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Friday, February 09, 2007

Word Verification?

For any of you who haven't cussed at it, it's that illegible code in the comment box. I'd get rid of it but it's useful in filtering the dreaded spam. It also comes in audio which seems to be even worse.

My settings tell me it's enabled but with the new blogger evidently the contributers (Me, Angela, Tim, Jen, and Alice) aren't required to use it and can't see it. So, please let me know if you have to enter the code to comment.

Also, I love the colors I have now. Before we lock them in place, please let me know if everything is visible and if the size of the font in the post is large enough.

I'm using Firefox and sometimes colors show up differently on IE or even another monitor. As long as I get to keep my purple, I'm flexible with everything else. I had this problem in the first few months after I started the blog and everyone was too polite to tell me they couldn't read it.

This time I'm asking first.

It's still a work in progress but Angela is doing a beautiful job. We'll have a new banner with a pic of the girls up in the next few days. Snapshot this time instead of their school pics. Much more normal (for them) looking.

Take care everyone.


Diane J. said...

Everything looks fine and easy to read, and word verification is activated. Your sidebar looks good, too.

Susie said...

Love your purple! The font is a good size and I can see the print.
Word verif is on!

Baraka said...

Hello purple queen!

Just dropping by to say hello :)

Angela said...

Hey fun! I like knowing that I don't have to use word verification - I didn't realize that before, because I never comment on my own blog.

And I'm glad people seem to be liking the colours. I like this lime green - or whatever it is - and I think it's significantly better than whatever I had on here this morning!

Gawdessness said...

Looking good!

Margaret said...

Love the colour purple, I can see word verification.
Cheers and Hugs Margaret

Lavender said...

I like the color combos, very cute and easy on the eyes. I like it. I have firefox, too, so I might be a dash biased, lol.

Peter said...

Hi Ann, just about everything seems right on both IE and Firefox.... But.. there's always a but, your archives are stuck on September 2005, I couldn't get 2007 up at all, another job for Angela.

CaliGirl said...

honest comment...just might be me...but i liked the other shade of purple better only because this one is just so bright with the bright text. it kills my eyes...but i will still come read you daily like i did before (your old colors killed me

word verification is on for me also.

big hugs to you and your family.

PEA said...

Looks great to me Ann! You guys are doing a good job getting you all set up:-) Yup, word verification is on!!

Carin said...

The word verf is on and the audio is least it was the other day. Believe me, this audio is better than the audio on microsoft's site. ug. But spammers can still stick it where the sun don't shine.

PI said...

Site looks great and is legible thank goodmess. I'm used to WV -it doesn't worry me but one still comes across comment boxes which one can't access try as one may!