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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Hate Algebra!!

Much as I discourage the girls from saying "I hate", I don't always practice what I preach, especially when it comes to algebra. I took some kind of test in the 8th grade that convinced the school counselor that I had a high math aptitude. I don't. I have a high arithmetic aptitude which is not the same thing at all. I struggled through 2 years of algebra and forgot most of it (purposely) and have never needed anything but the most basic knowledge of equations since.

Fast forward from the 50's to 2007. The girls are covered up in algebra and it gets worse each year. Today is the 1st and my regular monthly main shopping day. After I finished stocking up on laundry products, cat food and litter, toilet paper, etc. along with some jeans for Rebecca who is outgrowing everything and a few shirts for all of them, I treated myself to a hot drink at Barnes & Noble. While there, I purchased a book called Algebra for Dummies. My goal is to stay one lesson ahead of Elcie and two ahead of Rochelle and Rebecca.

I stopped at Goodwill and found more clothes for the three of them and then made a brief stop at home to pick up Elcie (early day for all 3 today and tomorrow).

Elcie and I attended an assembly for 8th graders and their parents the day before yesterday to prepare us for graduation and other end of year festivities. Good grief, one would think it was college. They spent a good thirty minutes talking about dress requirements. Wouldn't it be simpler to just cover everyone in a cap and gown? Evidently not.

The girls MUST wear dresses or skirts and blouses. No shorter than the knee and they must not touch the floor. The list went on from there. Elcie owns a dress or two but seldom wears them; partly because of p.e. and partly because they're ungainly with the wheelchair. (Also, she's a little sensitive about her legs).

They handed out all the instructions complete with two misspelled words. Both homonyms so spell check didn't notice. Bear when they meant bare (no bare backed dresses) and heal for heel (talking about shoes). Not that I have any room to talk but Elcie's teacher and I giggled over it. I refrained from saying if they spent a little less time on algebra and a little more on spelling the mistakes might be fewer.

I'd promised her a haircut today so I called her Uncle Tim and the two of us took her. While we were waiting, we started talking about both of us taking her sometime in the next couple of weeks to look for clothes. Then we decided to just do it or at least see what was available. We checked each little shop in the Mall and found a gray ankle length skirt and a soft green blouse that looked wonderful on her and solved the problem of her legs showing. Found a pair of dressy looking flats to go with it. She's set unless we decide on some jewelry later on.

I'm as fond of clothes shopping as I am of algebra and not that wild about beauty salons either so it was good to have Tim along for company and advice. He's worked in retail for years and knows much more than I. Elcie had a wonderful time.

By then it was dinner time. (Ray was feeding Rochelle and Rebecca). We stopped for Chinese buffet, dropped Tim, and then staggered home. It was a very good day.

Her graduation isn't until May 31 but I know how I am about avoiding what I don't like to do. Left up to me, I'd be shopping on May 30 in a blind panic. Now it's done except for another haircut in May. Even at the rate she's growing, that long skirt will still fit.

She'll be going to Marine World in Vallejo the day before graduation with the 8th grade kids from the 4 middle schools here. She's an animal lover so should have a great time. The next day is the graduation and a dance (same dress) and June 1 is the last day of school (attendance optional for the 8th graders but I'll probably send her). It will be a time for yearbook and t-shirt signing, goodbyes, and possibly even a class party. I don't believe any work will be done.

Rochelle and Rebecca are a wee bit jealous. Their turn will come but two more years must seem like forever to them.

And that's about it for me. Ray is still doing okay and Carol remains the same. I'll probably see her on Saturday if the weather stays decent.

Welcome to new visitor Rositta from Ontario, Canada. She writes that Ontario is experiencing bitter cold, snow, and expected power failures. It's been a bad winter. Please keep them in your thoughts along with Alabama. They've had killer tornados, one of which took out a high school.

Thanks to all for the comments and take care everyone.


Margaret said...

Hi Ann, Pleased things are running along smoothly for you all at the minute. I gues the younger girls do think their turn is ever so far away as is the way when we are young. It does soon seem to slide the other way pretty quickly once it atarts speaking for myself at least.
Sorry I have not been around for a while.
Cheers and hugs Margaret

Carin said...

Hope I fixed that email thing you were talking about.

and yes, we are getting slam slam slammed with nasty weather.

Good luck with all the graduation preparation

Autumn said...

Hi Ann
Blogger locked me out so I moved to
Please change your bookmark and stop by when you have time

Anonymous said...

Oh, Algebra. I don't like it, either, and I'm horrible at it. Fortunately for me DH is a math/chemistry whiz, so we're covered in that department.

Sounds like you had a great day. I'm so happy that everything fell into place for you. And I can totally relate on the sibling jealousy thing... :-)

Arwen said...

You may find that algebra isn't as hard anymore. I have noticed that the first time I took calculus it was very hard. Painful. Horrible. When I took it a second time it came a lot easier. Either my brain changed or my learning style changed or something. It just made more sense the second time.
I still have issues with trig though.

PI said...

My maxim with kids is do as I say - not as I do. I can't remember ever having to use algebra in real life - arithmetic yes - we had no calculators.
I'd loved to have been shopping with you. I quite like clothes shopping for me but love clothes shopping for others.

Kendra Lynn said...

Just wanted to say hey...hope all is well with the family and YOU!

Gina said...

I cannot, cannot do Algebra to save my life. Geometry, fine, Algebra, no way.

Heather said...

Entering high school truly has turned into something bizarre all together. I recall that I just signed up and went. But now with all of the meetings and registration deadlines and course selections.... It is enough to make me want to send Loren back to second grade.

Hugs to you and your gang.