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Thursday, June 28, 2007

More of This and That

The girls (two of them) just left with my friend and a gang of other kids for an exhibit and ice cream social at our old Courthouse museum. From there they'll wander down to the Farmer's Market.

I spent the afternoon playing cards with Tim and his friends. My partner and I actually won. We'd lost the last two weeks straight. Tim treated us all to KFC and had enough left over for me to bring home for dinner. No cooking tonight. They've invited all of us to a barbecue/pool (the water variety) party on the 4th (Independence Day here in case anyone doesn't know). Ray will probably beg off. The heat might be too much and he enjoys having the house to himself once in a while. It should be fun. I asked what I should bring and they said "just yourselves". So we will. Usually we drive to the next town north to see their fireworks but this year I think we'll just settle for our fairgrounds. We can see them from the house or very close to it.

Ray ended up in the emergency room yesterday. They kept him for a few hours and sent him back home. He saw his own doctor today, has a couple of new prescriptions, including one for valium. I'm hoping it will help keep his stress level down. It gets a little crazy around here, especially in the summer. Not just our kids, but the neighbors in and out all day long. Not much I can do about that unfortunately except try to keep the noise level down in the house.

The congestive heart failure diagnosis makes sense. It fits most of his symptoms. They're talking angina as well. It gets a little goofy though. They told him the congestive heart failure could be alleviated by cutting back on fluids. So he did. Last night, they told him it was angina which was due to dehydration. Now what??

My adoptive mom will turn 95 on July 25. I had a long phone conversation with my brother the other day. She'd been living more or less independently with my brother checking in on her every day (they're both in Albany, NY). He told me she'd been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. She's recovering from that but it appears she'll no longer be able to live by herself but will go into a nursing home. This is one of those times I wish I could be in two places at once. I can't.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She's a remarkable lady and up until lately was still doing fairly well, considering her age.

Elcie backed out of her dance performance tomorrow. She'd been reluctant to go to the program and kept coming up with mysterious ailments that disappeared once her bus left without her. Finally, she admitted she was uncomfortable with the whole thing but didn't want us to be disappointed or angry. Disappointed, yes. Angry, no. I hoped it would be something she'd enjoy. I'd already talked to her teacher. Neither of us wanted to have her back out and leave them stranded but they had enough kids to fill in.

Rochelle is out of summer school too. The bus kept leaving earlier and earlier. After she missed it 3 days running, we said enough. I don't mind a bus leaving late but early should never happen.

Other than that, not much is new. It's still hot (maybe not by Phoenix standards but we're in the mid 90's and climbing) and we'll hit the 100's by weekend.

Thanks to all for the comments. I notice my guest book is growing. Have a good weekend and take care everyone.


Cecil said...

Ann, Sorry hubby is having problems..hope he feels better.. yes, we have a lot of fun as a family... lots of nutty fun! Have a good weekend and enjoy the 4th1

Rositta said...

I know all about congestive heart failure, my Mom had it. She was also fluid restricted, it builds up in the lungs and swells the feet and ankles. I don't know what to do about the angina though. Valium kind of spaces one out though doesn't it? They put my Mom on small dose of Celexa instead, just a thought. Hope all goes reasonably well with your Mom though, I know how tough it can be. Thinking of you...ciao

Susie said...

Bill's dad had CHF too. It was quite difficult to manage as he had several other issues with his heart as well.
Sounds like your summer is quite busy. It's been hot here too and supposed to get hotter. Good for the garden I guess.

Diane J. said...

My Mama had CHF so I know what Ray is facing. It can be very hard to treat, unfortunately.

Hot and still needing rain here. Typical summer weather for Arkansas, as you well know.

Love and hugs,


Bacchus said...

Thinking of all of you. I don't know how you do that heat. It hits in the high 80's here and I start thinking of moving to Alaska.

Too many years in the south and I have no tolerance for heat.

Misspudding said...

Oh, Ann, I'm so sorry that you have to cope with two difficult things at once. I can't believe you're mom is 95. That's amazing!

Here's to hoping both her and Ray (and you!) take care of all of yourselves.

Hugs and much love from Seattle.

Angel said...

((((Granny))))) Definitely keeping everyone in your family in my prayers.

Is there possibly anything I can do (all the way here in FL)?

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Ann

Sorry to hear Ray is not so must be quite a worry for you and yet you are so stoic about things.

Hmmm, into the cards, eh? What fun. Glad you had a win this time.

Take care of yourself.


clairesgarden said...

school holidays have just started here, things get louder as the boredom starts to set in. . .
I hope Ray find a peacful place in his head he can hide out from the summer madness, I find my greenhouse does wonders. . .
many blessings