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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Recipe Time Again

It's raining here, chilly and drizzly. I woke up early for a Saturday and I've been trying to catch up a little with my blogging friends.

Children just got up and are asking for oatmeal so this will be short. I promised as soon as I finished my coffee, we'd do it.

Which brings me to comfort food and this post from Controlled Chaos. She lives in Michigan, it was -4° (F) when she wrote it, and she had four kids home from school because of the weather.

Note: The link didn't highlight for some reason but it's there. Click on "this post".

So, she cooked. One of the recipes is for broccoli cheese pockets, the other for a yummy pasta dish.

My coffee cup is almost empty, I've put off the oatmeal as long as possible, and then I'm taking my friend grocery shopping.

Have a nice weekend, whereever you are. Merle and the rest of my friends in Oz, please send a little of your "warm" this way.


Anvilcloud said...

Oh now! Someone in California yearning for warmth. Hmmmpf. :)

zzop357 said...

I hope it warms up there.Its cold here too.But at least the sun was out today;)
Yes there is a code I have to put in:).Its no big deal.Just takes a little longer to comment;).
I hope you had a good day.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Ann: Here comes 31 degrees and no humidity - enjoy!

clairesgarden said...

oatmeal is the best breakfast on a cold day. I,m getting a bit grumpy stuck in with the weather here so maybe baking is the cure for that.

Andie D. said...

Hi Ann!

I really like the new purple. Great job on updating the blogroll Angela! Can't wait to see the new header. Internet friends rock.

We had close to 80 F days around Phoenix, AZ the last couple of days. Swimming pool and strawberry margarita weather. If I had either of those, I would've indulged!

Sending you warm thoughts from the desert!

Expat Traveler said...

You can come up here any day.. hehe Rain rain rain..

And the poutine, try grated mozzerella, that's closer to it...

I think I'm perm hungry today!

Jobthingy said...

ann the new colors look great. i still have the word verification.

hope you had a great weekend.

Lee-ann said... I have packed up to big bags of sunshine will be there for you in a few days :o), hope that is enough I can send more I am a tad!~ tired of it truly I am.

Your kindness on my 3 year old grand daughters birthday was very kind and I am always so pleased to see you visit.

keep warm.....its on its way!! :o)


Anonymous said...

kids asking for oatmeal? wonderful!

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Wish I could swap some "Warm" for some "Cool", but I guess we will survive until the seasons change. How about teaching those girls to make the oatmeal? They would be pleased to be able to do it. You
did well with those teasers - and I didn't get Twinkle either or a couple of others. I hope Carol is comfortable, and Ray doing well. Love
to you all, Merle.

PI said...

I'm guessing your oatmeal is our porridge. Great on a miserable cold morning. My husband is Scottish and always has just salt on it and often at midday instead of breakfast. I always make it with water - not milk, flavour it with a dash of cinnamon and eat it with Orange Blossom honey. My brother in law, who has a house in Vermont eats it with maple syrup.

HORIZON said...

Where would we be without our porridge/oatmeal in the morning? :) Sam eats it every morn.
l just changed to new blogger - it did not give me a choice! So here l am, now having to wrestle over a long email address each time l comment-lol.
Bests to you and yours Granny

lindsaylobe said...

Ann: Puss in Boots is from Qld. I think I can send you another few degrees from Melbourne Australia as well.

I trust Carol and Ray are Okay. Best wishes