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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tim, me, and several friends.

Ray of course. He can't stay in the sun long so we brought him his dinner.

The monkey in the back is wearing a San Francisco Giants uniform with #1 on the back of his shirt. That's the number of catcher and my current hero Benjie Molina and my birthday gift from Tim & Juan. The monkey is sporting a fielder's glove intead of a catcher's mitt but that's okay.

My friends brought me batches of flowers, knickknacks for my shelves, a stuffed animal assortment, a lightweight quilt, and a lovely lavender candle. I may never light it - it's too pretty.

We had a wonderful time. I made a bunch of baked chicken drumsticks which just needed a short time on the bbq, potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans (from a can with a little cooked bacon) and cole slaw. Took a loaf of my banana bread out of the freezer and cut it in small slices. Did most of the work the day before (with Ray helping) so on Sunday morning all I had to do was the chicken and cupcakes (see next paragraph).

Dawn was in charge of the grill. We did hamburgers, hot dogs, the baked chicken, and boneless country ribs. We'd started off planning a small party for Dawn and her family, Ray and me. It expanded rapidly and we counted at least 20 and I think we had a couple of drop-ins (kids) I've forgotten. I kept thinking of people I didn't want to leave out so we ended up with my extended family, Dawn's extended family (plus the extra kids), and my friends John (my computer savior), his wife, Michelle, David (my coffee drinking buddy), and card playing friend Reno as well. Wish Jim could have been here but maybe we can do the whole thing again for Memorial Day. He should be home long before then. Or maybe we'll throw a party before then in his honor. I'm usually flexible.

Oh, and birthday cake naturally. Dawn baked a chocolate cake and I made a small batch of vanilla cupcakes for anyone who didn't do chocolate. (It boggles my mind that there is anyone who doesn't do chocolate but that's okay you know who, I love you anyhow.) I was joking to some on-line friends that if they heard about a fire in Merced, CA it would be the result of me trying to blow out 71 candles at once. We settled for 9 on the cake.

Does anyone except me frost cupcakes by dipping them into the frosting? Ray had never seen it done before. Color me lazy but it works. When I try to frost them the "right" way, they end up a mess.

It was a little warm, but otherwise a wonderful day. The kids played in the small pool, the rest of us pigged out. Other than the cooking I'd already done, I didn't have to lift a finger, even to take the pictures. I handed Rochelle the camera. I think the only person she missed was David who arrived after Rochelle had put the camera away. My fault; I forgot to get the camera back out. I didn't get all the pictures on the blog. A few turned out a little dark, even with some editing on my part. It's enough of a cross section though so you can get the idea.

Leave it to me to write nothing since Christmas and then cover you up with words.

Take care, all you wonderful folks.
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clairesgarden said...

Happy Birthday! looks like you're all having a great time!
many blessings!

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

nice to see you post. i think about you often.

Happy birthday Granny! looks like a grand time

dipping the cupcakes? i have never even thought of that! but ill tell you this, i will definitely try it next time. sounds a heck of a lot easier.. and quicker i bet

ancient one said...

So glad to have you back... Happy Birthday... looks like everyone had fun...

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Hi Ann, and Happy Birthday!! It's so good to hear you and Ray are still going strong. And the girls! They grew 10 years worth since I last saw updated pictures of them! Please give them a hug and tell them it's just from another old fogie that thinks they look super!:)

Cupcakes. YES!!!!! I've searched far and wide for somebody else that does it that way, and all I get is stares that say "why are you allowed to be alone without your keeper?"I do it a bit differently. I put the cupcakes in the freezer just long enough so the tops start to get a little firm. I put the frosting in the microwave 10 seconds or less, not more than 15, regardless the amount.

When cold meets mushy warm....a marriage made in Heaven is born!:) My wife thought for years I'd lost the only two marbles I'd been given, but I finally cajoled her into trying it. Now she thinks I'm a culinary genius.

I'll correct her oversight in fifty or sixty years.:) Hugs to all of you!!

audrey` said...

Happy Birthday, Ann =)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Happy birthday, Ann. It's so good to see you blogging once again. What a lovely time you all seem to be having. I love barbecues and we have heaps of them all year round. At night in the summer and lunchtimes during winter. Good fun.

I hope we hear more of you and I'm glad to see you back again.

Caloden said...

It's so wonderful to see/read your words again! Sounds like a lovely day. I love the cupcake frosting tips.

Midori said...

I am a bit late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looks like you had a lovely day celebrating with your loved ones. Can't believe how grown up the girls are looking- time is really flying by!!

Alice said...


I'll parrot along with everybody else and say "Happy Birthday!" too.


Love the pictures. Is it bad that I now want that monkey? Anyhow, glad you had a lovely time, and love to you and your folks.

Talk to you soon. xxx

ipm said...

so glad to have checked in!!

looks like you all had a wonderful day... :)))

and happy belated b-day to you!