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Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy 14th to our Elcie!! - Update

Here's our beautiful girl all dolled up for school.

Their mom was here early to do their hair and clothes and I finally have both camera and software functioning at the same time.

That's Tasha (their mom) with the girls. Great picture except I don't know what was biting Rebecca. Perhaps because it was someone else's birthday? Rochelle looks so much like her mom that when I see them from the back or in dim light it's hard to figure out which one I'm talking to.

No, I don't leave my garbage on the front porch. Those are plastic bags for recycle that I keep forgetting to put in the car. The market takes them back.

She has totally blossomed this year. I can't believe this is the same child who first came to live with us almost 13 years ago. She was this tiny cherub with so many challenges. We didn't know if she'd ever walk unaided. She does. Later, when the learning problems surfaced, we weren't sure how far she'd get with school. She's doing algebra, working almost to grade level (with resources of course), and will start high school in August.

She's an amazing kid who never stops trying. She gets discouraged sometimes but never for long. She's jumping up and down wanting high school to start tomorrow. Patience is not her long suit.

Just look at that smile. Happy, happy birthday Elcie. We love you so much.

We'll probably have her cake and ice cream today. Tomorrow, we'll all go bowling with a group of my friends and I might get her out for lunch sometime over the weekend. The first time Elcie tried to bowl, she made a strike on her very first ball. I wrote about it a few months back and said everyone in the alley was cheering. Here's this kid, balanced on one crutch, handlng herself and that bowling ball.

Ray has been back in hospital since last Sunday. He seems to be feeling better and I have a feeling they may send him home today. Carol remains about the same. She had a brief hospital stay over Sunday and Monday.

We tried to have Elcie's annual i.e.p. meeting (for those who don't know that's an Individual Education Program for kids with special needs). The school's computer went down and lost all her info and then two of the participants had to cancel last minute. Those of us who attended just chatted off the record and then rescheduled for Monday when the representative from Golden Valley High School and Elcie's advocate can make it. The middle school teachers, her P.E. teacher and I didn't want to make any decisions without the additional input.

Rebecca was out yesterday with a sore throat and no voice. She's feeling better today.

I still haven't figured out what's wrong with my "router" but at least I have the net and I can stop throwing rocks at Comcast who was completely innocent this time. The girls will survive without their computer until I can get someone who knows what they're doing over here.

This day is getting away from me quickly and I should go be useful. Thanks for the comments (I'm still trying to catch up on reading and responding so please bear with me), have a great weekend (nice weather here - might hit 80° F), and take care everyone.

Update: For any who don't know which girl is which, Rochelle is the smiling one, Rebecca looks sad, and Elcie is in the chair. If you didn't know where the blog name comes from it's their names: ROChelle, REBecca, ELcie (rocrebel granny). Also, I'm something of a Rebel. They're in the same order on the sidebar.


Gawdessness said...

Happy Birthday!
Lovely girls all!

Gina said...

She looks beautiful!

The other girls do too, but Elcie has that special birthday glow!

Happy Birthday!

Atasha said...

Very nice and I love the smile. Okay I get mixed up with their names but even though they all resemble mommy a whole lot, I the one on the right in the back on the last photo looks identical to mommy. Atleast when she isn't smiling.

Tammy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Elcie!!
She is a beautiful gal!!
But then all your gals are!!

Autumn said...

Happy Birthday! You share your birthday with my kids dad. My daughter and her boyfriend are taking him and his lady friend out to dinner tonight then we will stop in for cake and ice cream. I hope you have a fun day too.

Yondalla said...

Happy birthday from us!

And IEP, according to my husband, stands for "Increased Educational Paperwork"!

Theresa said...

What beautiful girls! And just look at that smile!

tAnYeTTa said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I just learned something new (roc rebel) I just thought it was because you're such a rebel. :)

Arwen said...

I didn't know the reason you were roc rebel either but I think I should point out: 2 are smiling. I had to keep reading for you to say one is in the chair. I saw two smiling girls and one grumpy (the joys of pre-pubesence).
Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ I hope that Elcie has a lovely birthday and enjoys her new laptop. Se is beautiful, but then so are Rochelle and Rebecca.And hasn't
Rebecca grown? Tasha looks young.
Sorry Ray has had another trip to hospitan and hope he is home again soon. And Carol too,I hope she is comfortable. Look after yourself Ann
as you have a heavy load to bear.
Enjoy the birthday cake and party.
Love, Merle.

nancy said...

I know you have the "procedural rights and safeguards" and blah blah blah, but don't forget, 14 years old is when you should start transition planning both h.s. and after. I know it will seem early but make sure everyone talks about it know so Elcie has the best chance to be the strong independent girl you know she can be 4-6 years from now :)

I am a sped dork. Happy Birthday Elcie!

Kendra Lynn said...

Wow...the family resemblance is amazing.
They are beautiful girls.


lushgurl said...

What a beautiful family! They really do all look alike. I love how you came up with your blog really DO roc, Granny Ann!
HUGS to you and the gurls

Lauren said...

She looks very beautiful, Ann.

You have a lovely family!u

Margaret said...

Your girls are all truly beautiful,I send my belated birthday wishes and am very pleased that you had such a wonderful time and that grandad could be there as well. Steal as many jokes as you wish.God Bless you all,Cheers and Hugs

Missy said...

Ann, they're all so beautiful. Especially Elcie! Man, I remember how big of a deal it was to go to high school.

That Rebecca, though! Ha, what a pouter, eh?!

Nvisiblewmn said...

What a doll! They're all so pretty, though.

School Teacher said...

I'm soooo late but Happy Birthday Elcie!!!!!!

Ann, I hope the IEP went well and that all is well with the rest of the family.

Yondalla is right, for us teachers IEP does stand for "Increased Educational Paperwork" :) LOL! The paper work in special ed is rediculous on top of the extra help that the kids require, lesson plans,etc. I know you caregivers have your work cut out for you too! Especially you Ann, being that you care for so many.