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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

And here's Rochelle now 10-05

The pictures are dribbling in slowly so I'll put them on as I get them. I you look closely at the left side of Rochelle's forehead you can see where she went headfirst into the edge a door a few years ago. They tried glue but she'll have that scar. Makeup helps and when she's a little older, she can do it herself or grow bangs.

School conferences went well. Rochelle has almost all A's; Elcie as well. Rebecca - another story. Mostly D's except for some of her reading and an A in spelling. Her teacher and I have worked out a plan. If she had listened to him in class, she would have known that she didn't have to do the ridiculous part of the homework no matter what the printed instructions said. No grids to multiply simple decimals, no graph paper for area of triangle, and especially no estimating to check multiplication. Half of the teachers have written complaint letters to the school district about their peculiar theories.

Some of this is Rebecca. She lacks the ability to focus consistently and she lacks motivation. The teacher and I agreed that motivating a child to do work that makes no sense (like the estimating or the grids) is silly. The new plan - I will sign either her homework or a blank page each day. He and I will both know what she has done or not done and how truthful she is being. He, in turn, will stay in touch with me. My goal is to drag that D up to a B- over the next quarter and settle for a C if I know she's trying.

Without all the superfluous garbage, we can concentrate on basics which is where she needs to be.

Angel has surfaced again and all is well. She offered chicken soup (either for the tummy or the soul, I'm not sure) and I asked her on her blog if sending chicken soup through the net was anything like faxing a pizza. I think this was one the famous "24 hour bugs". Both Rebecca and I are feeling better now; just a little achy and I have ibuprofen for that.

More later. Carol and I are preparing breakfast for dinner. I had a French toast request from Rebecca and I usually spoil the invalid just a little. We all like it so it's no hardship. Posted by Picasa


Angel said...

Rochelle is darling :) There's a product called Mederma Kids, it's to help scars fade--we are using it on our son's feet (3 years of eczema has left bad scarring). Too soon to tell if it works, but thought I'd pass that along.

Faxing a pizza LOL And hey, tummy, soul, as long as you feel better :)

We had French toast for dinner earlier this week, Rebecca has good taste!

L. said...

We had bacon and eggs for dinner yesterday -- breakfast for dinner is wonderful. And apples for dessert!

Look forward to more photos....

4AM Sleepwalker said...

That crud must be making the national rounds. Not uncommon in this age of a mobile world that carries little bugs as well as people. The crud has been making the rounds in Big H and cousins in Kansas and Arizona report likwise.

Insomniac Diary said...

P.S. Lovely child! Scar may fade as she gets older. Mine climbed into my hairline by adulthood and is hidden by hair. Maybe hers will too, or a major portion of it.

Gawdessness said...

You really do have beautiful grandchildren. Something tells me that I'm going to be saying that a lot.
Breakfast for dinner was us too on Monday night - lots and lots and lots of pancakes (spelt and barley), we still have some left.
Which considering that I was feeding 2 14yr olds and 1 12 year old, was pretty amazing. I quadrupled the recipe.
Glad that you are feeling better.
Me, I am teeny bit headachey and tummy painish but hopefully it will not turn out to be the crud!
Also glad you worked it out with the teacher about Rebecca - now you are almost homeschooling!