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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Maundy Thursday and Pesach (Updated)

I borrowed this beautiful picture from Delilah Boyd.

My church (United Methodist in case any of you are wondering) has a traditional foot washing observance on Maundy Thursday (today) of each year.

Last year we combined it with a Seder in observance of Pesach (Passover) which this year is from sunset of April 2 through nightfall of April 14. We'll be doing the same thing this year which I hope will be the continuation of another tradition. Unless something changes between now and this evening I'll be taking the girls and Ray if he's well enough.

I'll probably go to see Carol today since Tim has the day off. They've increased her pain medications once again. I hope it helps. We went last week but she was sleeping. I wouldn't wake her up and I won't this time either. The high power medication helps with the pain but leaves her disoriented much of the time so she may not even remember we were there. It's hard to watch but I'm glad the pain is still manageable.

(Update - the care facility called right after I wrote this. She's having some problems and they're sending her over to the hospital. If they don't need me before then, I'll take Ray and go in on Saturday. Dawn will watch the girls and supervise the annual egg coloring mess.)

Rochelle and Rebecca engaged in their usual tug of war over clothing this morning. No matter what I buy for one, the other covets it. Rebecca went off to school in Rochelle's clothes and vice versa. Elcie was sounding off about her stubborn sibs. A clear case of the pot and the kettle, I told her.

We finally got Elcie on her bus and I headed out with the others. Now I have a few minutes before my friend Dawn comes back. She's been helping me with the house. I keep up with the daily grind but I have several projects that need doing. We're whittling away at them little by little while drinking coffee and playing cards in between. Yesterday we cleared out all the papers the girls bring home from school, straightened out school supplies, etc. I mopped floors and washed down the most offensive woodwork while I was at it.

The next is to go through the linen closet which is bulging at the seams. I know that I have at least 20 more sheets than anyone could possibly need. They stay at the bottom and take up space. And then we'll do the same thing with the girls' clothes; most of which will go to Dawn. Some will go to Goodwill and some to our church clothes closet. When she came in this morning, her daughter Destiny was wearing a t-shirt which had been through all 3 of mine and still going strong. It will be passed down at least one more time before it turns into a dust cloth.

And sometime in between I'll pack away the ornaments which are still on the piano. We did everything except that in a timely fashion. (Update - that turned into our task for this morning. It's done along with a lot of sweeping and dusting, Now I'm on my way to meet Tim for lunch.)

Easter dinner will be simple. I have a turkey breast and a small ham. Both will go in the oven with no frills and I'll buy potato salad (unless I get ambitious suddenly) and cole slaw mix. I'll probably make candied sweets and possibly a few deviled eggs the day before. Unless Tim has the time off, it will be just us and maybe one neighbor couple.

I still haven't solved my "picture viewing" problem completely on the other blogs. It may be fixed here. I installed Adobe one more time and it came with a free "photoshop". I now have all my photos and images there. It seems to be working but I haven't learned much about it yet.

I'll test it out later with the two pictures everyone but me can see. Maybe Picasa is the problem as some suggested. Firefox has never given me problems before and I don't want to switch back to IE because strange things happen to the color and the sidebar (it disappears).

To those of you who observe Easter, have a blessed day and the same to all who celebrate Passover. And to everyone, thanks for the comments (I'm behind in replies once again), be safe, and have a wonderful weekend if I don't get back before then.


The Mama said...

I need to follow your example and do some spring cleaning instead of sit here reading!!!

Have a wonderful easter weekend!


mreddie said...

Had to smile at the "egg coloring mess", that sounds vaguely familar, but long ago. Also the "clothes wars" brought a smile of remembrance. ec

Gawdessness said...

happy easter ann!
Peace and joy to you and yours.

Bacchus said...

the catholic church I attended as a kid did the foot washing too. The priest would wash the feet of the lay servers, with the help of the altar boys. I was always proud to be up there taking part in something so important. To teach the lesson of service and humility.

Happy Easter.

Atasha said...

Happy Easter Ann!
I hope Carol things turn out ok with Carol at the hospital.

I need to get motivated over here to dust Ann. It's an ongoing problem and it's getting bad. If you could only see the top of the entertainment center. My goodness. The computer desk in no better.

I am proud to say I cleaned out our linen closets and got rid of the full size sheets that we've been holding on too forever. The sad thing is I cannot remember when we had the full size bed. Old towels were removed also. And some of my old clothes. It's was getting a little ridiculous.

PI said...

Isn't it strange how the advent of Spring can make you actually want to clean. I've just done the kitchen cupboards - not quite all.
That's a lovely picture. Picasa works for me. I just click 'I'm feeling lucky' and you can blog straaight from there. But I have other problems - don't we all?

PEA said...

You've been such a busy lady with all the cleaning but I'm glad you're getting some help with it! I do hope Carol isn't any worse, you mentioned her being sent to the prayers are continuing for her!! The girls are acting like typical teens with the clothes...that was one good thing about not having a sister, I didn't have to share my clothes! lol Happy Easter to you and yours my friend!! xox

Andrea said...

And a Happy Easter to you as well Granny!!

The photos of the girls are beauitiful.

Do you talk to Carol when she is sleeping. I beleive that when you talk to people who are sleeping they still hear every word your say. Hugs and god bless.

"Early Bird" said...

Happy Easter to you Granny and family!

Kendra Lynn said...

Happy Easter, Ann! Have a great Good Friday as well.
I'm off to get ready for our service tonight, so I will check in with you later.
My prayers are with you and your family.


Gina said...

Have a great Easter weekend, Ann!

Oy, my house needs such a cleaning. It's starting to bug me. It's wonderful that you have someone to help.

Dapoppins said...

I have the picture viewing problem too. I can't figure out how to download things, it takes forever and then half way though it just quits. ERG.

Sounds like you had a nice Easter with a great service at church. I helped with the 2nd graders at church and feel like I missed out, and then we used a gift card and went OUT to dinner. Usually Easter afternoon is spent with the grandparents...but it just couldn't happen this year and I was a little sad about the change.

The threat of visitors finally made me put away all of my Christmas decorations! It only took three months.