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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

I've been a social butterfly this week. The weather has been lovely and, except for the remnants of a cold, we're both feeling well.

Both my coffee dates are back in town (or were). Wandering Dave returned (as I think I mentioned before) from his year long odyssey through the USA and lower Canada. Janet came safely home from Israel. We met on Tuesday morning and things seem more normal with both of them around. Now Janet has left again to watch whales off Baja. We had lunch (Thai food and quite good) the day she left to fly south. She'll be in something that looks like an oversized rowboat in a lagoon and roughing it at a camp site the rest of the time. I do admire her energy.

Tim and I played cards with our friends on Wednesday and I took part in a candlelit vigil that same evening. Yesterday I did a little shopping (we were almost out of fresh fruit) and stopped off for coffee before heading back home to cook Ray his beloved liver and onions.

And, speaking of liver, I've been cooking it for years even though it's about number 3 on my list of least favorites. This time, I googled recipes and found one which suggested soaking the nasty stuff in milk for about an hour before cooking to remove any bitterness. It works and even I enjoyed it. Much simpler than blanching it before cooking which I'd always done.

The girls are doing well. Rebecca read off her grades to me. She passed everything.

I can't remember if I mentioned it but no cooking for me tomorrow. We're invited to a barbecue in the afternoon with the friend who fixed my computer and his wife, . They have a toddler and we'll be watching him hunt eggs. This is the first time in years we haven't had an egg coloring party at my house. It's been a year of firsts I could have done without. We're adjusting of course but it's still a little hard sometimes so it will be fun to watch Trenton discover the Easter Bunny.

Before I forget, a friend of mine (Ilona Peltz) has started a new blog (she already has several and I don't know how she keeps up). She'll have a grand opening this Monday (tomorrow) and has asked her friends to let everyone know.

It's called Mid-Century Modern Moms and is written by her and several other women around the age of fifty who are or have been raising older kids. She's one of the funnier writers around. They've already put together a few posts in anticipation of opening day. Here is their first, an introduction.

Bloglines is being stupid again. It highlights when there is no new post. I finally marked them all as read and now I'm starting over. Sometimes of course it goes the other direction and doesn't highlight at all. I suppose I should switch to google reader. I've heard good things about it.

I have an absolutely lazy day today. Maybe I can catch up with most of you.

I seem to be ending almost every post by saying something about the weather. Our mid-west is experiencing heavy flooding and some of it may be affecting our blogging friends back there. Please keep them all in your thoughts.

Thanks for the visits and take care everyone.


L. said...

You've been eating liver even though you don't like it? Wow. I haven't had a morsel of the stuff in thirty years. Even the smell makes me nauseous... Good for you!

Thanks for the mention! I'm one of a team of ten, but the blog is Margalit's baby.

How do I keep up? Um, I'm not sure that I do!


Susie said...

Hi Ann,
Hope that you and Ray have a wonderful Easter celebration. The weather here truly feels like spring!
(I've been using Google reader and find it is more reliable than bloglines)

Diane J. said...

I have both Google reader and Bloglines, but I prefer Bloglines when it works right. I only have Google reader as a backup in case Bloglines hiccups....which it seems to be doing more and more often these days.

I'm busy as a bee but wanted to take time to wish you and Ray a blessed and meaningful Easter! :o)

Love and hugs,


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Blogger is messing up my posting again so I'll be quick.

And wish you and yours a Happy Easter!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Oh dear Lord, for a heaping plate of liver and onions again!:) My much better half doesn't like them (make that hates the stuff!), so I never ask for it. The only time I get them is when she goes away overnight, and I cook them, which I enjoy doing.

Arti Honrao said...

Happy Easter, Granny!

GBU and Regards

clairesgarden said...

happy easter
many blessing to you all there