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Sunday, July 08, 2007


This is how I feel today!! Is there a cool spot anywhere in the country?

(Not like dancing around the castle courtyard, you understand). Like the title of this old song.

Anvilcloud is graciously helping me with YouTube. I managed to post the commercial video but still have to figure out getting my own videos over there.

In the meanttime, enjoy the pictures of Rebecca preparing to jump, midjump, and under the water.

Patience is a virtue but I want to go kill something.

Instead I'll go boil a few eggs and start my tuna, ham, and macaroni salad for tonight's supper.


Anonymous said...

It's not cool here, that's for sure! The car wash marquee in town read 99+ when we drove past at 10:15 this morning :-)

I use dropshots when I post videos on the blog--free and easy. I had trouble with YouTube, but never with Dropshots if you wanted to try them... I posted a video today, as a matter of fact.

Rhino said...

You realize we are the only two people on the planet who know who Slade is

Granny said...

Hey Rhino

You're forgetting your brother.

Thanks for signing the guest book. Twice. Cute kid and the wife is a fox.


Your sainted mother.