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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Triumphal performance

Rebecca, who as you may remember, planned to do the hootch kootchy while wearing a two piece bathing suit, settled for a blue and white horizontal stripe polo shirt under a black sequin slinky dress. She remembered her shoes. Her hair was neatly done in braids. She danced the twist and the mashed potato (at least that was the music that was playing). The leader does the same performance every year, only his dancers and announcers change. Hoop dances, an eagle dance, a pitch against drugs and for respect, and the singing children. The PTC sold cookies and juice for the hurricane fund and then passed the hat. All in all a success and the last time I get to sit through it. Six years with Elcie, counting kindergarten, and two more with the little ones.

Rochelle stood at the side, very near the stage, and danced right along with them. Their mother came to watch which is always a plus. Elcie begged off; I think she may be coming down with the galloping crud. I'm trying to get her through one more day, even if the school sends her right back home. We'll see how she does in the morning. It's a little after eight here and she's in bed. Usually she makes it until nine but her tail was dragging. My tail is dragging too.

I don't have to obsess over baseball until next April. Giants lost to San Diego on Wednesday so their season is over even though they're still going through the motions. I'll cheer Boston on for a repeat but I won't hang on their every move.

More later or tomorrow. My tail is dragging too.


L. said...

Hey you got a plug on Blogging Baby! Not bad.

Glad your show was not too "interesting." I get so tired from weekday evening kid-related events that they give me what feels lke a kind of hangover the next day. I wish they could all be on Friday nights.

Gawdessness said...

Hey Ann!
Happy to meet you!
So glad that you have a blog now!
My name is Gawdessness and I have enjoyed your comments over at Blogging Baby for a while now.
I will be a regular visitor here!