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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Testing - Continued (Updated)

Since so many of you like the "granny" photo, my friend Angela will add it to the sidebar below the girls.

Thanks to all who have commented. Everyone but me can see the pics.

I have some votes for IE and some for Mozilla Firefox. I've been using Mozilla for almost a year and this is the first problem I've had. I'll check out the suggestions and see if I can get the computer to cooperate.

It isn't just on this blog; it's happening with many of yours as well. I'll see a couple of the pictures, skip one, see a couple more, etc. Frustrating.

I'll be back later. Have a good day and take care.


I'm going to try to put the other picture on. It should be interesting. The last time I messed with my sidebar except for the blogroll, I zapped my entire blog.

I have step by step directions from Angela. She's a good teacher so if I zap the blog again, I have only myself to blame.

Wish me luck.


lushgurl said...

Hi Granny, I love all of your pics! Go visit Jedi Michael if you have a chance- his post today is hilarious!
Love ya and HUGS

Anonymous said...

I would never go back to IE--I'm a dedicated Firefox gal!

The blog is lookin' good!

Anonymous said...

perhaps if you used a hammer on the computer it would be more willing to cooperate next time?

Angela said...

I'm on firefox and things are fine... I wonder why you are having such a hard time? Must be something your computer is missing (like an update or something?)... I don't know!

Do you have the newest version of firefox? I wonder if that makes a difference...

Susie said...

No problems here with Firefox. I don't see the picture you were talking about in your sidebar, but perhaps it's not posted yet??

Anvilcloud said...

Firefox rocks. The newest version even had spell checking in these boxes. How cool is that?

Nvisiblewmn said...

Love the Granny photo. YOu look wonderful. Love the girls' new photos, too.

Kendra Lynn said...

I like the girls' pics on the sidebar...very nice. :)


Atasha said...

Oh oh Ann, my fingers are crossed for you. I hope the addition to the sidebar goes smoothly. :-)

Good Luck

Michael said...

Hi Granny,
Thanks for stopping by my blog, great to hear from u, I work at Hansons a building supply company in the UK and all outr network came down yesterday thanks to a virus.
We rely on so much today, just think how much we depend on electric, everything comes to a grinding halt without it and within a month we would be back to the dark ages.
Computers are the same, total chaos yesterday lots of lost sales just because of a bug.
I cant help but think one day our house of cards is gonna come crashing down.
Nice photos btw I can see em as well!

Sheri said...

Beautiful photos!

mreddie said...

I'm away from my own computer and seem to be having trouble with most everything at one time or another. ec

Michael said...

Hi Granny
You are most welcome to any of my posts my dear, hope you have a great Easter Holiday, my email is

Angela said...

Just shows you the faith I have in you, eh? I don't think you could possibly zap the blog - the new layout kind of ensures that.

So go! Try! It's not bad at all - and it takes only a second!