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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Internet Problems Again - Updated

It seems to have fixed itself overnight, at least for now, but I'm putting a short note here just in case.

If it goes back out, I'll have Tim let you know.

Still cold here on a Sunday morning. I'm making a store run for a few things and then try to stay in the rest of the day. Might drop in on Tim at Barnes & Noble and treat myself since I'll be almost next door.

And then I'll watch my son Jim's beloved New Orleans Saints try to make their way to the Super Bowl. I think this is the best they've ever done.

Not much new around here. Never did find the camera. I wonder about that since the girls have friends running in and out.

It did occur to me I don't say much about Ray except to tell you he's in the hospital once again. A couple of friends commented on his warming my jacket which made me realize I don't think about all the little things he does for us. He just changed the kitty litter which I was going to do before I left. He's not well and the big jobs are a little too much for him (or me sometimes) but those little things sure add up.

Thanks, sweetie.

Important update. I've heard from a couple of friends and it seems like I implied Ray is in the hospital. He's not. I just looked at what I said - what I meant was that the only time I seem to mention him is when he's in the hospital or just getting out. Oops.

Take care everyone and keep your fingers crossed for Comcast and the internet.


zzop357 said...

Hey Ann, sorry about your hubby,and your internet.I hope you get him and it straightened out.
I just wanted to tell you,Trumann has a super walmart now.The employees had a say when it was built,and it is easy to find things in it.The drugstore is at the front for us with older all the groceries are on the left,its in sections thats easy to get too and very wide aisles...The town has grown some since you were here.I wish ya'll could come visit,though thats close to impossable.We could use some good people like your family in this area.
I hope you have a good day today.I'll
be thinking of you:)

Yondalla said...

Our connection was down for hours yesterday. I have become so dependent upon this. I actually started to get on line to go the providers web page to see if there was information about why it was down!

Atasha said...

Ann sorry to hear about Ray and that is a very sweet thing he did even though your keys ended up int he dryer :-) Atleast your jacket was warm. Great to hear the kids' grades are keeping up/improving! I hope you find your camera.

I too was having internet issues for the past 2 days but the Cox man came yesterday and figured out in a few minutes that the cable connector wires were old(it broke off in his hand) so those were changed, plus we bought a new modem and all is great so far.

I apologize for seeming as though I am not keeping up with you I actually have. Most times I do read and just have no time to make a comment. How rude of me!

Take Care

Susie said...

I tried to comment here this morning and blogger was having no part of it. I was going to tell you I was sorry Ray was in the hospital. When I came back you had updated it. That's a good thing!!
We're sunny and nice here :)

Peter said...

Hi Ann, just a quick hello so you know I'm still a reader and tryin' not to be a lurker.