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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Back Once Again

Thanks to those of you who emailed asking if we're okay. We are. Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful, the food was spectacular, and I enjoy my friends but the first holiday season without the girls and my daughter has been a little more difficult than I anticipated. I haven't been able to think of much to say here. I sit down to write and nothing happens. Also, now that Ray is feeling better, I've spent more time hanging out with him and less time in here clicking away.

I have Christmas decorations in the living room but no room for a real tree. I picked up a 12" (.30480 meters) fake tree yesterday and some mini ornaments. Possibly I can make space for it and a small wreath on the door. As far as I know, I'll be cooking Christmas dinner for us, Jim and family, and Tim. Very low key this year. I went shopping yesterday and it was hard to go through the stores. I kept thinking about what we'd normally be doing.

On the bright side, Ray feels better (except for some residual pain from the surgery) than he has in years. I talk to the girls 2 or 3 times a week and they're doing well. And I still love this tiny house. We're making it. I'm not sure the sadness over the events of the past year will ever completely leave but it isn't constant.

My friend Janet's roommate went through her closet this weekend and I now have four bags of clothes that she no longer wears along with some luxurious looking items for the bath. She's taller than I but otherwise close to the same size. I'll go through them today or tomorrow. Janet and I are having coffee this morning and tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, Tim and I are going to see "Enchanted". Ray thinks it might be a little difficult for him to sit that long and I don't think it's his type of movie anyhow. I'm not sure; he'll watch almost anything. I walked into the living room the other morning to catch him watching an infomercial. It should be fun. My kid, a good movie, and popcorn. Who could ask for more. I haven't been to a movie in a couple of years. It's hard for me to sit that long and theaters don't come equipped with a "pause" button.

It's a little after 7 a.m. here and my friend Dawn just called and told me to look out my door to the north. I did and saw the rainbow I added to the top of this post. The sun isn't really shining this early, it's overcast and cold, and we didn't have rain but there the rainbow was. Perhaps it's a sign.

And, while I'm talking about the weather, sending good wishes to my friends in Seattle, WA and vicinity who are experiencing severe flooding and in the Minnesota/Iowa area which is dealing with heavy snow. Hope all of you are okay. By now the snow is hitting the east coast as well and the same good wishes to any of you. Arkansas had storms and tornado watches/warnings but I think it's settled down by now. Our temperature right now is in the mid 40's (F) (4.4444 C)but it's been down around freezing in the late night/early morning. We took the trash out wearing heavy jackets. I put a pair of socks on my hands as our gloves didn't seem to have survived the move. We'll have a couple of days of highs in the 60's but expect rain (snow around Yosemite) by the end of the week.

(Update around 9.00 a.m. - the rain has arrived. Thanks a lot to San Francisco for sending it our way. The rainbow was a result of the rain in the next town down the road but I still think it's a sign).

My friend Lyman just called. His printer is being contrary (thanks to Vista) so he's going to use mine. Fortuitous. I bought two new ink cartridges yesterday and haven't installed them yet. The printer ran for an entire year on the ink that came with it and I got a bargain on the cartridges (or they're just less expensive than my old Lexmark). $16 for black ink, $17 for tri-color. The Lexmarks were $35 each. Anyhow, I'd better close this out.

Word of warning to any of my friends who use Facebook. Beware of an application called Fandango. According to information I received, once you sign up it publishes whatever you've purchased in the way of books, games, videos, music, etc. directly to your Facebook page. It's in the fine print which not all of us read.

I haven't signed up for that particular application but it's good information to have. If you want to know how to access the Facebook page to protest, email me and I'll send what I have.

Thanks to all for the comments and Tim thanks you for the birthday wishes. I've been getting around to some of you and once again will catch up. I have a meme I've been trying to get to (haven't forgotten you Michael in England) and I'll finish that up as well. It will be a little different than what usually appears here.

Take care everyone.


ipm said...

thinking of you... been writing my fingers off!

much love...

Susie said...

Hi Ann,
I know this must be a difficult time of year for you with all the changes that took place.
I've heard that Enchanted is a good movie.
A belated Happy Birthday to your son.
Your youngest is a year younger than my youngest!
Keeping you in my prayers.

