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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This and That - poor excuse for a Title isn't it.

Angel - Thanks for the tip about the scar. We had thought about some rather expensive concealer but were waiting to see how much it would fade over time. She's fast approaching the age when these things matter so I'll probably check out your suggestion. She was so brave when that happened. Of course she was screaming at first - so much blood and of course the shock. She was running down the hall, turned the corner, and our front door was open. She ran full tilt into it. By the time we got to the e.r., she was calm and stayed calm all through the exam and the glue. She had tears in her eyes but that was all.

My oldest daughter had eczema everywhere except her palms and soles. Not much helped except to relieve itching. She finally outgrew it with no scarring.

Seems like it was breakfast for dinner for most of us tonight. Yum. Maybe tomorrow, I'll cook. I have some taters and onions. How does New England clam chowder sound? Oh, and I also have clams and clam juice. Otherwise, I'd just have potato soup.

We had 40-45 people at the vigil. Very solemn and appropriate except for Rebecca and Rochelle who thought it was a rally. An adult who had misunderstood the purpose started with What do we want - peace! When do we want it - now! The girls thought that was great and joined them enthusiastically. We had to explain manner, time, and place.

Take Back the Night was scheduled for the same time, same place. They marched to our old Courthouse museum/park about the time we were breaking up so I, girls, and their mom and friend walked the last few feet with them. "A Woman's Place" here sponsors it. They're the local advocate for victims of domestic violence. They have a couple of safe houses, help with legal issues such as restraining orders, provide clothing, etc. when necessary and, I believe, help with relocation, job training, etc. They run on a shoestring and are totally dedicated to what they do.

We were talking about homeschool a while back. It occurred to me that even though what I'm doing is almost homeschooling, I'm not stuck dealing with the bureaucracy like the schools are. All that paperwork when I should be teaching would drive me nuts. This way, I help the girls, someone else does the grunt work.

Gawdessness - I know about barley but what, pray tell, is "spelt"? I know, you're paying me back for "johnnycake". I think I'll google it. I did and found a neat page of recipes from Saskatoon. Muffins, bread, etc. Also found that it is fed to horses and was the precursor of wheat and very healthy. Seriously, I had never heard of it. We have one supermarket here that has a little more variety than the others. I might check it out. Most of the healthfood, organic things I'd have to order online. There are over 2,650,000 listing for "spelt". Amazing. The www is a wonderful thing. I've been trying to find tarama salata here for years. It used to be so easy to get in the city - any deli carried it. Not here. I found it online at one or two sites and I may order a small bit for when I'm feeling festive. New Year's Eve might be good with some nice crackers and brie to go with the sparkling cider. The girls like sardines and anchovies so they'd probably be fine with a caviar spread as long as I forget to tell them they're eating fish eggs.

Girls have been asleep for over an hour. I should do likewise. Good night all.

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Angel said...

Ouch, my son hit the computer desk with his face, like you said, he was fine by the time we got to the ER (stitches were another story).

My daughter would love the clam chowder, me, potato soup hits the spot (though I think we're going to fix Thom Ka Gai next week, heh, I'm on a soup kick).