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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Why am I awake at 5:00 PDT on Sunday morning?

Maybe because it's the only quiet time of the day. Even my husband is still asleep. I never used to be a morning person except by necessity. Old age sneaking up, I guess. I'm watching/listening to a wonderful channel called Classic Arts. My husband is usually up later (he's a t.v. addict - anything with litle green men) and the last thing he does is switch the t.v. over to the classic channel for me. I woke up to "Love for Three Oranges". That would wake anyone up. It was followed by a scene from the original Man Who Knew Too Much (1934?). Now they're into Wagner.

L., I wish I could take credit for the great title but it all goes to my "anonymous" friend. I'm ashamed to admit it took me about five minutes to realize he/she had worked the girls' names in. I was straight back in the 60's thinking it was
rockin' rebel. Another blogger had suggested "kickass grandma" which I loved but I chickened out. My only contributions were the color and the pics. The girls are cuties aren't they. Those pics are almost a year old. I have newer ones once I'm ready to fight with my scanner again. I refuse to admit a dumb hunk of plastic and metal is smarter than I.

This is a much better day. I think I'll try to stay away from the news for a while. There are times when the things I can do nothing about get to me. My older son had called to tell me one of his Company in Iraq had been killed. This makes 3 killed and 14 wounded out of about 80 in his Nat'l Guard Company alone. Jim was supposed to be there but his hearing disqualified him. I thought he was secure but the Army fixed his hearing - funny they never bothered when he was first injured in the early 90's. Now he has state of the art hearing aids, the better to hear the bombs as they go off.

Why "Anvil Chorus" at 6:00 a.m? Don't they know some people are sleeping? Not now they aren't.

I think today is going to be lazy. Nothing scheduled after church. Elcie is singing in the early service choir (guitar and bongo type music) which gives me incentive to get there on Sundays. My denomination has been condemned by Pat Robertson so I figure it's exactly where we belong. I'm doomed - just ask him. On second thought, we don't need to ask him, he'll tell us anyway.

We try to find things she can do that her sisters can't because they're younger. She's a bit of a showoff but at 12, that's okay. There are worse things she could be doing. We had tried her with a clarinet in 5th grade but there wasn't enough instruction time at the school. I can help her with reading music but I don't play any of the woodwinds so she was on her own there. We had picked the clarinet bcause it's lightweight and you don't have to hold it up in the air. She's fairly mobile but she has some problems with balance. If she's standing unsupported, she's using all her muscles to keep herself upright. It would be too much to add holding a violin or flute. And if she's balancing on her crutches, how would she hold the flute? Sitting all the time isolates her. Sometimes the little stuff is harder to work around.

I think I'm going to like this once I figure out what I'm doing. I was never a diary or journal person because I hate pen and paper writing. I can type well enough to keep up with thinking and I love the delete key. Looking at the length of this, maybe I should use it more. (Still hasn't kept me from running my mouth on Blogging Baby though. When they deal with issues I'm passionate about, I get carried away.)


Karl said...

Hi, I came over from Jen's page. You're off to a good start! Welcome to blogging.

Jenorama said...

I almost like it if I wake up really early and can get up and watch TV! Well, only if I can get a nap later in the day.

Okay, what denomination? Now I'm curious.

My son wants to go to church this morning to see cookies for Hurricane Katrina. I don't belong to the church, and his dad is out of town. I feel self-conscious if I go because everybody gets all hopeful that suddenly I'm converting, so we are compromising, and going after the service.

It's Presbytarian, and I have no problem with it. But a) I don't go to chuch and b) If I did, I would go to Mass.