Anvilcloud said...

We have a small, pre-lit tree now too, but 12"? :)

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Granny,
"WELCOME BACK" to blogland. I understand why you haven't been posting. I know it must be hard on you. I can't wait to see pictures of your little tree. I'm glad Ray is feeling much better. I've also heard Enchanting is a good movie. We haven't been to a movie in over a year probably. I have been seeing about the all the rain Washington and Oregon has received. Hubby seen on the news last night where a highway collapsed and a car had fell in. Hubby used to go thru that area when he was team driving with his uncle and they were going up to Surrey, Canada. I hope you and your friend enjoy your time together today. Have a cup of coffee for me please. LOL. We had a couple of Lexmark Printers as well. The cartridges were very expensive even at Wal-Marts. I don't even have one hooked up to my computer anymore. I can't afford the ink. If I need something printed, I just go to the local library and print of from there. It doesn't cost very much. Well, take care my friend and have a great Tuesday. May God Bless You and Ray.

Karen H.

Anonymous said...

Visit me today--there's a surprise for you there :-)

peppylady said...

Glad to hear Ray is coming a long nicely and you to get to chat with the girl a few times during the week.

I haven't yet put up any Christmas stuff yet it still in the basement.

PEA said...

Glad you posted, Ann, have had you on my mind, wondering how you were doing! How wonderful that Ray is feeling so much better, may he continue that way:-) I'd love to see Enchanted...I heard it was a really good movie. You take care of yourself and know that I'm thinking of you. xox

JunieRose2005 said...

Dear Ann,

I also have had you on my mind as the Christmas holiday gets near! I know you are feeling sadness about the girls-and also your daughter. But it's good you are able to talk to them and know they are doing well.

Enjoy that movie with your son! It should be good-and of course it will be nice to spend a couple hours with your son.

Beautiful rainbow !!

Take care,


ancient one said...

Glad you are back! Your rainbow was beautiful! Wish I could help with the problem of the guestbook but I know nothing..LOL

mreddie said...

I always love rainbows! So glad that Ray is doing well. Over the Thanksgiving week that my older daughter was visiting, the Spice, OD, GM1 and GM2 went to see Enchanted and they thought it was great - especially the girls. ec

Kendra Lynn said...

Hi! I'm glad you did okay at Thanksgiving. Sorry I haven't been in touch.
Miss you.

Diane J. said...

Hi, Ann. I understand your feelings about the holidays. The last 2 years since my Mom and Dad died I haven't really gotten in the holiday spirit myself, but with Emmy here this year I'm feeling a bit more joyful.

I know what you mean about blogging too. I'm still not feeling myself at all and blogging is down the list on things I feel like doing.

Have a good rest of the week.

Love and hugs,


Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ I am so glad you have posted again. I know the holidays are
hard without the girls and Carol.
Can you get to see and talk to the girls where they are? Or could they spend some time with you before Christmas. For a meal or a few hours.
I think you would all enjoy it. So
glad Ray is doing so well, how about a photo of your "new" man. Take care of yourself, dear friend, Much love,Merle.

Jo said...

I was just going to email you too, I was getting a bit worried. Although the explanation makes sense. The Holidays are so very hard when there is recent loss. Grief is a tough holiday buddy. Hugs to you hon, I am thinking of you.

Barbra said...

Hey Granny, good to hear from you! I've missed you!

Mary said...


It's good to know that you are all fine. I love the photo of the rainbow. It's so beautiful.

Glad to hear from you.


Andrea said...

The first year after my sister died was hard and truth be told it still isnt easy. It has been five years and if you really loved someone the memories never fade and neither will the love. I would have to say that that rainbow was a very big sign.
I am so glad to hear that you are spending more time with Ray. That is the true meaning of this season - family - and spending time with them is important.
Even through some of the sadness you sound like everything is going great. Love you all.

Gary said...

You sound like you're coping with all the change and sadness Granny. And helping others all the while, even with Facebook warnings!

Best to you and the whole clan.