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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Picture Viewing

I think I've discovered why I'm having trouble viewing pictures. I'll experiment a little more and if it's consistent, I'll come back and share it with everyone. It's weird.

Update late Thursday night (or early Friday morning)

Note the newest addition to my sidebar. You can't miss it, it's bright pink. Just tonight, I fixed my long standing picture problem, unfroze youtube, and managed to affix the button to the sidebar. That should qualify me for either the rockin girl or the geek award. Is there a geek award?

For invisible pictures (if you see the little square). Right click. Then either click on "view picture" or if there is something checked that keeps you from viewing pictures, uncheck it. It gets there on its own somehow. Thanks to my local card playing friends who pointed me in the right direction. You know who you are.

My youtube turned out to be a glitch in Adobe flash. I reinstalled it. Instructions are in the youtube help section or by googling Adobe flash. I'm so glad I didn't start looking for zebras instead of horses. It turned out to be simple and I didn't have to spend money.

Don't ask me how to add to the sidebar. I can never remember from the last time. Eventually I stumble on it somehow.

Hey, I almost forgot. July 1 will be our 18th wedding anniversary. I'll try to get back and write something wonderful about Ray. There are many wonderful things about Ray, not least of which is putting up with me and the gang all these years.

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

Back to the rockin' girl award.

Thanks to my friend Emma for the nomination and the kind words. I'd blush copying them here. If you'd like to know what she said, it's on her blog. There's a catch of course; I have to nominate five other women who in turn nominate five more, etc. The problem isn't finding five rocking bloggers, it's limiting my selections to five.

I'll try to remember who's already been nominated if I can. Not that they don't deserve multiple nominations but I'd like to spread the joy. I think I'll stay with the grannies. We're all Rockin' Girls at heart.

Friday's Child in Manila, Philippines

Granny Fiddler in Alberta, Canada

Granny P in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Merle in Victoria, Australia

Cuppa (Brown Betty Brew) of Ontario, Canada (Anvilcloud's wife for any who haven't had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing her beautiful photographs. I believe she's the newest granny on the list)

These five women each bring their own unique perspective and talent to their writing. At first glance, one would think they have little in common but they share a joy in life and love of family that shines through. Most of you know Merle but you may not know the others. They're wonderful.

(If you haven't seen it, there's another recent post below this one.)


Diane J. said...

Yee haw! You figured out your picture problems without having to call in the big guns! There's just something so satisfying about figuring out some of this computer geekery on your own.

You so deserve the Rockin' Girl Blogger award. I'm glad your friend honored you.

Happy Anniversary, Ann. I'll be checking back for your anniversary post.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Love and hugs,


Anonymous said...

I'd say you definitely deserve the award! I can't believe you sat down and fixed all that stuff in one sitting--I haven't been able to resolve my blog issues in WEEKS! Congrats, Ann!


That was very nice of you to nominate me. I appreciate it a lot. Happy advance Wedding Anniversary. Is there anything I should do for the nomination? Do I put a banner too on my side bar?
Thanks for the visit.

PEA said...

Hi Ann:-)

There you go, you figured it out!! Good for you! I kinda like the thought of a Geek Award myself! LOL

Congratulations on the Rockin' Girl Blogger award...very much deserved because you truly do rock:-)

Your wedding anniversary is on our Canada Day...congratulations to you and Ray!! I do hope he's feeling better now!

Take care my friend! xox

McBunni said...

Congrats on the Rockin' Girl Blogger award.

Your household hint post RULES! I booked marked it----I'm going to be able to use several of those. :)

Ginny said...

Hi Ann,

Sorry I haven't been around here much. My sister found out she's got cancer; my brother and his wife delivered a premature baby on 4/29 who was due on 7/10. (Just went home from the hosp. yesterday) and my mom had to have major surgery. Lots of family drama here. I saw your comment to me on ParentDish about sibling harmony. Thanks. :)
I hope you are doing well, I'll have to come back and read all the posts I've missed.
I tried to do a guest book thingy but apparently it didn't work?


"Early Bird" said...

I'm so glad you posted about the red x and not seeing the pictures because for the past two weeks I've had just a wee problem with it...just one or two pictures have disapeared in previous posts and I still don't understand it...congrats to you and yours on the RBA!!

Peter said...

Hi Ann, good to hear you got your picture problem solved at last.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Congratulations on the award, Ann. If there is a Geek Award, you'd qualify for that, too with what you've done today.

Ahah! A wedding anniversary tomorrow (Downunder time). I'm looking forward to reading about you and Ray.

Have a great weekend...

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ Well done on the picture things. I have just worked out how to post photos and am pleased with that. Thank you for the Award, I wil have to get Peter to put it on for me, I have tried. I hope Ray is feeling better by now, and also your Mom is
over the pneumonia. I wish you and Ray a wonderful 18th Wedding anniversary and that you are able to celebrate it together. Take care, my
friend. Much love, Merle.

Nvisiblewmn said...

You rock, Gran.

wolfbaby said...

Congradulations on the award.. and i hope you have a wonderful anniversry!!