday Rochelle.

PEA said...

Happy Birthday Rochelle!!! Oh Ann, I so enjoyed reading all about her...she does sound delightful and if tweezing her eyebrows is the worst she's ever done, be thankful for that! lol So many at that age are into drugs, smoking, etc...they seem to start younger all the time! I hope she enjoys her lunch and shopping trip with you:-) Hugs xox

Kendra Lynn said...

What a sweetie. Happy Birthday, Rochelle!
Keep smiling that beautiful smile.



Happy Birthday Rochelle. You must be one lucky girl to have a grandma who loves you very much.
I thought there was something missing on her face, now I know it was the eyebrows.
Time really flies.
Thanks for the suggestion. I already have a grandson who is also named Nicky.
Thanks for passing by.

Mary P. said...

Happy Birthday, Rochelle!!

Emma had the same experience with a salon. She got home and didn't like what they'd done.

So I did them.

Now she does her own. When she thinks of it...

thordora said...

She looks like a beautiful strong woman already!

happy (belated) birthday!