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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Easier link - I learn something new every day

Here is an easier link to the codes for degree, cent, and anything else you might want to use.

Here is how to make links shorter:

This site converts a long URL into a dinky one. I checked it out and it works. Thanks to the same friend who sent me the codes for ¢ and ° .

My son, the druid, just left to be all that he can be. It isn't much today; he's suffering from the same galloping crud that's affecting me and Rebecca. I was hoping it was just a cold but no such luck. When Rebecca said no thank you to hot chocolate last night, I knew something wasn't right. She's home today and I'm doing as little as possible.

She just came in wearing nothing but panties asking me to scratch her back. I did that and then suggested she find some clothes. She left again (dressed) and then came back begging for oatmeal. That sounded like a great idea so now the two of us are eating comfort food. Oatmeal is almost as good as chicken soup around here.

I have two school conferences today. At least the school schedules the girls together. Rochelle's will be fine (except for the rock throwing which was an aberration) but I may suggest resourcing Rebecca on her math. I don't think it's all lack of focus although that's part of it. She just doesn't get it. Now she's multiplying decimals which was easy until some genius figured out a way to do it that I don't understand at all. Back to the book. 2 X .5 = 1. They are taking about five steps including drawing a graph to get to the answer. I'm pulling out my hair.

Anyhow, I think I'm going to take a nap this morning or I'll never make it through the day and the vigil tonight. I bailed on everything I could yesterday and just huddled under blankets. Today's a little better and Rebecca's mommy is here so I can take it easy for now.

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