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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy, Happy!!

My friend Dawn has just said something (I don't know what) that gave them fits of laughter. I ran for the camera so I could post it here and brighten everyone's day.

If I can catch up with Miss Elcie, I'll add her on later.

Rebecca just left with Dawn to go to the kids' free day at the county fair, Elcie is at the library with a friend, and Rochelle just finished cleaning up the living room (or at least hitting the high spots). She owed Rebecca for a couple of cleaning jobs and Elcie's job is always to keep up with her video collection which ends up all over the floor.

The fair tonight will include free car races. They'll go over around five, look through the exhibits, see the animals, and then wait for the races to start. Rochelle was supposed to go but begged off at the last minute. She may have outgrown the kids' part of the fair and I won't let them go on the rides. For one thing it's expensive and for another I may be paranoid but I don't trust the rides that travel from town to town. I know they hire local people to help put them up and I've seen some of the people they hire. Rebecca will spend the night with Dawn and come home tomorrow.

Strange. Up until last year it was Rochelle who loved the races and went to all the free nights with dawn. Suddenly now it's Rebecca. Elcie could care less about either one so she can hole up with her library books or just hang out.

I told Rebecca (and Rochelle) that they could go to the Nickel Arcade with some of the money we saved by not splurging on the fair. They were fine with that.

Ray is sitting here eating leftover pizza - cold. No accounting for tastes as the old lady said when she kissed the frog. He's been fixing breakfast for everyone lately (with Rebecca's help). She's perfectly capable of doing pancakes and eggs now but he likes to do it.

And me? I could probably think of more productive things but it's hot here so my project for today will be to start through my picture collection. I just learned how to change file names and do captions so I'll start with the newest and work backwards. I'll be using the delete key as I go. There are so many duplicates or near duplicates and far too many pics of the floor and ceiling. From now on, I've made a resolution to edit as I upload (or download as the case may be) from the camera.

Then I'll figure out a home for them. Right now, they're at at least 3 different sites and there may be one which is easier than the others. Let's see. I have Kodak (from the camera), Adobe, Picasa2, and Google. I think they're over on Yahoo and possibly Flickr as well.

Obviously I have some work to do. If I ever get them cleaned up, I'll save them to disc.

I may be here until December.

My net just went down - again. It's been doing that off and on for days. It will leave suddenly and come back 20 or 30 minutes later. Or 10 minutes or 2 hours - I never know.

I'll copy this to something and come back later.

Aha! The whole thing saved before the net went down. Meantime I did something productive - a couple loads of laundry.

Posting now before it happens again.

Thanks to all for the comments. I'll catch up with all of you eventually if this net will ever behave.


Susie said...

They do look happy! I need to organize my photos too.
I agree with you on those carnival rides. Our fair is just ending. They ran 5 days instead of the old time 14. (due to terrible attendance the last few yrs)

PEA said...

Loved seeing the picture of the girls laughing:-) Oh gosh, I have so many pictures I've uploaded from my camera and put in folders, I really need to organize them and put them on disc too!!! I use to love going to the carnival and going on the rides but that's when I was a young teen! Now you wouldn't catch me on one! lol You hear so many horror stories of rides breaking down with people on them and some suffering severe injuries. Ray is my kind of guy...cold pizza...yummmmm! LOL Keep well my friend and hopefully your internet won't give you too many more problems!! xox

L. said...

Cold of the GODS. Seriously -- it tastes better cold.

Anvilcloud said...

I don't mind cold pizza either. Too bad I'm being good these days. I have holiday pounds to shed.

Granny said...

I don't mind cold pizza but I do have a microwave. Ten seconds and the cheese is a little less like rubber.

Diane J. said...

Cold pizza is nasty. I'd rather kiss the frog. ;D

Our fair is in September as you may recall. Still a while off yet....

One thing I do like about the new Blogger is the automatic save feature as you're writing your posts. My power has went off several times lately due to storms and just general "who knows?" I hate to be in the middle of something on the computer when that happens!

The girls do look happy in the picture. :-)

And I have all my pictures on my computer, none farmed out to hosting sites. But I do need to burn some to CD's and free up some space on my hard drive.

Love and hugs,


Val said...

Elcie could care less about either one so she can hole up with her library books or just hang out.

Elcie sounds like my kinda person.

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Glad the girls enjoyed the fair. The rides are risky these days
so I don't blame you for veto-ing
them. Thanks for your comments and I am glad you like a lot of the same songs as I do. Thanks for your kind words about cluttering - I am afraid I do have too much "stuff." Hate parting with any of it. Look after
yourself Ann, Love, Merle.