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Friday, April 06, 2007

Peeps, Peeps, and Even More Peeps!!

Love them or hate them? Whichever, this latest post from Cape Buffalo should brighten your day. It certainly did mine.

Elcie is watching the new Charlotte's Web. I'll be interested to hear her review. She's in love with the original cartoon version. The other two are at the roller skating rink until ten. It's a once a month benefit for the PTA and a chance for them to have fun. The rink is closed to all but the kids from two of the middle schools and their parents. Kids pay $4.50 for 4-1/2 hours; parents get in free. The girls are old enough now for me to drop them and pick them up.

Did I mention we have kittens again? One of the neighborhood strays who drops in for a visit from time to time decided our living room would double as a delivery room. I was afraid of that. Three of the little varmints; one calico, one sort of tiger stripe, and one orange. I'm pretty sure I have homes for all three and then I'll figure out what to do with the mama. Meantime, we moved them to a box in Elcie's room.

Ray and I went shopping earlier and then stopped for coffee. I've missed his not being well enough for the two of us to get out even if it's just for errands. Now that the weather is better, we'll do more of it.

The girls are out of school for the next nine days. A friend gave us 4 new board games, I have a few cooking projects planned, and possibly a picnic depending on the weather. This weekend is supposed to be damp so we're not sure. They have bikes and skates, jump ropes and sidewalk chalk. Crayons, paints and books. They'll still probably be bored by Tuesday. Elcie has a camp-out (Mayor's Friendship Camp) on Thursday and Friday courtesy of the City of Merced Parks and Recreation Dept. That might be a good time to plan something else for the siblings.

Rochelle went on a field trip to the University of California, Merced campus today but we were in such a frantic hurry to get them to the skating rink, I forgot to ask her about it. I've been out there for meetings and social events but I haven't toured the (incomplete) campus yet. It's a work in progress.

No new word on Carol as yet. Ray and I plan to go early tomorrow and Rebecca wants to go along. I have some misgivings but she said "I really need to see her". I'll talk to her again in the morning but if she persists, I'll take her. She's old enough to know her own mind. I think she wants to reassure herself her Grandma is still alive even though I promised her I would never keep something like that a secret. She's asked me that more than once so obviously it's something to take seriously. I'm never sure what Rebecca's thinking (or any of them for that matter).

Ray and I are enjoying the relative quiet with two of the three girls out of the house. Watching the Giants vs the Dodgers at the moment. I can type and watch t.v. at the same time but I'll need to make sure my fingers didn't start off on the wrong keys.

Thanks to all for the comments if I don't get back to all of you. Take care and have a great weekend.


Diane J. said...

I'm sorry to hear that Carol is in the hospital again. I'm praying for her and I'll put her on my Sunday School class's prayer list Sunday morning.

Glad Ray is feeling well enough to get out a bit.

Enjoy your few hours of reasonably quiet time until you have to pick up the other 2 kids.

I wish you blessed and Happy Easter, Ann.

Love and Hugs,


Autumn said...

I am glad the girls will have a nice break from school. Happy Easter to all of you. I will keep Carol in my thoughts.
Take care

Susie said...

We loved the new Charlotte's Web! Totally enjoyable. I didn't see any rain in the forecast, maybe I better go doublecheck.
I've said a little prayer for Carol.
I know how difficult this is for you..

oshee said...

Happy Easter...

Did you notice how well the Diamondbacks did tonight?

tAnYeTTa said...

Hi Granny!

Happy Easter. I saw Peeps on sale at the store and immediately thought of you :)

I looooooove the photos of the girls on your blog. They are all grown up and soooooo beautiful.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Ann.

It's good that the weather is getting nice enough for you and Ray to venture out again.

Sounds like the girls have an Easter school break like our kids do here. They're off for the next week, too.

Hope Carol is okay and I'm sure Rebecca will be reassured.

Happy Easter to you and yours.

peppylady said...

When I light my candles this evening I'll keep Carol in my thoughts.

I've never seen a Charlotte's Web movie but I remember when I was in grade school my teacher reading it to class.
So it was sometime between 1966 and 1973 and I'm guess more in the 60's

Nvisiblewmn said...

I'm wishing all of you well, and I'm with you on allowing Rebecca to see her Grandma. It sounds like the right thing to do.

Kara said...

Hi Ann! Thanks for the link. I'll be thinking of your son when I see peeps from now on!

Happy Easter to all of you


~~Cape Buffalo

Peter said...

Hi Ann, hope your Easter break continues well... enjoy.

Kendra Lynn said...

Happy Easter...enjoy the day.


mreddie said...

One of the Spice's favorites is the peeps of this time of year. This last week was spring break in the schools around Augusta - hope you guys have a good break from the routine. The temp where we are visiting and back home have taken a nosedive - not sure of the effect on my plants yet, we go home tomorrow. ec

oldwhitelady said...

It sounds like a busy time. I read the book, Charlotte's Web, and loved it. It's so sad, I couldn't go see the movie. Roller skating is certainly a fun past time. I hope they had a terrific time, and no bruises! Oh, kittens! They are so much fun... Even if they must go to different homes, when old enough. I hope Carol's alright. I'm glad it's getting nice out. Being able to enjoy the weather, always helps attitude.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Kittens birthed by a drop in? That happened to me about 20 years ago; at least that cat who adopted us birthed her kittens in my basement workroom beneath the work bench. (And then moved them to a "safe" place where up humans couldn't snuggle them. Wise cat, that.

Emma Sometimes said...

thank you for your well wishes, Anne. I'm back from behind a pile of moving boxes. :)

Sounds like you have a busy weekend? Enjoy the sunshine with Ray.

LOVE the pics of the girls. Those really turned out well.

Still praying for Carol.

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

PI said...

Happy Easter Day to you and yours. I hope Ray continues to improve. I miss not being able to go for long walks with my husband. I've just done six miles with my son.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a happy Easter!!

JunieRose said...

Happy Easter to you all!


"Early Bird" said...

Happy Easter to you and yours!!

Madcap said...

A peaceful Easter weekend to you all, Granny Ann.

Turtle Guy said...

Checking in... not sure what happened to my last comment... lost somewhere in cyberspace, I expect.

I was recalling something of a huge turkey and an overstuffed freezer - last year - that was you, yes?

Eat well, be blessed and long may you blog!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I hope all is well for you and yours.

Happy Easter to you too.

My daughter has been on Easter break for the past week, and has had been to too sleep over and had one here as well.

Isn't it nice when we get them old enough we can give them and us a little room to breath?

I hope you enjoy the rest of the girls Easter break.


Jo said...

Kittens in springtime, is there anything more life affirming and sweet? Good luck with the spring break, Little Man about drove me out of my mind with all the wedding stuff and him home.

Jobthingy said...

i just wanted to pop in quickly, say hello and wish you and yours a Happy Easter.

Gina said...

I hope you all had a good weekend, Ann!

The Mama said...

Hi Granny,

Just popping in to say hi. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

I had to go invite only on my blog because of some privacy issues, so you can e-mail me if you want me to add you.


venessa said...

Hi Ann!

Glad Ray is feeling better. And belated Happy Easter!

Radical Mama

wolfbaby said...

The new charlots web movie was pretty good... i loved the book as a child and i think the movie is holding it's own with the book;)